The Fell Pony


The Fell Pony

The Fell Pony arrived in Great Britain as an ancient Wild European Pony type that came across the land bridge during the ice age. The ponies dispersed throughout the United Kingdom, and the resulting habitat helped form and shape the modern Fell Pony. The word “fell” describes the hills surrounding the Lake District in Cumbria in northwestern England. Fifteen herds of Fell Ponies still run wild on these hills. Small adults and children can ride Fell Ponies. The ponies truly shine in combined driving. With their small sizing, they are extremely nimble in the cross-country phase.

The Fell ranges in height from 12.2 to 14 hands high. The most common color is black, although brown, bay or pale gray is also seen. There are some white markings, usually a star and/or socks. The Fell retains many of its prehistoric characteristics. The thick forelock and mane, and feathers on the legs help shed water away from the skin. The Fell moves with comfortable, easy gaits

For more information:
Fell Pony Society of North America,; Fell Pony Society and Conservancy of the Americas,; The Fell Pony Society (United Kingdom),



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