Oh, What a Trail Ride!


    It was a ___________________ (adjective describing weather) day, so my friend _____________ (name) and I decided to take our horses on a trail ride. We started down the ______________ (adjective) trail that led along a field of _____________ (vegetables) and ________________ (color) flowers. Everything was going fine until we noticed a flock of _______________s (animal) flying overhead. We thought that was unusual, but our horses didn’t seem to mind. They were more concerned with the pack of _______________ s (breed of dog) following behind us.  Fortunately I had a _____________ (type of kitchen utensil) in my saddle bag, so I took that out and started waving it around. I ended up spooking our two horses. They broke into a gallop. We pulled on our reins, but that didn’t work. Our horses ran straight into the river, which was overflowing with _____________ (color) water that looked like _______________ (beverage). To dry them off we headed up a hill. There were boulders that looked like ___________ (type of candy). Since our horses were wearing _____________ (type of footwear) they climbed over all the rocks easily. We met up with only one other rider. To our surprise, it was _____________ (male celebrity) aboard his horse, a ________________ (breed of horse) with ______________ (color) spots and an odd gait known as the _______________ (type of dance). Since my friend and I are big fans, we politely pointed out that he really shouldn’t be trail riding in tack made of ____________ (type of fabric). On we rode, eventually  arriving at the top of a mountain where we could see all the way to ______________ (large city). We snacked on sandwiches I’d made out of _____________ (lunchmeat) and _______________ (fruit) with _______________ (type of cheese). Yum! After spending several hours in a saddle bag, they were delicious! Our horses, on the other hand, were perfectly content grazing on the hillside, which was covered in ____________ (color) grass and ___________ (brand of candy). Now that was a memorable trail ride!


    1. That totally sucks!! I had the same prob then i scrolled down the page and i noticed wat emmi said! (; thanks emmi!

    2. Hey to the people that have said you have to print them out in stead of wasting trees for something you can use over over again and probability don’t want to keep try copy and pasting it in to Microsoft word then you can fill in the blanks

    3. I read the one my friend sent me, and it was a hit.
      We exchanged the “blank” story with our 4-H group. Great idea!!


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