Highland Pony


The Highland Pony

The Highland pony is one of the two native pony breeds hailing from the north of Scotland. It is the largest and strongest of all the native ponies of Great Britain. The Highland Pony was never purposely cross-bred to other animals to create a type; instead the environment shaped the breed’s unique characteristics. The Highland Pony was considered an “all-rounder” prized by Scottish crofters (farmers). Not only was it willing to work the farm, the Highland pony’s surefootedness and strength made him a prized pack animal with a talent toward carrying a hunter’s kill, easily toting 200 pounds of deadweight. Today it is a prized pack pony, trail mount and family pony.

The Highland Pony stands from 13 to 14.2 hands high and is mainly dun in color, but may also be gray, brown, black, and a dark chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. Most have primitive markings, such as a dorsal stripe and zebra markings on the legs. The Highland Pony has a short fine-featured head with a broad forehead, muscled arched neck and short legs with light feathering.

For more information:
The Highland Pony Society (United Kingdom), http://www.highlandponysociety.com/


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