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Tack and Equipment

This parent category features all articles published by Horse Illustrated on tack and equipment. To drill down further for tack OR equipment, check out our related subcategories. Whether it's for English riding, western riding, trail riding, or a specific discipline, we have more information on the best options to purchase, how to choose and what to look for, special equipment for added comfort for you and your horse, and so much more. Topics include more information on saddles, bridles, bits, hackamores, bitless bridles, horse boots, safety vests, blankets, sheets, saddle pads, etc. Comfort and safety are of utmost importance for both horse and rider.

With proper use and maintenance, your clippers can last for many years. To keep them in top condition, follow the manufacturer's instructions for that particular clipper and lubricate regularly according to instructions. It sounds obvious, but follow the directions...
By Moira C. Harris We had all finished bathing and spiffing up our horses for the show the next day. It was the time to make our saddles and bridles match our mounts. I watched wistfully as my friends carted...
Prominent Quarter Horse trainer Dana Hokana has a philosophy of thoroughly educating the young horse in the snaffle bit before moving him into a curb bridle. Just as a child must learn the basics in elementary school, Hokana believes...

Saddle Fit

Remember the last time you were out walking and got a small pebble in your shoe, or wore a new pair of hiking boots only to find they were pinching your toes or rubbing a heel the wrong way?...
When shopping for riding clothes, you know that what you buy needs to be sturdy, easy to wash and comfortable. Choosing the right saddle pad begins the same way — by looking at the practical details of fit and...
You've pondered styles, researched suppliers, sat in seats, evaluated trees, though about girth lengths, decided on the perfect size for your horse and compared prices. Your catalogs are tabbed and dog-eared, and you've visited every tack shop you could...
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