1. I will never find my horse. They should only put the horses on here who have been online in the fast month or something like that!

  2. been searching for 2 days straight, can’t find any of my 4. but keep seeing some of the same ones over and over. (painting of black horse on beach ) for one example

  3. to cindy,
    u vote for other horses on winny warz and keep voting till u see yours.but u have to be signed in and u automatically get the 500 pts.,if u r lucky enuf to see your horse.

  4. Hey guys Stormy is running for HOTD on the 18th of may. so Please vote the 17th. HE is a 12 year old black and white paint from caldwell id.
    We are also trying to get 100 votes by Friday

  5. Thank you to all that voted yesterday it is all because of you guys that stormy won HOTD i aprreciate it. we Are also trying to get 100 votes by friday! thank you again,
    ~Madi & Stormy~

  6. hy guys, please pick
    raja-bay w/ white star,blaze,snip
    magic-bay w/ star,snip

  7. if u find the following, please vote
    captain-fleabitten gray
    raja-bay w/ snip, star, and blaze
    magic-bay w/ snip, and star

  8. How funny…I’ve seen a couple of the same photos more than once, but I’ve never found any of mine! Has anyone ever??

  9. Some of the ones I get aren’t even of horses! :/ still fun though 🙂 I always wonder what people think when they see my horse.

  10. fun! but some of these pics arnt even horses!
    if anyone sees a gray arabian named captain, please vote!!!or a bay arab named Raja!

  11. If anyone comes across a sorrel horse named Shasta (leasing her), please vote for her! She and I would really appreciate it 🙂 Btw, gorgeous horses, everyone!!! 😀

  12. If anyone comes across a sorrel mare named Shasta (leasing her), she and I would really appreciate your vote! Btw, gorgeous horses, everyone!!! 😀

  13. Want me to vote for your horse? 1.Have the photo upright, it’s NOT hard to do that. 2.If you’re riding, wear a helmet, I ALWAYS vote for the rider with a helmet vs. one without 3.Have it actually be a horse instead of a flower or some rocks you took a picture of 4.Have it be YOUR horse. No, I do not believe you own Secretariat. 😉

  14. hey grey, the only time i wear a helmet is when i have to, like at the boarding vbarn, and at the shows. when i ride captain i dont wear a helmet. i jump without one, i ride bsareback without one. nothin wrong with that. id justy prefer to NOT die in this heat.
    vote for Captain
    Captain is a gray Arabian

  15. Hey Grey I agree although I don’t wear a helmet but about the pictures all true I would add though make sure you see the horse. I see the little tiny pictures and can’t make out the horse so I end up voting for the bigger better picture.

  16. i totaly agree w/ u angie/ i hate those little pics. same here, i end up with the bigget pic. i dont agree w/ grey though when they say where a helmet, ive fallen off many times withoiut one

  17. heyyy, has anyone ever heard the song “You gotta have heart” from the play/movie “Damn Yankees”? i love that song, if u dont know it, you should really listen to it
    love whinny warz! cant find captain though

  18. Andee I used to ride 4 wheelers before I rode horses and everytime I did wear a helmet I crashed nothing serious or anything and I look back today and wonder how I did survive but I still don’t wear one when I ride. Some habits are just not broken. Another thing about the pictures get one where you can tell its a horse and in naturla setting PLEASE.

  19. hey me too! i always ride my dads ATV. so much fun. ive never worn a helmet on that though…i always wear a helmet on a motercycle but not on my bike. or when i ride. like you said, some habits just arnt broken.
    im so sick of all these fake profiles! theres so many of them! please guys, dont make a profile of a horse thats not yours. please

  20. AArrgghhh!! Aweful, miserable little people making fake profiles need to quit. It’s really irritating and I won’t vote for you. If two pics look fake or “professional” or are not of a horse mule or donkey, no vote, and I will refresh the page for new pics!

  21. I have seen shades of blue, orange, and a koala bear and a drawing but haven’t seen my horses pic. I am starting to wonder how it looks because I know its not the best pictures of my horses but I still would like too see them or any horse other than a koala bear.

