Video: Gaits of the Paso Fino

The Paso Fino's unique gaits make it a favorite for trail and show.


The Paso Fino is a unique, gaited breed known for its beauty and spirited temperament. These horses are compact and muscular with long, flowing manes and tails and are most noted for their naturally-occurring gaits. In the show ring, horses in performance and pleasure classes demonstrate the Paso Corto, a smooth, four-beat gait, and the Paso Largo, a similar but faster gait. The highest level of show-ring performance for the breed is the Fino division. These horses perform the Classic Fino, a highly collected gait with very fast footfalls but minimal forward motion.

Watch as trainer Ricky Mendoza of Quinta Chiappetta Paso Finos in Shelbyville, Ky demonstrates the gaits with Milagra, a Fino mare, and Campeon CQ, a performance stallion.


  1. Wow I think that gaited horses are wonderful to ride! I have ridden, a Paso Fino and Iit was sooo wonderful, Although If I had to choose between a gaited and non-gaited horse I would go with a non-gaited horse (im a jumper). I think PF’s are limited to certian things and I like horses with a wide variety of abilities. But Paso Fino horses have earned my awe, and admiration just the same 🙂

  2. Paso Fino’s are actually very versatile. There are even jumping classes at some of the Paso Fino Shows and since the majority of Paso Fino owners trail ride, they are good at jumping trail obstacles.

  3. I watched this video and was wondering why this horse appeared to be drooling constantly? Is this normal, or is this horse in distress?

    • Not distress but salivating on the bit. They hot horses in the show ring, burn lots of energy and love to be on the go — they lather at the shoulders too, during show classes or training. They are wonderful, smart, and eager to please and have a high-revving engine like a compact sports car. They possess what is known (admiringly) as brio. I adore this brilliant and beautiful breed.


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