Making A Scrapbook


Scrapbooking is the perfect way to preserve memories. And a well put together scrapbook makes a great gift for a horse-loving friend or a special memorial to a horse that’s passed away. Craft and hobby stores have a wide range of scrapbooking material; simply pick the book of your choice and add photos plus accessories, such as stickers and colored paper.  Gather photos, newspaper clippings, show premiums, even a lock of mane. Add your anecdotes and special memories, but don’t stop there. If your horse has touched other’s lives, ask them to contribute to the scrapbook—poems, drawings, letters and stories all make wonderful additions. Once you’ve gathered your content, design away. Cut, paste, put in accents, borders and colorful headlines—get creative. When you’re done you’ll have a beautiful tribute to your favorite horse.


  1. I think that it is a great article. Unfortuneately most scrapbook places don’t carry a lot of horse themed stuff, could you maybe recommend some?

  2. I have had good luck finding horse themed scrapbook supplies at Scrapbook Peddler in Saginaw, MI and Pages in Time in Hudsonville, MI. I believe that Scrapbook Peddler has a website ( but I am not sure about Pages in Time. Michael’s also carries some horsey items.

  3. That is a great idea. I wish that I had thought about it before my first horse died. He was dead and gone before I knew he was sick. He died of colic. Therefore I never did get the lock of mane that I had been wanting.

  4. I think this is an excellent idea. I’ve since begun creating a scrapbook for a horse of mine, and my young cousin whom was very close with him contributed as well to make it even more special. It’s a good peace of mind to know that the memories are visible as well.

  5. What a great idea! I’ve owned horses for more than 30 years & have BOXES full of photos, show ribbons, etc. -scrapbooks are perfect for special memories of the ‘best friends’ that left their hoofprints on my heart 🙂
    I started taking beginner scrapbook classes at local stores – it’s a great way to get started!

  6. Trust me people, this works! I lost my 21 y/o quarab to blood vessel cancer in June…. It has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever dealt with, and that is saying something! Making his scrapbook gave me a way to let out all my emotions instead of bottling them up… It also gave me a great way to remember the good times, and show friends the amazing animal that changed my life… To Baron- I will always love and remember you as the greatest and most life changing horse I have ever known!

  7. I have made a scrapbook for my horse experiences, and it was very fun! What I did was typed up my writings (instead of writing in the book) and pasted them in there. It makes for a lot neater book if you don’t like your handwriting.

  8. I love making scrapbooks and right now I am making a book about riding and all the horses. It’s a great way to enjoy all those pictures you take at shows, or just riding at the barn.

  9. I have kept a scrapbook for my daughter over the past few years, there are many great Scrapbook programs, one favorite of mine is going to Pro-ex and doing my pictures in a 12X12 template, because than I don’t have to cut and paste, and best of all, the page stays together and is all on photo paper, Will last forever! I do a page for every event and ad placings, and friends and family who came to watch!

  10. When my horse, Whiskey passed away I looked for a creative way to remember him. One thing I did was start a scrap book for him. What a fun and wonderful way to remember a friend. I put the pictures in chronological order and added quotes from literature and the internet as well as poems.
    I lied the idea so much that I have also been making one for my current horse, Baby.

  11. I’m actually making one for my mom, she no longer
    rides she quit 27 years ago after her horse died
    with colic while in foal, where gonna put all her horse pictures in it and display it.

  12. That is also a great idea. My friend’s horse, Dusty, is nearly 30, and have been doing a shadow box project, with pictures, locks of hair, and little charms for her.


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