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    Welcome to the Horse Grooming College program on

    Each month, you can learn the secrets to great grooming. At the same time, you’ll be earning Club Horse points and working toward a diploma that will qualify you for the Horse Grooming College grand prize drawing.

    How the Program Works:

    • Registration is free. Simply log in with your Club Horse ID to get started. If you’re not a member of Club Horse, click here to join.
    • Through May 2012, we’ll offer a new grooming course each month with a reading assignment and a video or other class materials.
    • After you complete the class, take the quiz to test your knowledge. (Then take what you’ve learned to the barn and try it out with your horse!)
    • Complete the quiz with a score of 60% or better to pass the course. You can always re-take the quiz if you need to improve your score.
    • When you pass all the classes, you’ll be entered in the grand prize drawing to win a fabulous clipper prize pack from Wahl at the conclusion of Horse Grooming College. 

    Take a Study Break
    After class, stop by the Student Union for puzzles and games, find college logo apparel at the university store, talk horses in our forums and more. There’s always plenty to do at

    Thanks for enrolling in Horse Grooming College, where you and your horse are sure to shine.


    1. Morgan, you don’t have to pay to participate, you just have to have a account, which is also free.

    2. I did not mean to register for this school. I was clicking on the links listed above, and I did not know that someone was automatically registered that was. How can I get out of the school?

    3. I think this is a great idea for those who do not ride, but would like to know more about the fundamentals of horse care! I ride regularly, and this could be a starting point for those who don’t.

    4. How often are courses added? I would like to see other types of “colleges” added. Such at Riding College and maybe some new courses such as Anatomy, Tack, How to Make Bling Tack, Breeding, Breed info, Miniature Horse Info. etc

    5. Guys! It does not cost money! Cources or session are added every month! Each time there are two specific classes: Horse Health and grooming. In each there are extra quizzes that DO includes breeding (health), breed info(health), Anatomy(health), and tack is extras in grooming once you get better grades. Riding MAY come up. And ‘ther’ colleges ARE NOT added. Horse health and grooming are on big college. Don’t get your hopes up for other colleges. These sesions DO have ALL fundementals of horse care! (btw: your can’t ‘un’ register) Dont need to freak out. Even though YOU didnt register, When you get a horse channel account,it does it for you automaticly!!

    6. its free as far as i know, im enrolled in horse grooming college, horse health college session 100 & 200 and they never asked me for a credit card number or anything. plus if you notice all are sponsored and have a prize. and its a pretty safe assumption that if you had to pay they would have to tell you somewhere while enrolling. i think its more for the general knowledge of the horse channel patrons. hope this helps! =]

    7. I have been a HC member since Oct. 2008 and STILL cannot get access to Horse grooming channel. Please inform us what thesituation is, please. Thanks!

    8. Where/how do you get your diploma for Horse Grooming Session 1? I completed all of the classes, but there isn’t an option to get the diploma.


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