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Work Areas in the Barn

When you have horses, you also have a lot of stuff. Brooms and muck forks, tack, feed bins, grooming equipment, wheelbarrows ... it all accumulates, and while you want it to be accessible, you don't want it to be...
Peggy Gibson, 35, had lived in Florida most of her life. An owner of two Quarter Horses that she showed in pleasure classes, she relished her state's moderate year-round temperatures (not to mention her ability to train consistently through...

Barn Renovation

Power WashDust, dirt, cobwebs and sun damage can combine to make your barn’s exterior look shabby and dull. What a difference a good scrubbing can make! Power washers make short work of what would otherwise be an impossibly time-consuming...
Being prepared for a theft and taking steps to minimize it and maximize recovery will go a long way toward protecting your horse and getting it back. Employ the following precautions:Permanently identify your horse with a tattoo, brand or microchip....
How difficult is it to muck a stall? You walk in with a pitchfork, and, well, start shoveling.Sounds simple enough and while this method certainly accomplishes the job, you could be wasting time and money if this describes your...
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