Horse of the Week

    Molly, KyEHC Horse of the Week
    Cross Breed Pony
    13.3 hh

    Molly is a five-year-old grade pony that is very sweet and likes to please. Molly is easy to groom and gets along well with other mares and geldings. Although we have no previous history on Molly, she is currently etting started under tack at KyEHC and is eager to learn.

    For more information on Molly or any of the other rescue horses, contact the Kentucky Equine Humane Center.

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    1. This is an absolutely gorgeous little girl. I am very pleased to see your great concerns for our equine pals. Unfortunately I am in Ontario Canada and have not figured out yet how to get an adoption home!
      Thankyou for all the work you a doing.

    2. Thank you for making Molly HOTW-and spreading the word and giving them exposure they need-I looked at the site KyEHC-and I definately would consider the next horse purchase or adoption through KyEHC-I hope and pray she goes to a real good and staying home forever–


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