English Show Grooming Video – Part 1


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    In this video, Lisa Bac, farm manager at Scheffelridge Farm in Paris, Ky, shows you how to clip your horse in preparation for a hunter show.

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    1. The video did not show up for me either… ehich really frustrates me cuz then i hsve not “passes” this course. i hope they can fix it soon!

    2. She seems a little rough with the clippers on Ahoy’s nose compared to the other woman in the other video. She seems very rushed and nervous.

    3. um, I am confused… in the 1st vid. of basic clipping it said you DON’T clip the inner hair of the ear, it said to clip WITH the hair on the muzzle, it also said LEAVE at least 1″ of mane!
      I am very confused. please leav a comment below if you can explain this to me!


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