Care and Keeping of Grooming Tools


    •  Care and Keeping of Grooming Tools – Classes

    Reading Assignment: Maximize the working life of your brushes, clippers and other grooming tools by learning how to properly clean and store them.
    Slideshow: View the steps you can take to keep your grooming tools clean.
    Quiz: Test your knowledge of care and keeping of grooming tools


    Instructor:  Leslie Potter holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Equestrian Science from William Woods University. She has competed with Morgans, Saddlebreds and Arabians as well as in hunters and dressage.


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    1. I have loved all the courses I have taken so far! I got a bad scroe on one of my quizes =/ Can I retake them? If so how? Please send me a personal message thanks!

    2. I love taking these quizzes without “studying” or reading at all. Doing it this way shows me just how much I already know and what I need to brush up on and I like that. The worst I have done so far has been to miss 1 question on a quiz.:)


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