HI Spy: Embarrassing Moments


    Falling offYou go in for a job interview at a professional office dressed in your best business suit and feeling very confident and put-together. Things are going great until the interviewer points out that you have a bit of hay in your hair.

    You’ve just finished telling your friend what a great bond you and your horse have, and that you’ve really earned his trust and respect, and as if on cue, he reaches out and bites you on the arm.

    You’re out on a date and you’re having a good time, except that your date keeps asking, “Do you smell that? It smells like a barnyard in here.” You shrug your shoulders as you remember that you forgot to change your shoes after walking through the pasture to throw your horse his evening hay.

    Horses keep their humans humble. No matter how experienced and confident you are as an equestrian, your equine friends won’t let you go too long without a reality check. Because of that, horse people are typically quite willing and able to laugh at themselves.

    So ‘fess up. Tell us about your most embarrassing moment as an equestrian, whether it was an incident at the barn, a wardrobe malfunction at a show, an experience when part of your equestrian life followed you into the outside world, or something else entirely. Click “Submit a Comment” below and share your story. Some of our favorite responses could be published in a future issue of Horse Illustrated.

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    1. Probably the most embarrassing moment was when a friend and I were riding double on her morgan. We leaned to the side to go under a log and the saddle slipped. We ended up one on top of the other on the ground while the horse stood there and stared at us. Then we had to back the horse out from under the log in order to mount. The horse was also really tall, so we had to find a suitable log to mount from. We were all OK, but it was embarrassing and funny.

    2. Probably when my horse farted when the judge asked us to back up for him.It was the loudest and smelliest one she had ever let out! I laughed but the judge remained completely serious! It was a really embarrassing moment!

    3. Probably when I was jumping at Pony Club, my pony really loves to go fast so I guess I shoulda seen it coming…
      We were starting a stadium course and my instructor said “Leg on, but keep it steady!” So I did and we were fine untill we turned to the first fence. My pony saw the jump and started galloping, I tried to slow him down but he had the bit in his teeth! I managed to get him balanced before each fence, but in between them was a different story! Every time we landed I could feel him level out again! After the round I got scolded by my instructor, but she was laughing at the same time. You wouldn’t even guess that this pony was 30!!!

    4. I had just finished telling my friend (who is terrified by horses) that my horse Renegade would never, ever do anything to hurt him, and that shes always a sweetie, and he would be safe around her as i was feeding her a treat an she bit my finger and wouldn’t let go!!!

    5. The most embarrassing moment that I have come by with my horse was when we went to a clinic. I had been so exited about the clinic, and I was making sure that I didn’t leave any of my horse’s tack at home, and even brought a few extra doo-dad’s……Then I show up at the clinic, and just when we’re all supposed to ride, I notice that I forgot my riding boots!!!

    6. At my first show of the 2011 season, I had a nice new pair of show pants to wear under my chaps. For one reason or another, I took my chaps off after my first couple events. Between events, I wandered around the show grounds with my horse. My horse is on the taller side, and I noticed when I stepped back in the stirrup that my pants didn’t quite feel as tight as they were before. Turns out, they split right down the middle enough that my underwear was showing. Thank god for western saddles, as long as I stayed aboard by horse, no one would notice.

    7. when riding in a local poker ride, i dismounted to eat lunch and my breeches riped right up the backside. Of course i was going comando that day!

    8. when riding in a local poker ride, i dismounted to eat lunch and my breeches riped right up the backside. Of course i was going comando that day!

    9. When I was a teen ager showing hunt seat equitation and won my division, I had to return to the arena with my horse in hand, something we’d never practiced at home. He refused to go back into the arena! I guess he’d had enough of showing for the day. They had to bring my trophy to the gate.

    10. when riding at a local poker ride, my pants spilt right up the back as i was dismounting for lunch. Of course i was going comando that day!

    11. One day when i was about to ride bareback, my fiance comes down to the barn so i try to show off a bit. I tried to jump on bareback like i usually do, but instead, i practically jumped over the horse, and landed on my butt. My horse just looks at me like “watcha doing down there o.O”.

