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    Welcome to Horse Health College on

    Each month, you’ll learn essential horse health information from vets and other equine experts. At the same time, you’ll be earning Club Horse points and working toward a diploma that will qualify you for the Horse Health College grand prize drawing.

    How the Program Works:

    • Registration is free. Simply log in with your Club Horse ID to get started. If you’re not a member of Club Horse, click here to join.
    • We’ll offer a new health course each month with required reading, video and other class materials.
    • After you finish the class, take the quiz to test your knowledge. Complete the quiz with a score of 60% or better to pass the course. You can always re-take the quiz if you need to improve your score.
    • When you pass all the classes, you’ll be entered in the grand prize drawing at the conclusion of Horse Health College to win a prize valued at $250 courtesy of Zoetis.
    • Graduation for Session 3 will be January 27, 2014

    Take a Study Break
    After class, stop by the Student Union for puzzles and games, find college logo apparel at the university store, talk horses in our forums, and more. There’s always plenty to do at

    Thanks for enrolling in Horse Health College. From preventive care to handling a crisis, we’ll bring you tools and knowledge to help you keep your horse at his healthiest.


    1. I think they mean “college” in the broadest sense possible – as far as I can tell, I don’t think you get any credit for taking the courses, however, the knowledge gained from taking these “classes” is worth the time! I learned alot about current show grooming trends from what I’ve read and watched…
      However: the “registration” process is rather confusing – at frist I felt like I was running in circles and couldn’t tell where to go, how to start, or if I was registered! But after you figure out the first few steps you’ll be okay.

    2. I think that once you pass a level they should put a little badge on your Page like Horse Collage session 100 with a check maerk like they do on Dog Channel.

    3. Does anyone know why all my points were not given for some of the special test. I finished 4 in one day, and only received points for each level.

    4. does the horse channel college cost anything? i am not a member yet so if someone could email me and tell me i would apprichiate it.

    5. Is it to late to enroll. I did not have a problem entering the grooming school but this says it is not available. How can I get started. Do I have to wait until Dec 2012

    6. I’m akmost 13 years old. I’ve wanted a horse since I was 3. With one acre of land and finding it hard to even afford to care for the family we have. I got a dog when I was 8 and was pretty happy and I taught him how to herd!!!!!!

    7. Why can’t i login after i set up a password and login account? Why is the last health class over in January and there is no listing for future classes?


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