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Proper fitting tack and its care is a key part of horse ownership. Horse Illustrated talks saddles, bridles, bits, saddle pads, horse boots, and more. We cover what you need for western, English, trail riding, and other disciplines. Topics include articles like: trail riding tack and gear, choosing the right bit/saddle/bridle, how to fit a saddle or bridle, parts of the saddle and bridle, how to get your horse ready to ride, how to host a swap, saddle fit mistakes, how to organize your storage trunk, how to clean and get rid of mold on your equipment, fitting a noseband for dressage, how to use a hackamore, and more.

Baby pads aren’t for baby horses. They’re thin rectangles of cotton (about 32” x 28”) that fit between your horse’s back and whichever other saddle pad you’d like to keep clean and neat. Not to be confused with traditional square saddle pads,...

Tack Shop Euphoria

My beloved schoolie, Dreamer, is as honest as they come. He goes wherever I point him. He'll jump out of whatever terrible spot I put him in. He's just an all-around good guy. But he isn't super-motivated to move...
Once you’ve made the decision to buy a horse, dust off your checkbook because you’re going to need it! Outfitting your new four-legged friend will make a dent in your pocketbook. Living, breathing horses, unlike Breyer models, generally don’t...
The beauty of selling products on the Internet is that, virtually, the world is your market. This is a boon for those of us who have accumulated horse equipment that we no longer need, either because we’ve changed horses,...
If you’ve ever seen a horse wearing what appears to be a jingling necklace, you’ve probably seen rhythm beads. These are a string of colorful beads often adorned with bells or charms. The sound they make with every step the horse takes...
In today’s economy, everyone’s looking for a way to save a few dollars. Horse lovers aren’t any different, and one of the ways to bolster a budget is to consider buying pre-owned tack found in consignment stores. Just to...
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