    12. Back in my hunter/jumper days I was having a group lesson. Approaching a parallel oxer, the schooling horse skid to a halt, and I did a perfect summer-salt over the horses neck and landed flat on my butt. Then I burst out laughting so hard I couldn’t mount from the ground and had to go all the way to the coupe to get back on. My most embarrassing equestrian moment ever.

    13. A ritual at my farm is that if you fall off, you have to bake cookies and if you fall off at a show you have to bake 3 batches. I rode on a riding team where we go to other farms and ride there horses and compete and during my first show and my first class’s warmpup the pony i was riding fell on me. All the coaches ran up and asked if i was ok and all i could do was look at my coach stand up, smile and say “Do I still have to bake” and of course her answer was “Of Course you do!”

    14. My most embarrassing moment happened about two years ago. I was with my dad, aunt, and two of my cousins. I was riding (Western) a big chestnut Welsh Mountain Pony named Boots. I rode him at a walk across the road into a clearing in the forest and my aunt told me to ride him in a big circle. It had been raining before, so there was a large puddle we had to go by. As he walked past, he stopped and started towards the puddle. I stopped him and tried to get him going away, but I wasn’t strong enough and he advanced toward the puddle. When he got there, he started pawing it and of course that made me scared and I screamed for my aunt. Long story short, we finally got out and my dad led Boots and me away.

    15. My horse wears corrective shoes for navicular disease, and the farrier likes to see him walk to make sure he is liking how the shoes are applied. Jack will walk just fine going away from the farrier’s shed, but he refuses to lead for me on the way back in to get his shoeing finalized! I always whisper to him “You can’t do this to me. Please don’t embarrass me like this.” He is wonderful, but he sure has a stubborn streak!

    16. Once I was riding a horse for one of my parents’ friends. They wanted me to test it out for them, me being an experienced rider, and them being newbies to the horse industry. So, I went to their house, caught the leggy chestnut mare from the backyard paddock and saddled up, as the adults stood by watching. As I stuck my foot high in the air to reach the dangling stirrup(she was a very tall horse), she patiently stood. I hooked my foot in the stirrup and just as I put weight in it and my other leg arose from the ground, I heard a telltale “RRIIIIPP”. My ol’ wranglers had given out. As long as I was on the horse I was fine, no one would notice. I pondered how I would manage to get back to the car after dismounting. By the time the horse had tried every trick in the book to throw me off and I had dismounted, I forgot all about my ripped pants. I can only imagine what everyone thought…

    17. My most embarrassing moment is when I first learned how to ride a horse.I like to watch the old cowboy movies,so the first time I got on a horse I tried to act just like they did when riding.I got on, grabbed the reins, and swished them up and down.I didn’t know that you use your legs and kick.I also tried saying ‘YA’. My trainer was awestruck.I learned though fast though.

    18. One of my most embarrassing moments was when I was warming up for the show in a little space behind our trailer, and there was a brick wall separating the farm from a baseball field. When I came around the bend, the horse I was riding wouldn’t turn and jumped over the wall!

    19. My most embarrassing moment was when I just got a brand new trainer and she was going over jumping things with me. It was one of our first lessons together and I wanted to make a good first impression. My horse had a different idea though! I was holding him and listening to her, when he walked right up to her face and gave a huge yawn as if he was saying, “Hurry up! Let’s get to jumping already!”

    20. My most embarrassing moment took place at a show last year. Like many riders, I wear a t-shirt over my show shirt to keep it clean between classes. The thing is, you have to remember to take that t-shirt back off. In the middle of my equitation class, I realized that, in my haste to get to the ring on time, I had put my show coat on over my t-shirt with the show shirt underneath of it all. Whenever the judge wasn’t looking I would try to pull the collar of my t-shirt down. Probably the funniest part of this whole story, though, is that it appears that the judge didn’t notice, as I still got second place!

    21. My most embarasing moment was when I had my birthday party at my barn. I was cantering and showing off for them then all of a sudden the grth on my saddle broke and I just slid off!

