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Home and Acreage

Like people, some horses seem to stay fat off the smell of an empty feed sack, while others can consume enough calories to, well, choke a horse without gaining a pound. Few equine management challenges are more distressing than...

Pasture Maintenance

Where your horses are concerned, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The very qualities that attract us to horses—size and strength, intelligence, playfulness, curiosity—are what necessitate a secure turnout environment. So, without fail, regular checks of your pasture...
Meeting a horse's nutritional needs isn't always easy. Many owners mistakenly feed their equine partners as if they were top Olympic show jumpers or United States Equestrian Team endurance champions. But the reality is that many horses are not...

Pasture Safety Checklist

Pastures are like laundry—they're never "done" and need to be kept up with. What may be intact in the spring may need repair by fall, so regular inspections should be part of your barn chores. And, even though your...

Catching a Horse

The rider walks out to the pasture where five horses are grazing. Carrying a halter and lead rope, she leans against a rail and watches. The horses raise their heads, flicking their ears forward. After a few minutes, they...
The circulars and catalogs a la equine slide through the mail chute. Unable to resist the latest horse thing, you eagerly open the first pamphlet. "Got a Poor Doer?" the glossy color brochure asks. "Feed Him Our Newest Supplement...
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