13 Reasons Why I Want to Ride Right Now


We all know that urge. That itch. That if I don’t get some horsey time in soon, I’m going to go crazy sort of feeling.

I often wonder where this need to get to the barn originates. I’ve decided that sometimes the urge stems from a very reasonable source, such as:

  1. I want some fresh air.
  2. The weather is absolutely gorgeous.
  3. I need exercise.
  4. My horse needs exercise.
  5. I can’t stare at a computer screen any longer. I need to be outside. Specifically outside with horses.
Riding Outside

Yet other times, the reasoning is a bit off-the-wall. For example:

  1. My horse is expecting me. I told her on Tuesday that I’d be back on Thursday. I can’t disappoint her.
  2. I bought my horse new treats. I know she can’t wait to try them.
  3. I must ride in my new saddle pad. It can’t wait until next week.
  4. I need to smell the barn. (Rational need for equestrians but likely not rational to the outside world.)

Perhaps it’s fueled by inspiration:

  1. I watched a Grand Prix class. I always learn so much when I watch the elite riders. I must put my learnings to use. Circa now.
  2. A HORSE EVENT IS TELEVISED. (Let’s be honest, it’s a miraculously exciting day when show jumping airs on cable TV.)
Laura Kraut

Or maybe it’s because I checked the mail. Snail mail.

  1. In other words, I received three horse catalogues and this month’s issue of Horse Illustrated. I’ve flipped through every page while semi watching John Oliver’s latest ‘Last Week Tonight’. Forget the happenings of the world – I want to order ten things, have them appear at the snap of my fingers and teleport myself to the barn.

Social media.

  1. Between my college equestrian team and the various cities I’ve called home, I have an amazing network of horsey friends. That also means my Instagram and Facebook accounts have several horse pictures and horse-world updates. I’ve now read updates about three horses and viewed my friend’s latest reining video ten times. Time for me to go ride my horse so I can provide an update, too!

All that really matters here is that I find time to ride. For the sake of the sanity of my friends and family, the sooner the better.

Allison Griest is a freelance writer based in Texas. Follow her on Twitter: @allisongriest.

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Allison Griest is a freelance writer based in Texas, and a former assistant editor of Horse Illustrated and Young Rider magazines. She has a passion for horses, dogs, hiking, and...


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