    22. once, i was schooling through the water out cross country with my pony club. as my trainer and i were standing discussing my ride, my pony started to shake to dry off, and off i tumbled!i hardly ever fall off when horses refuse to jump or buck, but i have fallen off like this twice before! all my friends and parents were standing there bent over laughing and i was between laughing and tears because falling had scared me

    23. One of my good friends was flexing his horse’s neck while sitting on her back. Not thinking that I would already know this, I asked what he was doing. He said I’m asking her to give me her head and flex for me. I felt like such a dork!

    24. My friend and i went out for a ride for my birthday on the cross-country course. She was behind me, and i was in front of her galloping my horse through the water. My horse had been being a jerk about going through the water lately, so i was really excited when i got him through it. When we were in the middle of the water he jumped up and sideway, as i was giving him a pat for going through. I toppled off and landed in the part that was mud. My friend came up behind me and started laughing until tears came down her face. I can sit bucks, bad jumps, and spooks. And for the next couple of hours i went around the cross country course covered in mud, on my birthday.

    25. The first time I saddled my horse, I didn’t get the girth tight enough, and I slid right off with the saddle! My mom and dad, and brothers and sister, and uncle were all there!

    26. my horse wouldnt lope so one day we were out in the field and he finally did. I was so happy, we went running across the field when he turns and I go flying off the other side. my nrothers and mom all were watching..

    27. It was so hard to curb my excitement when my then 3year old Paint and I were ready for the big day when I’d just jump up and lay across her back. With the saddle still on the rack there was alot left to do before under saddle training.So proud and confident this was to be the highlight of our day she stood so patiently waiting for me to make that first leap of faith. Well I bounced up and down at her side as if I was trying to gain thrust and lift off like a cargo plane. I swear she turned her head towards me and laughed. Several times infact as if to say “What cha ya think you’re doin?” Legs too short Sandi or just bottom heavy? Well not to dissapoint her or those who gathered to witness the big moment I continued to try at their amusement. The show was free and the embarrsing moment was when I finally reached the up and over part.I was so exhausted,sweat dripping head to toe, laughing so hard I almost( well you can guess)I just slipped off head first to the other side with a face full of dirt and a little less pride with my girl still standing patiently. No doubt still wondering, “Will Sandi ever learn to ride or just have another bad hair day?”

    28. Ok, the most embarrasing thing that has ever happened to me was when I made a bet with my riding instructer and a few stable hands that I could have a faster time then them and that the loser would have to muck all the stalls the next day ……finnally after bragging about how good I would be all day , it was time to barrel race ………everyone went and they had good times, it was my turn to go. I went around the first two barrels fine then getting to comforble I told my horse to go faster and we slipped going around the last .barrel , she got right back up and bucked me off right in front of my crush!!! Lol and I had mud / horse poo all over me untill my mom picked me up to go home. (Pottsashley@ymail.com)

    29. I think the most embarrasing thing thing that ever happened to me, was when i was riding my friends pony Wind. I was like 5 and i started bragging that he listened to me better than anyone else, and then he stopped and wouldn’t move! And to make it worse, he sat down and i slid down his back and off is butt! I just sat there watching as he walked away!

    30. One of the most embarrassing equestrian moments was when I first learned how to tack up. I tacked up the horse I was riding and I stood back looking at my horse all proud that I tacked him up all by myself. Then my instructor comes over, looks at me and takes off the saddle and re-tacks him. Not to mention I was late for my lesson…!

    31. One of the most embarrassing equestrian moments was when my sister and I were putting two ponies in their paddock. I took off the pony’s halter and lead line and started walking back, talking, thinking my sister was behind me. I turned around and saw she was still putting the other pony away and I was still holding the halter and lead line… I forgot to hang them up!

    32. One of my most embarrassing was probably when I went barrel racing, went in, knocked over 2 barrel’s,my trainer, and her husband and my sister were their.Thenwhen I came out of the ring, to make things worse than it my friend was their getting ready to go. We both didnt know eachother was going to be their, but after I came out, their she was… Wow, what a good impression to show my barrel racing skills to my friend, for the first time!

    33. My most embarrassing moment was happened onday when my BOMB proof horse reacted soooo unexpectedly to a song on the radio. Jungle Love…the part when the whisling sounds at the end!!He was standing with his head really low. Nose to the ground low and all relaxed as I ran my fingers through his “bangs”. He mowed me over His front shouler to my entire body and all I saw as I covered my head with my arms was hooves, hooves, hooves….and I wasn’t alone !!!! I was fine,but my pride was severely damaged !

