Fear of Ditches on Cross-Country


Q: My horse is afraid of ditches, so I’ve only been able to show where I know the cross-country course won’t have one. How do I school them properly so that he accepts them and gets over his fear?

Cross-Country Ditch

A: lot of horses are hesitant at ditches to begin with, so I wouldn’t say it’s unusual. The problem is not going to go away unless you address it, so finding a good cross-country schooling area and a coach to help you is key.

You can get your horse confident at ditches with proper training and schooling. Start with a ditch small enough to walk and trot over. I find that trotting ditches is a good way for the horse to understand, and consequently lose his fear of, ditches.

Gradually progress to bigger ditches until you can canter over them and your horse stays forward and doesn’t hesitate or look down when he sees the ditch.

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