5 Fun Facts About Miniature Horses

Get to know this beloved breed of tiny equine.


Of all the horse breeds in the world, perhaps none are quite as cute and unique as Miniature Horses, which stand about half the height of the average equine. Although some people assume that Minis are just very small ponies, Miniature Horses are proportionally more like full-sized horses in appearance. Here are five fun facts that you might not know about Miniature Horses:

Mini Horse


1. They’re super-small

As their name implies, Miniature Horses are very small—in fact, they are the smallest on record. The Miniature Horses Black Beauty and Thumbelina have each held the Guinness World Record for the world’s smallest horse, with each standing about 17 to 18 inches tall—talk about tiny! (Not only have Miniature Horses set records for small size, they’ve also set records for longevity! Miniature horses frequently live past the age of thirty, and a Miniature Horse named Angel reportedly lived past the age of 50.)

Mini Horse
Mini Horse by Arkomas on flickr/Creative Commons


2. They’re used as therapy horses

Since their small size makes it possible for Miniature Horses to go places where full-sized horses cannot, such as inside buildings and small rooms, Miniature Horses are successfully used as therapy horses. According to Horse-Therapy.org, Miniature Horses visit more than 45,000 people every year, bringing the joy of horses to people in a variety of situations.

Mini Horse


3. They’re found in two different sizes

The American Miniature Horse Registry separates the breed into two distinct divisions, with Division A for Miniature Horses up to 34 inches and Division B for Miniature Horses ranging from 34 inches to 38 inches. This means that some Miniature Horses can be a bit taller than others, although a second breed registry—the American Miniature Horse Association—only recognizes Miniature Horses standing 34 inches or less.

Mini Horse


4. They’re found in MANY colors

Unlike some horse breeds, which are found in a fairly limited range of colors, Miniature Horses come in an amazing array of colors. In addition to frequently seen colors like black, bay, brown, gray, and chestnut, Miniature Horses can also be found in more unusual colors like cremello, perlino, pintaloosa, and champagne.

Mini Horse


5. They’re not measured at the withers

Surprised? As you probably know, most horse breeds are measured at the highest point of the withers, but the notable exception to this rule is (yes!) the Miniature Horse. Minis are measured at the last hair of their mane, instead of at the withers.

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  1. My husband and I just started a miniature horse farm. So far we have 3 and will begin breeding in the spring, which we are very excited about. We love them all, having all different personalities but still remain at the top of the cuteness scale! We are looking forward to expanding our farm and producing some beautiful foals. Check out our page on Facebook, Sunset Meadows Miniature Horse Farm.

  2. PLEASE remember they are NOT mini horses they are derived and in many cases pure Shetlands – this summary gives a very warped view of derived small shetland

    • Miniature Horses are a cross-breed between a freakishly small thoroughbred and a Shetland pony- so no, they are not purebred Shetlands. The physique of a mini is actually unlike a Shetland- they are not built like a pony, but a horse.

  3. there is a mini horse in my life by the name of Splash – he is wonderful – rescue – has taken me 3 years to get him restored to health – he is now fully recovered – if i had known have much fun they are – i would have owned one long ago – he makes me giggle every day

  4. Our mini Peanut is amazing and loved by all …he is not gelded yet we hope to have a couple babies soon! ?????? minis are great!

  5. my horse named baby boots and he got beat up by a donkey a few years ago my dad help with the birth,but the guy who had him before didn’t take care of him and were helping him now.


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