    34. When my riding teacher asked me to do a chore, and i went in and did it the wrong way infront of a couple people who were also at that show!

    35. My most embarrassing moment had to be the time that I didn’t tighten my girth enough. I was just about to mount up, I got my foot in the stirrup, and was just about to swing up when the saddle slid onto Dude’s side.I quickly took my foot out of the stirrup and was in the process of taking off the girth when Dude swung his head around and bit me on the arm. My instructor had to help me fix his saddle. Boy did I feel really stupid!

    36. The most embarrassing moment for me happened as we were just ending our ride in an arena. My instructor had her mind on another horse and nobody was paying attention to me. I swung my leg over the saddle and deftly hopped down…almost. I suddenly found myself hanging by my jacket from the saddle horn! I hung for a moment before managing to put my foot in the stirrup and create enough slack to pull free. When I finally hit the ground, I was so embarrassed that my ears must have been on fire!

    37. mine was definatly when I put my foot in the stirrup jumped up and the saddle slipped to the side and off I went, right before a lesson and right in front of my trainer! even the horse looked at me like I was stupid!

    38. I once fell off my horse when we were standing still. It was after a lesson and I had kicked out my stirrups and had been walking around letting my feet dangle and had stopped my horse and was talking to one of my friends. My horse stomped at a fly and I was not ready for it and just came off of the side! It was absolutely humiliating!! I can stay on when a horse is running away, bucking, or rearing; but at a dead stop when my horse stomped his foot I go tumbling off the side!

    39. one day the place i ride had a big trail ride. a lot of people were there. i went to go get the horse i ride budger. i opened the stall door and left it open. he backed away from me and darted out the stall door.i ran after him yelling his name.Everyone pitched in to help but i was mortified. uggh

    40. Ok, one time, I was riding and an older lady stopped her car to ask me my horse’s name.I told her was Santana(Cus it is) and she starts singing one the guy’s songs and I’m like, OK….. then, my barn manager comes up and starts yelling about something, and I just quietly back up, and gallop back to the arena.

    41. I was jumping the horse I lease over about a 1′ vertical (the second hole from the bottom on the standards) and then he jumps and he slows down suddenly and is like walking away and he trips and I go flying off. I fell on my bum and it hurt.. BADLY!

    42. My most embarrasing moment (that I can remember!) happened just last year at the 4-H Berlin Fair in Marne, Michigan. My 4-H horse, Becky, was an ex-arabian racer. After a fairly successful round of raceing other horses, she was sold to someone who wanted to train her as an all-around horse. Finally, it was my time to ride Becky before her true retirement. Keep in mind she was 26 years old at the time of the show.
      We were just about done with our dressage test when on the other side of the fence that served as the arena divider, a horse galloped by and did a very nice sliding stop. That move was apparently part of that rider’s reining test. Unfortunatly, the dressage test didn’t call for that move but Becky said “I can do that too! Watch me!” and away we went. Needless to say, we didn’t get first place. In fact, we didn’t get any ribbons at all. But it was a great learning experience for me….my first gallop and first sliding stop!

    43. At the 4h fair I was so confident that my horse would stay in his stall and contently munch his hay that while I cleaned his stall I left the stall door open a little. I had bragged about how good my horse was all day but the one time I accidently tapped my gelding with the pitchfork he shoved his way out of the stall and trotted down the aisle. Everyone had to help me catch him. It was terrible but funny!

    44. Every year at my 4-H county fair my Appendix gelding Hollywood Leader always has to get loose once during the stay any way any how. it makes me feel like a complete ideot! but i still love him to death!

    45. When I was on the search for my perfect horse I was at an auction. While riding a horse, a big paint gelding,he took a sharp turn and offset me. This turn caused me to go over his side and land in the dirt. Then, when they auction came some one out bid me!

