The Bad Barn Dream


    I had a bad dream last night. I dreamt I went to the barn and the whole place was flooded with ______________ (beverage). The horses were munching on ________________ (type of candy) and _________________ (a kind of fast food). I ran to the tack room and opened the door. Amazingly, I discovered  a _________________ (adjective) _________________________ (animal) was eating all of the bridles! I threw a _______________ (noun) at it, screamed, “ ____________________ (adjective) _____________ !”(noun) and shut the door. Next,  I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and tried calling the barn _____________________(occupation), but the voice on the other end sounded like _____________________ (male celebrity), so I hung up. Just as I was about to really panic, a ______________ (adjective) figure appeared from around a stack of ___________________ (type of cookies). He resembled a ___________________ (animal) with skin the color of ______________ (fruit). He held a ______________________ (item of stable equipment) in his hand. He said, “Don’t worry. The ___________________ (breed of horse) will be doing the _____________________ (type of dance) at _________________________ (name of store) tonight.” While I was trying to figure out what he meant by that, I woke up. I swear, I’m never _______________________ (barn chore) right before bed again!


    1. I do not approve of “swearing”. I prefer promising.
      I mean no harm but I think of it as a bad influance on the children. I love the rest of your things. For as much as I have seen that is.
      A very Catholic mother.

    2. A tack eating goat a goat man a beer flooded barn the horses eating cocoa and hot dogs the barn chore check the barn at night thanks.


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