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Lori and Orphan AnnieExecutive Director Lori Neagle was one of several horse welfare advocates who met to discuss the issue of unwanted horses and made the decision to create the KyEHC. She was also a co-founder of ReRun, a Thoroughbred adoption program. “My previous experience with horse rescue and adoption helped set the standards and policies for the KyEHC,” she says.

Neagle encourages anyone interested in helping horses in their area to get involved.

  • Report potential abuse cases and follow up with the agency you contacted.
  • Volunteer at a local equine rescue. Rescues usually have a website with a list of volunteer opportunities.
  • In addition to cash contributions, rescues are always in need of feed, and new or used supplies and tack.
  • Donate your services
  • Network–help spread the word, whether it’s through e-mails, fliers, information sheets, website postings, et cetera.
  • Adopt–horse rescues are great places to find a horse. Rescues are honest about the horses’ health and have knowledge of the horses’ abilities. They will try to match the adopter with a horse that is suitable for that person’s needs and experience. Most rescues have a return policy, so if the adoption doesn’t work out, the horse is returned to the rescue.

Neagle and her husband own a farm where they foster four elderly Thoroughbred mares. She also has an off-the-track Thoroughbred gelding that she rides for pleasure.

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  1. I want to push for gelding the wild horses so there numbers decrease and less or killed. I also don’t believe in backyard breeding, I wish people would not keep stallions. And Premarin taken of the market and a syntheic compound made.


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