    46. When I went to jump my first 3’6” oxer, my pony, Kiowa (I was the only one that ever rode her like I did even though she is a lesson horse), decided about 2 strides from the jump let out a huge buck…I knew she would do that but not as big and not as close to the jump so I lost both my stirrups and my reins got loose, I somehow managed to stay on this little 14.2 hand Appaloosa mare, and then still barely holding on, she took of galloping up the jump field and all of my barn friends and instructor were laughing hysterically as I walked down the hill with my helmet all crooked. It would be pretty hard to tell she was 24 if Kiowa thinks she is 3…

    47. When I had just finished telling my barn buddies how surefooted and bombproof my mare Georgia was, when a chipmunk ran across the trail…causing my 16.2 Belgian cross mare to spook…and proceed to trip over her own feet and nearly fall plat on her face. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone laugh at my poor little Georgia Mare so hard.

    48. I spent days making sure I had everything ready for my first show, and when we finally go there I realized I left the most important item behind, my helmet!

    49. MY horse and I were at a show, he looked great and I looked great. I was late for showmanship, so i ran into the ring and the pattern was okay.. he kept moving his hind-quarters around. but when we went to line up in front of the judge, My pony decided to have a Buck-fest. he was rearing and bucking, and running around me in circles for 20 minutes in the show arena. good thing the other ponies in my class were bomb proof, because he was almost running them over!

    50. One time, my friend and I wanted to show off for her boyfriend and his younger brother. We decided we were going to ride her 13.3 hh Arabian mare “jockey style”, short stirrups, English saddle, etc. Well, my friend went to boost me up into the saddle, and ended up throwing me completely over the horse. Then, once I had gotten on and we were cantering around the arena, the horse decided to stop, which I wasn’t prepared for. I fell off right onto my face, and my friend came to help me up, but fell off because she was laughing so hard, which I was too. It was pretty embarrassing!

    51. One time I was attemting to canter my leased horse bareback, and things didn’t go so great! I started to slide off his back because he was cantering really fast and I ended up jogging backwards next to him while he was still cantering! I felt pretty humiliated because there was a beginner rider watching me and I was supposed to be the “experienced rider,” showing her how to do it properly!

    52. My well seasoned show horse and I were in a country pleasure class at a show, when my horse forgot the meaning of walk. All he wanted to do was canter! Nothing I tried could slow him down. A class later in the day he was much more behaved and I fortunately redeemed myself.

    53. At my first 4-h meeting, I had only self-taught my self to ride a year before, and I had never cantered. My “bombproof” 23 year old Arabian mare got excited, and did the slowest ever pleasure lope, and I screamed at the top of my lungs for my older sister on her barely greenbroke mare to come and save me. Now that I am barrel racing, I look back and laugh…And I am still in 4-H so I have redeemed myself, but the leaders still give me a hard time…

    54. I have a volunteer job with a couple of senior miniature horses, and one of them is known to misbehave while being led on a halter and lead. So, I attempted to train him. Once he could trot beautifully and lead perfectly by hand, I brought my friend and camera so she could video tape and show his owner. Of course, as soon as the camera is rolling, the little guy bites my hand and refuses to budge, then walks away and starts chasing his buddy all around the pen! No video for me, just a hurt hand (and pride!)

    55. I was at my first show with my new horse, wearing my new white breeches, and realized I forgot I was wearing my bright pink and green smiley face underwear. I kept my sweats on as long as I could until I had to get in the saddle, and was hoping my show coat covered it up. No one really noticed it in the saddle, but, unfortunately for me, when my friends and I were riding around a little field before we went in for a trot pole class and I was telling them what a sweet horse he was, my horse spooked, bucked me off, and attracted a whole crowd around me! Now I refuse to say anything good about my horse and our ride during shows.

    56. My horse and I were going for a ride. My mother stood ring-side, watching our lesson. During the lesson, my horse bolted, spooked at a helmet left on a fence post, bucked whenever we loped, bolted three times at various things, and refused to go faster than a trot without me beating her sides with my heels. All this after I begged my mom to come to my lesson, telling her about all the progress we had made! Now she’s trying to sign me up for beginner classes.

