The Exmoor

The Exmoor Pony is the oldest of the nine British breeds and is least influenced by outside breeding. The Exmoor was first prized as a chariot horse by invading Roman forces. Its best known for its driving abilities, but it also is used for riding and for conservation purposes to graze brush and other foliage down in parks and protected areas. Today, many Exmoor ponies are bred on the moors. The theory is that if the Exmoor is pampered in stable life, it loses its ancient characteristics.

hooded eyes, a double coat and an “ice” tail, which is thicker and wider at the top, protecting the pony against the fierce wind and cold of the moors. It possesses a seventh molar, which is a primeval pony characteristic. The Exmoor stands 11.3 to 12.3 hands high. They are ancient in color, such as dull brown, bay or dun with mealy markings on the muzzle, legs and belly.

For more information:
 The Exmoor Pony Society (United Kingdom), www.exmoorponysociety.org.uk


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