December 2018 SmartTip of the Month Presented by SmartPak: Blanketing Your Horse with SmartPak Ultimate Turnout Blanket


Thumbs up: Turnout blanket with a 10-year indestructible guarantee

We’re so confident in the toughness of our SmartPak™ Ultimate Turnout Blanket (#20621, starting at $199.99) for your horse that we’ve backed it with a 10-Year Indestructible Guarantee. This turnout blanket including its guarantee has you and your horse covered—no matter what!

Senior horse wearing a turnout blanket

Thumbs down: Buying yet another blanket

There’s nothing worse than discovering that your horse has destroyed yet another pricey turnout blanket. Instead of buying a new blanket every time, choose one with a high denier that’s backed by a guarantee.

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