    57. My horse Tickett, is terrified of water, and we’ve been working on this fear since last summer, and he finally had a breakthrough and is willing to walk around in the lake, or in big rivers, If its a tiny creek, he will still leap over it like its filled with lava instead of water, but a breakthrough nonetheless. My friends mom asked us to accompany her on a trailride with some of her endurance riders friends. When they mentioned that there would be several rivers to cross through, I bragged that Tickett had finally overcome that fear and would cross them with no problem. Of course, we first encountered a creek and he leaped that as if his life depended on it, luckily I was in the back so no one saw, but when we encountered the first river, everybody elses horses splashed through them, while Tickett was frozen with fear. We spent the next half hour coaxing him through the water, which he galloped through and past the other horses. I was totally unprepared for this and tried to gather up my loose reins to pull him back. As I did this, my saddle started to slip, and I ended up stopping him just before my saddle slid completely under his belly. I dusted myself off, looking for my lost pride and dusting off my embarassment. Of course, on the way back after we had seperated from the endurance riders, who werent even tired and were planning to go another five miles, we crossed the same river and Tickett splashed into it with no problem and actually played in the water for awhile! That horse….words cant describe him, but I love him nonetheless!

    58. My horse shared a small pasture with two other horses. We wanted to catch one of them for training, so my friend and I went out with a bucket of grain and used my horse as a judas horse. I told my friend how gentle and sweet my horse was. We put her is a small pen and with the grain and her buddies slowly began approaching, but they both spooked at a dog barking and took off. My horse, realizing her buddies had deserted her, ran at the gate and broke through the opening like it was tissue paper…. so much for my “gentle and sweet” horse. 🙂

    59. During my first year of riding, my intructor wanted me to build as much leg strength as possible. Well, maybe that wasn’t the best idea. I was riding an old light gray Welsh pony named Willy on the lunge line when my intructor tied up my riens and took my feet out of my stirrups. She asked Willy for a trot and I began to bounce like a jumping bean. I stayed pretty balanced until I began bouncing to the left. Before I knew it I was on Willy’s side, holding onto him with only my legs. My intructor had to help me back on. I must’ve been redder than a tomato! It was beyond embarrasing!

    60. I was sitting on my horse barebeack when he was eating in the pasture. My sisters were there too. I was laying on his back and sorta on his neck. He put his neck down to get some food and i slid right down his neck! My sisters atarted laughing really hard. Now i am really carful when i lay on his back.

    61. We were at our first show and we were doing halter. The sheet said western events were next so we changed into our western clothes. But then they said they were doing english! Me and my 2 sisters were the only ones doing english! We were going so fast and it was really hot so our clothes were really hard to get on. It was so embarrassing!

    62. As equestrians, we all have our embarassing moments, but we just get back up, don’t show embarrassment, and laugh about it. There’s so many embarassing things I myself have done, I don’t know which to pick, so I just want to salute all embarasses rides with this, it’s OK to do something embarrassing, there would be no laughter in this world if nobody embarassed themselves. And remember, people aren’t laughing at YOU, they’re laughing at the humiliating action, so laugh along and just try not to show you’re embarassed!!

    63. I was at a combined event with my very tall, very Green OTTB. We were on our first show off the farm to see what it would be like. During the Dressage phase, we go around he small arena, we go in and stop at X… Salute and Billy has a melt down. He would not move… not one step… I tried everything but Billy just stood there ears forward… Snorting at the judges… Eventually, the judge has mercy on me and they dismissed us. I refused to get off so, My wife came into the ring to lead Billy and me out on a lead line. It was more then embarrassing, at least when they buck and bolt they say what a brave sole… Not so much, when your ex-race horse just refuses to move…

