Equine Lameness Basics


    •  Equine Lameness Basics

    Reading Assignment: Learn how a vet performs a lameness exam and what the results can show about your horse’s joint health and soundness.
    Video: A vet explains the pros and cons of performing a flexion test.
    Quiz: Test your knowledge of equine lameness.


    There’s your chance to earn extra credit points toward your Club Horse account.

    Read about sodium hyaluronate and learn about how it provides protection for equine joints. Read now >>

    Ready to take the quiz? Be sure you’ve read the article so you are prepared. Test your knowledge of sodium hyaluronate and all the benefits it has for equine athletes. Take quiz now >>

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    Instructor: Nancy Loving, DVM is a performance horse veterinarian based in Colorado. She is the author of All Horse Systems Go.

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