  22. I know! I’ve gotten a couple of sunsets and I’ve gotten one that said, “Picture Coming Soon”. It makes me MAD! I think that the HC people should check the pictures to see if they’re actually horses or not! Of course, I understand that it would take a lot more work…but still!
    I never vote for a picture if the person isn’t wearing a helmet-even if the other picture is really ugly!
    Whinny Warz is REALLY addicting! I love it!

  23. Appaloosa horses are beautiful! What a nasty, discriminating thing to say. We all have our dislikes when it comes to certain things, but that’s just rude to say! What if someone said YOUR horse was ugly?????!!!!

  24. i agree. srry everyone who has a QH paint appy or pinto, but i really think that all those horses are hideous. i just dont think that appy’s are pretty. arabs are the smartest, and prettiest in my opinion, but i like ALMOST all breeds

  25. @Me, Appolagizinfourya, AS
    Believe me, if anyone said my horse was ugly I would know they were 100% lying. My horse look exactly like the stallion Redwine. And the last time I checked, everyone who is anymore is in love with that horse’s endless beauty. Tall, dark, and handsome. Just like my boy!

  26. -Meme-
    yeah! so meme, what kind of horse do you have? i guess everybody loves their horse, but still, QH’S and appy’s and pinto’s just arnt that pretty.

  27. -Meme-
    Cool. Nah, i don’t own MY own horse, but I just ride and show the two horses.
    Btw, please vote for Rajah and Captain if you find them. Captain is a fleabitten gray arab w/ a snip, and Rajah is a Bay arab with a star,blaze and snip.

  28. -Meme-
    yeah, i was originally rinnign captain, but the i remembered that a horse can only get it once a yr. I didnt even know that rajah got HOTD untill i was reading his comments! anyway, feel free to come by my horses pages and leave a comment.

  29. I love this! Haven’t found my boys yet though. I try not to pick the REALLY pro looking ones, b/c they can easly betaken from the internet and passed off as someones real horse and I avoid the ovius fakes….like the horse i’m looking at right now is aparently named Tom, BEAUTIFULL arab!…they say he’s a donkey. 😛

  30. Okay,copying pictures from the internet is wrong,I agree,but other club horse member’s horses?Seriously people,I’m looking at one of the horse of the day horses from like a month ago,and I remember that katie is not his name!!

  31. I may not think that a horse is all that pretty I am sure some will think my horses are ugly but they are mine and I love them just like any horse lover. I may prefer paints palominos and buckskins to appaloosas and minitures but I still believe all horse are beautiful no matter the outside appearance.

  32. Most of the time it is so hard to choose…they all are winners in my book. NONE if them are UGLY! Maybe some are “dream horses” but they are still real horses that someone loves.

  33. It is hard to choose….they are all beautiful. None are UGLY! Even the ones that are “dream horses” or fakes are real horses that someone loves.

  34. I keep getting kicked off with message this war is over whats the deal. I have played for an hour before without being told that Now after a couple of pictures it stops.

  35. The way that I choose a winner is I look at the two pics and if one looks like a fake profile or a pic off Google, I pick the other one. If both are real, then I look at the breed. If the horse has it’s ears pricked, I am more likely choose that one.

  36. I hate when you get pictures of dogs or cats or stuff, you know? I always pick one that looks real, I never pic like pictures with a thing in the corner saying who took it. That just looks fake, I mean who pays someone to take a photo of his horse?

  37. I vote for the most professional looking pictures(unless its’ your common fake picture from Google), and the cutest picture. If I can not pick one, than I vote by breed. I usually will pick the Quarter Horses.

  38. ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦_¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯_

  39. My niece and I enjoy playing. I let her pick the one to vote for. She thought some of the names were really funny and I think that is what helped her decide which one.

  40. Yeah that can be very annoying! One picture is of a cowboy hat and the other is a half-starving, weak, dirty horse? WHAT TO DO?????

  41. Think this is kind of a waste of time. All horses regardless of what they are doing at time photo is taken are ‘Winners’. They are (hopefully) well cared for and loved by their owners! Besides, you are pairing actively working horses against horses relaxing, eating etc. Dont see the point of it.