    64. I had finally proved to my riding instructor, Christine, that I was ready to lease a horse. My mom came to the barn with me to talk about prices and responsibilities and everything for the lease. My mom hadn’t come to watch my lesson in a year, but I finally persuaded her to come watch me ride. I kept telling her how good I had gotten and how great everything was going with my new lesson mount, CB. I tacked him up and casually led him into the indoor ring. Inside, I left CB in the center of the ring with I quickly went to grab the mounting block since Christine wasn’t there yet to give me a leg up. Just as I was bending down to get it, I saw the realization in his eye that there was no one holding on to him. He spun around and took off to the other end of the ring, bucking. Big mistake for thinking I could trust him! I started to go after him, hoping and praying that Christine hadn’t come in yet. As CB looped around to canter back the other way, we both notice at once that I had so stupidly left the arena doors wide open! There’s another thing I shouldn’t have trusted him with! His ears pricked forward and he turned toward the open doors. I ran desperately and hoping for my life that he would decide not to run out those doors, but out he went! Turns out, my Christine was just walking up to the ring and saw CB galloping toward her wildly, stirrups slapping against his sides. He ran right past her and was heading for the driveway. “Block the driveway on the left side!” Christine screamed to the barn. Several people ran out and waved their arms screaming. CB turned right around and ran up to Christine, who took his reins. By now, about everyone had come out of the barn, including my mom, and were all standing there, mouths wide open, just to see Christine lead CB back up to me. I had been standing in the arena door with my hand over my mouth in shock. I took the reins from her and walked back inside with my head down and face red, remembering to shut the doors this time. I thought Cristine would be so mad, but thankfully, she told me that it was not the first time CB had gotten away and that it was okay. It was a great way to show Christine and my mom that I was ready to lease a horse. I learned one lesson that day, that I would continue to use through my years of leasing. Never trust CB.

    65. The horse I was semi-leasing was at a new barn. She is so quiet and calm so I went to get her from the field with no lead rope, keep in mind this was dinner time.. I sucessfully get her and walk her to the gate, with a trail of 5 horses following me eager to get their grain. I opened the gate and a gelding came out with her! Just my luck that the paddock gate comes right out to the driveway! I
      quickly let go of my mare,praying that she will remain calm,and put the panicked gelding back in the paddock, easier said then done.I turned around and C was standing in a manure pile. The owner came up saw the whole thing… but she was very nice about it! However I was so embarssed!I did get her safely in her stall. But throughout the episode I didn’t realize the crowed of three that had came out to watch, including the barn owner who I barely knew. Needless to say I spent 20 minutes hiding in her stall, until I was sure everyone who had witnessed had left. What a great impression..

    66. I was at summer camp at the barn where I board my horse, and I felt pretty accomplished because I was the most advanced rider there. I had never fallen off a horse, even in sticky situations. On the second day of camp, we were jumping 18″ cross rails, and my Paint Mare decided not to turn. We ended up nearly hitting the jump standards, but my mare turned 90 degrees and jumped the poles horizontally. Picture it like this: I got me leg koncked out of the stirrup on the right standard, and then I went flying over the left standard. I really felt like an advanced rider after that.

    67. My most embarassing moment was when I was learning to ride, and I was literally on my high horse when I beat my friend at a little race we had on one of the back hills, I had just been gloating when my horse side stepped right into hers, while hers was relieveing itself and I got manure all over my pants! gross!

    68. One of my most embarrassing moments is when I was riding western in my horse trainers arena. My friend was practicing jumping over jumps. I was going to make twenty meter circle. When I started going around my twenty meter circle, I forgot the jumps were still there. My horse went the opposite direction that I wanted him to go. I wasn’t prepared when he flew over the jump. My eyes got wide and my expression was priceless. When he landed, I fell off him. Til this day, we still laugh about it. Now I know, to pay attention to see If jumps are still set up.

    69. One of my most embarrassing moments ( and believe me there have been a few) was several years ago at a horse show. I was all dressed up in show attire and wore a wig. I was showing a yearling colt in a confirmation class. He was doing great and then we were in the line up. As the judge passed to inspect my horse, he reached over a pull my wig off! There I was in front of everyone with a stocking on my head. I turned red and my colt was playing with my wig in the air! A good laugh was had my all, except me.

    70. I was at a local schooling show, I had just finished a class, I had a hard time hearing the announcer for the next class. I asked my mom who was on the sidelines if this was my next class. She nodded yes. I took her word for it, even though I know she doesn’t have much knowledge in the show world. I continued to ride and show in the next class. I didn’t notice right away, but the girls looked quite younger and smaller than me. We had all lined up for placings. I noticed the girls looked “very” young. They were even looking over at me. I took first and as I exited the arena, the crowd of parents sort of boo’d and sighed. Hum! I thought. Next thing I was called into the office over the loudspeaker. It appeared I entered a 12 and under rail class (I’m 30 and over) and a parent had brought it to the attention of the show manager. The parents of the girls were asking who that “big girl” was. Let it be told, don’t have too many spirits at the car with lunch and don’t take your mothers word for certain things.

