Learn more about the history, characteristics, and use today of the Haflinger horse.


Haflinger Horse History

The Haflinger hails from the Southern Tyrolean Mountains of Austria and Northern Italy and is thought to have been there since medieval times. In fact, the horse gets its name from the Tyrolean village of Hafling. The only out-crossing of this breed was in the late 1800s to the stallion, Folie, whose sire was a Half-Arabian. No other foreign blood has been allowed since.

Haflinger horse being shown in-hand

Traditionally, the Haflinger was an alpine pack and riding horse. Today, the horses are shown in riding and driving throughout the world, but many are still found in their original mountain environment at work with farmers.

Haflinger Characteristics:

All Haflingers are chestnut in color (ranging from light to very dark) with white manes and tails. Heights range from 13.2 to 15 hands high. The overall appearance of the Haflinger is an elegant, athletic and sturdy medium-sized horse.

Haflinger on a trail ride

For more information:

American Haflinger Registry, www.haflingerhorse.com


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