  42. if you see your horse and click on it and you are a club member then you get 500 points! The pictures that you click on give those members a whinny warz badge. For some it is fun…

  43. If you are a club member and you see your own horse and click on it you get 500 points. When you click on your choice of two then that one gets a whinny warz badge on their profile page. It is fun for some….

  44. Click on your horse and you get 500 points if you are a club member! Anyothers that you click gives a member a whinny warz badge on their profile page. Some do enjoy this!!

  45. I have been play Whinny Wars since it started, and I never have seen any of my 6 horses yet. I love looking at the horses and love the names.

  46. I like playing just to see how many horses I actually recognize and to see all the pretty ones of course! I never expected it, today I found our Buttercup!!!

  47. I have been playing this for a while, and I really think my 6 horses have been stole. It been weeks of playing nearly everyday, and still none have not seen any of them.

  48. Ditto. There’s WAY too many!
    The management should make categories to this game based on gender, breed, or color so we can find our beauties! I can’t sit around on the computer all day trying to find mine. 🙁

  49. I feel the same as the rest of you. I do think this game is rigged, somehow. You login and those horses that to that login name, never show up. I have played this game since it started, and not once did I see any of my horses. Sorry to complain, it is only a game, but worth 500 points.

  50. I feel the same way. I never see my horses and another thing I log in all the time and for some reason they don’t keep up this site. They have took so many points from me stating I have not logged in and I have. I have tried calling them and writing them but they will not answer me back. And the stuff they offer for your points is not worth the points you spend.

  51. I have seen 2 of my horses. I have also seen the horses of the folks in our blog area. Give it sometime you will see! Its just a game:) I have seen the same horse or repeats as well…keep your chin up and try try again

  52. I wish I could find at least “one” of my horses.
    I play everyday, in the morning before chores, and also at night….for weeks and weeks, since it started and NEVER once, have any of my horse appeared.

  53. I played this game at the hospital for 4 hours, and not one time did I see any of my own horses. Lots of cute ones, some I seen a good number of times, but why when I play it every day, don’t my horses show up. Perhaps, when you log in, those horses belonging to that log in, do not come up.

  54. Not sure this is the right place, but I would like everyone to see it.
    Please vote for Whisper. It would be such a great honor for her.
    Thanks You!!

  55. I haven’t found my horse either, but several times, I’ve found horses that belong to someone I know…and that’s fun!!

  56. I finally have found one of my own horses..Whisper.
    I, too, have been playing WW since it started. I really thought it was rigged, by your sign in, then your horses would not show up. Thanks for the extra points.


  58. I know this is not the corrrect place to put this….
    Please send Sparkles a vote on April 10 so she can make HOTD on the 11th.
    A big Thanks from her.

  59. it’s kinda frustrating when people post pictures from the internet or pictures that aren’t horses. oh well…

  60. This can be entertaining but i do think that some people need to learn that they should not have pictures of things other than horses. 4 dogs there is a dogchannel! This is one thing i like 2 do when i am bored. i have seen some very pretty ones while searching for mine

  61. there are some beautiful horses here and I just cant pick one I wish I could pick both since they are so amazingly adorable and cute creatures. I play this game a lot now so people get there far share of votes for the horses mostly.

  62. This game is so much fun!
    It gets so addicting after a while!
    You cannot stop clicking on the horses, because you want to see the next ones! Ha ha!
    Love This Game!

  63. I always pick the Arabians or the ones with the cool looking or sweet looking expressions. I also always vote for jumping or English riders if possible

  64. hotd hopeful! please vote for free wind 271091!
    hi everypony! my name is free wind, but most everybody calls me windy. I am a dream horse. I am a ten year old chestnut Arabian stallion and I love to gallop, be groomed and make my friends smile. Please vote for me!
    Thank you:)
    congrats whiskey on august 7th HOTD!

    p.p.s please post this to help me get more votes! thank you

  65. How do you select a picture?!!!! I FINALLY got my pic
    After going through about 100 photos and clicked on
    It and it disappeared ! I spent an hour looking for a
    Good one! I think you need more detailed directions!


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