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Teach your horse to pick up and hold his own feet: How do you pick up your horse’s feet?  Do you pinch the tendon at the fetlock to get him to wince just enough for you to grab his...
I think we can all agree that a good scratch is worth its weight in gold. Notice if your horse tightens his tail and muscles against your touch – can you get him to relax and let you move...


How would you feel if a friend were to walk into your house at any hour of the day or night, without knocking, and went straight into your bedroom to start moving furniture around?  My guess is you’d be...
How would you feel if every time you and a friend got together it involved work? Isn’t that what we do with our horses?  We walk into the stall, slap on the halter and drag them out.  Try this...
Horses as prey animals are instinctively programmed to do the opposite of what predators want. Our biggest challenge is to prove to the horse that even though we look and smell like a predator we really are not. You...

Round Pen Training

Wouldn't it be nice to find a single tool that would get your horse's attention, lengthen and shorten his stride, increase his balance, tune up his cadence, fix his rollbacks, teach him to drive and allow him to blow...
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