1. the only thing i don’t like bout winnie warz is,out of 3 weeks i have found my horse once.And i have 4 profiles,something seems little fishy bout that.especially when i keep seeing the same horses over and over again.

  2. Well, so far the top 21 pages show mainly fake horse profiles or those that are no longer active. It would be nice if those were removed from the running so that those of us who are active can actually find our horses and those of our friends.
    All you need to do is put a clause in the code to limit horses that belong to account that have been active within the last month or so!

  3. that makes me mad! Horse figurines, fake pics, and ppl who havent been one in, oh say about 882 DAYS! JUST TAKE THE FAKES OUT!!!

  4. cant find my horse either, and im on everyday,..so i agree with a lot, take out the fakes, and the non active ones..give us real folks a chance

  5. I a so mad! i can’t find my horses anywhere!!!! I have 4 horse in this i stoped looking at the like 99 pages i seachered!!! take the stupied fake horse out!!! this is getiing redickulus! My horses are not fake there REAL! ONLY PUT ON REAL HORSE ON HC!

  6. i agree. take out the fakes. i hav 4 horses on here, and ive only found one of my horses. once.
    no fakes, just realies

  7. I can’t find ANY of my horses…EVERY single night i come on horse channel and play whinny warz. Not once have I found my horse…

  8. I’m confused. On Joe’s profile I have a medal saying he’s a winner of this but what does that mean? Is it just that someone picked him over another horse?

  9. When it says your horse is a Whinny Wars Winner, yes, it just means that someone picked your horse over another horse-my pony Dolly won one a couple days ago! Come visit me, MSU Summer Storm and Dolly.

  10. We don’t have a camera! That just stinks. My horse is a really cute 1/4 miniture 3/4 quarter horse palomino. I wish I could get some pictures on.


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