    71. When I was younger, I was taking part in the Youth Horse Show in Columbus, Ohio with my bombproof, semi obedient Appaloosa gelding. I was cooling him off by walking around the alley between the barn and the indoor arena. Now, I was so confident that he would just follow me around without me really holding on to him, like we do at home (yes, young and stupid). As I was walking him he spotted a very expensive and very OPEN horse trailer, ran off towards the trailer, and jumped in!! I was so embarrased at the time, but it’s hilarious now! I guess he was ready to go home!

    72. My most embarrassing moment was when I stupidly tied my horse wrong. I was young and told myself it would just be for a second while I checked to see if the farrier was done with the other horse. Sure enough, as soon as I turned my back I heard a bunch of thrashing and I freaked. My horse had managed to get her legs tangled and no matter how I tried I couldn’t untie the lead rope. I lost the lead rope, but luckily no damage was done to my horse and I learned a valuable lesson.

    73. Trail riding in the rain. Got off to socialize and when I went to get back on the girth had become so wet it streched and off I went as the saddle slid under my horse.

    74. probably one of my most embarrassing moments was when i was at a branding. i was trying my hand at roping, and when i went to rope a calf, all i managed to catch was a post! it was pretty embarrassing, ’cause everyone was watching me.

    75. A friend and I had just got back to camp after a long trail ride and as I so gracefully took my foot out of the left stirrup, threw my right leg over the saddle and proceeded to slide down to the ground, both feet somehow landed too far under my horse and I landed very hard on my butt. To top it off, I continued backwards and banged my head on her horse’s right hind foot. That sent her horse flying. Of course the riders that were already at camp saw the whole thing.

    76. I was showing a horse that I wanted to sell to a prspective buyer. After bragging him up as a safe, sound, steady gelding that anyone could ride, and last but not least, one of the calmest I’ve known, I rode him out and he started shying at a new log jump I’d just layed out that morning and trained him on! I came up red faced and embarrassed as I tried to explain. They laughed and bought the horse.

    77. Once I was riding bareback and decided to try cantering with out a saddle for the first time. You know that thing they do in the movies where you just hold the hair in the withers to keep you in place. Well I tried that and ended up sliding half way up my arabian’s neck! She slowly stopes and gave me a “um… What are you doing?” look. I just slide off her neck and continued riding, ignoring odd looks from other people at the farm.

    78. The day after Christmas I decided to try out my new English saddle. my horse spooked and jumped over a ground pole throwing me onto his neck. When he bucked and I hit the ground a dozen people came running up. When I looked for my horse I was my giant crush leading him back to me!

    79. my most embarrassing moment is I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    80. My most embarrassing moment was when I was about 10 years old I was doing showmanship with a miniature pony. I didn’t usually show with this pony, but that day was special because his previous owner was there to see him. My instructor put me with him for the purpose of showing him off. But he decided to drag me across the arena instead of look cute. I was so shocked it took me about half the arena to let go!

    81. A couple of years ago – when I was dabbling in western riding – I was sliding off of the pretty pinto I was riding, unaware that my shirt had gotten caught on the horn of the saddle. When I hit the ground I couldn’t get it unhooked. To make matters worse the horse started walking away. My friend still makes fun of me for it!

    82. It would have to be when I was competing in jumpers with my mare, Drama Queen. We had cleared every jump, and we were making record time. Then the last jump approached. We were supposed to go around another fence in order to make it over cleanly, but we jumped the wrong vertical! That had to be the most embarrassing thing in my life! Ever!

    83. My most embarrassing moment was when I was doing barrels a few years ago. I was coming around the third barrel and my lesson horses foot sunk down into the mud. He went down on his knees and I flew forward and face planted into the mud! It was so embarrassing because my whole family was watching and got it on video!


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