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Mare and Foal

Breeding Contracts

You've found the perfect stallion for your mare and have high hopes for the foal that will result from their union. But before you send your mare for breeding, you need to take a good look at one more...
There is nothing on Earth quite so wondrous as the miracle of birth. How awe-inspiring and somehow humbling it is to be present as a new life makes its way into the world. To bear witness to life's grand...
The first months of spring mark the beginning of an important time in your horse's life—the start of the breeding season. This is the time of year when pheromones fly and everyone's in the mood for love. Horses are...
Eleven months have crawled agonizingly by, but the long wait is finally over. You have joyfully witnessed the birth of a beautiful colt at dawn following a sleepless all-night vigil. All appears to be well, and you settle down...

Newborn Foal Care

After foaling, the umbilical cord ideally will break at the right time, but may also break too soon, or not break at all. If the cord breaks too soon, there is little you can do. If, however, the umbilicus...
I had the pleasure of touring some of the leading horse breeding and training facilities in the country while I was at a professional conference in Gainesville, Fla. But the most remarkable visit on my tour was to the...
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