Video: Mangalarga Marchador


The Mangalarga Marchador is a unique gaited breed native to Brazil. They have similar features to Baroque breeds, such as an arched neck and thick, full mane and tail. They are prized for their abilities as ranch horses and for their endurance. Their most notable feature, however, is their smooth gait which is unique to the Marchadores.

The following short film produced by Tucura Films shows the horses working and at liberty.

Read more about what it’s like to ride the Mangalarga Marchador >>


  1. Beautiful horses, beautiful breed. I have been breeding MMs and going to Brasil for over 12 years now. They are still to be discovered here. Expect to be amazed!

  2. I have just learned of this horse. It is beautiful, well balanced in conformation. I enjoy the shape of the ear, similar to East Indian hoses.
    They look like they are a wonderful ride.

  3. Wonderful horses to own. A very select breed, great for endurance riding,
    working cattle. barrel racing and even jumping. The gates are so smooth, they are the Ferrari of horses.

  4. Beautiful scenery and beautiful horses! I wonder what it feels like to ride something with so much lower leg action going on?

  5. My name is Arthur. I’m brazilian. I have direct contact with these animals. They really are wonderful. My contact if you want more information is
    Every year we have a event called National Horse Show Mangalarga Marchador.


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