Video: Meet the Marwari


The Marwari is a rare breed of horse that originated in India. It is most well-known for its uniquely curved ears that can sometimes even touch at the tips. Marwaris were originally used in battle and prized for their loyalty and bravery. Today they are still used as riding and cart horses, in traditional wedding ceremonies, and in the FEI sport of tent pegging in India.

This breed is considered endangered and is exceptionally rare in the U.S. The Kentucky Horse Park is home to three Marwaris on permanent loan to the park by Francesca Kelly, an importer of the breed based in Massachusetts. We met two of these horses, Ghunghuru and Toufan, on a visit to the park in June of 2013. Watch the video below to learn more about them.


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  1. Wow they are so beautiful I HOPE and PRAY that this breed will not be allowed to die out and become gone forever, they should be preserving this rare breed of horse, AREN”T they doing anything over in INDIA to save this BREED??? WOULD love more information on this breed Marwari’s. totally awesome. thanks.


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