A Thanksgiving Treat


    Most of us can afford the occasional dive into a rich treat, but our horses can’t. Their digestive systems are different, and a binge on grains, grass clippings or treats could lead to colic and even death. But with the holiday season approaching, it doesn’t seem fair to sit down to a sumptuous turkey dinner while our horses munch away at that same, boring dinner.

    There is a way you can make the day special for your horse by putting a safe spin on his daily ration. You can pour a dollop of molasses or corn syrup on his pellets, soak his hay with water and sprinkle a few apple peelings on top for a refreshing snack, or cut up an apple and a carrot and sprinkle them around his stall (which will also help to alleviate stall boredom that day since you will probably be stuck in the kitchen or visiting relatives). You might try whipping up a bran mash to serve with your horse’s dinner. Here’s a recipe to try:

    Thanksgiving Mash

    Hot Water
    A dollop of molasses
    A handful of brown sugar
    Two carrots shredded
    One chopped apple
    6 Cups of bran mash
    Your horse’s daily grain ration (either morning or evening portion)
    2 cups of apple juice
    Optional ingredients: chopped up corn (still on the cob), apple sauce, carrot tops, dollop of corn oil, store-bought horse cookies or sugar lumps.

    Mix all ingredients together in a large bucket.  Pour enough hot water on top to resemble soupy oatmeal. Allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes, or until the bran has absorbed the water and is cool enough to eat. Pour the apple juice on top and serve. Discard any leftovers.

    The author is a freelance writer based in England.



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