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Trail and Recreational Riding

Horse drinking water

Electrolytes for Horses

It's not just water that needs to be replenished during exercise in hot weather. Horses working for prolonged periods in hot weather lose electrolytes as well. Photo: horses by Amy the Nurse on flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0Ever wonder why sweat...

Evaluating Equine Fitness

BEFORE YOU GO...You will probably want to spend many hours in the saddle to see as much country as possible. Do yourself and your horse a favor and make sure the two of you are fit enough for a...
A riding vacation can supply memories for a lifetime. To ensure those memories leave you with smiles instead of regrets, explore your options and ask the right questions before choosing a trip. If you want to take a cattle drive,...

Longeing Safely

Don’t forget your safety sense when longeing. The following guidelines will help keep you safe. Equipment: A cotton longeline, rather than synthetic, will stop rope burns.  A broken...
Think pivots are just fancy reining maneuvers too difficult for the likes of you? Think again. Picture yourself trail riding along a new path, hemmed in on one side by prickly bushes and a sharp drop on the other....
Stiffness in the saddle is one of the biggest hidden handicaps to good riding — not the obvious stiffness that shows itself through muscular pains in the neck, arms or legs, but rather an underlying tension that...
Conditioning a performance horse for work is an art and requires good judgment on the part of the rider. You need a fine-tuned feel for how much and how soon to increase a horse's work to build up its...
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