The Kathiawari

The Kathiawari originated in the Kathiawar peninsula in Western India and is probably a mix between the Arabian and other desert breeds. The Marwari and Kathiawari are often assumed to be the same breed, but the Kathiawari is a stockier horse than the more finely featured Marwari. Both horses have had their own characteristics for so long, that they are considered separate breeds. The Kathiawari is a utility horse in India, used for farming, driving and riding and in mounted police units.

The Kathiawari is a sturdy, square horse that stands no more than 14.2 hands high. Although it has the same tipped-in ear characteristic of the Marwari, the Kathiawari’s ears are shorter and curved in a little tighter, and the nose is less “Roman” then the Marwari. The breed is found in all solid horse colors except black as well as pinto and many variations of cream including palomino and cremello.

For more information:
The Indigenous Horse Society of India www.horseindian.com


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