Equine U Requirements

    • Equine U is a three-month curriculum of nine courses that will give you the foundation for understanding and caring for your horse.
    • Each month from April 1-June 30, we will offer three courses that include an article, quiz and bonus materials.
    • Club Horse members will earn 1,000 points just for enrolling and an additional 250 points for completing each quiz, in addition to 25 points for logging on each day.
    • To graduate, you are required to complete all of the courses and receive a passing score, which is 60 percent or higher on each quiz.
    • To receive top honors, you must take all nine courses and score 90 percent or higher on each quiz.
    • The first month of classes consists of Grooming 101, Nutrition 101 and Introduction to Equine Handling Procedures.
    • For full course descriptions, see the Equine U Catalog.
    • All Equine U graduates will be able to download and personalize a 2010 Equine U diploma. All Top Honors graduates will be able to download and personalize an Advanced Diploma in Horse Sense.
    • The Equine U 2010 Valedictorian will 5,000 Club Horse points.
    • HorseChannel is proud to bring you this curriculum, which will help you enjoy all that horses have to offer.


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