Equine U: Level 1 – First Semester Classes

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     Nutrition 101 – This course will cover the basics of the equine diet, including the general components and what nutrients are required. Overview of different types of hay and feed and the usage for each. Focus will be on an average pleasure riding horse.

    Additional Materials
    – Pictorial of different types of hay and grain
    – Downloadable feeding chart

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     Horse Safety – This course is an overview of horse and barn safety. Topics covered will include safe leading and tying, identifying potential hazards in the barn and pasture and emergency preparedness.

    Additional Materials
    – Downloadable barn safety rules
     Video demonstrating a safety release knot

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     Grooming 101 – Students will learn the basics of daily horse grooming. This will include the necessary tools, techniques for using them, and why we use them.

    Additional Materials
    – Grooming slideshow
    – Grooming kit checklist


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