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Rider Fitness

Working on your fitness on the ground will help you be more effective and balanced in the saddle.One of the (only) good things about not owning my own horse is that I have time to try out new activities....
Effective riding requires fitness. Here's how to maintain strength and endurance even when you can't ride every day.  For most riders, it happens unexpectedly. A few missed days of riding turns in to a few weeks and before they know...
Most riders would be surprised to get Linda Denniston’s take on what keeps them in the saddle. “Your legs are not what keep you on the horse,” she says. “It’s your upper body that’s going to fall; not your...
Riding horses is great exercise, but working on your fitness and core strength when you're not in the saddle will make you a more effective equestrian. Here are some exercises for riders recommended by fitness expert Rallie McAllister, MD.1. Seated Ball Squeeze:...

Get Fit to Ride

Linda Denniston’s clients know when they arrive at her fitness center that it will be a while before they sit on a horse. Denniston believes that fitness comes before equitation. So her classes start in the gym, not in...

Riding Out Back Pain

Chances are, you know someone at your barn with back problems or pain. Maybe you even have first-hand experience. With seemingly so many riders dealing with back issues, do riding and back pain go hand in hand?Not necessarily. There...
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