Peruvian Horse


Peruvian Horse

Profile: Although the Peruvian Horse, also known as the Peruvian Paso, and the Paso Fino share the same earlier parentage (Andalusian, Barb and Spanish Jennet), and are both gaited, they are not the same breed. The Peruvian Horse’s ancestors were brought to Peru from the Iberian Peninsula by conquistadors and further developed there without the influence of foreign breeds. The horses are prized pleasure riding mounts and are also found in traditional ranch work. The Peruvian Horse is the National Horse of Peru.

Characteristics: The Peruvian Horse has the same type of four-beat gait as the Paso Fino, however, the slower gait is called the paso llano and the faster, more lateral gait is the sobreandando. The Peruvian Horse also has a unique way of moving called the “termino,” where the horse lefts his knee up high and swings the hoof outward. The Peruvian Horse is said to possess a natural brilliance and energy, which enthusiasts call “brio.” The breed is medium-sized, more muscular and bolder in appearance than the Paso Fino, and stands from 14.1 to 15.2 hands high. The Peruvian Horse is found in all solid colors including buckskin, roan and palomino.

For more information: North American Peruvian Horse Association,


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