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Horse Care

The Big Chill

Growing up in Northwest Indiana, where lake effect snow is a way of life, one of the things that worried me most about winter was my horse. Whenever the weatherman predicted a snowstorm approaching, I fretted over whether he...

Shoo Fly

"I know an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don't know why she swallowed the fly..."Chances are, the old lady mentioned in the folk song above was visiting a stable during warm weather. Horses plus manure plus a...

Your horse needs regular hoof care and farrier visits for his health and soundness. Read on for all of our resources on diagnosing and treating common hoof ailments, recognizing lameness, and developing a plan with your veterinarian and farrier...

Get up-to-date information on equine diseases and health concerns. Find out what symptoms you need to watch out for in your horse, how to treat diseases, and when to get your veterinarian involved.

Everything you need to know about this life-threatening equine stomach ache. Learn how to spot the signs of colic and find out when to call a veterinarian.

What’s in your horse’s feed bucket? Good nutrition is the key to a healthy horse. Learn all about feeding a horse and meeting his nutritional needs.

Learn how to handle an equine emergency. Find out what injuries you can treat yourself and figure out when you need to call a veterinarian.
Chestnut horse in a field

Spooky Stuff

Since coming to live in a world designed by people, horses have had to learn how to accept the sights and sounds of strange things. Plastic bags, rattling metal roofs and blowing paper can be cause for alarm. The...
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