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Horse Nutrition

Gray horse eating hay in winter

Seasonal Feeding

Although your horse appreciates consistency in his daily rations, the changing seasons do affect how you feed him. Here are some considerations for his diet all through the year:SPRING: Be careful when turning your horse out on pasture after...
The circulars and catalogs a la equine slide through the mail chute. Unable to resist the latest horse thing, you eagerly open the first pamphlet. "Got a Poor Doer?" the glossy color brochure asks. "Feed Him Our Newest Supplement...
When Laura arrived at the barn bearing hot bran mashes, the horses started nickering and smacking their lips. All of them, that is, except her Morgan gelding Justin.Justin turned and refused to even sniff his mash. The gelding's behavior...
Before you dump that extra pound of grain into your horse's feed bucket, think about what you are giving him. Does he really need it? Sure, you rode for an extra hour today, but does that warrant the added...
Eleven months have crawled agonizingly by, but the long wait is finally over. You have joyfully witnessed the birth of a beautiful colt at dawn following a sleepless all-night vigil. All appears to be well, and you settle down...
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