Adoption Success Stories: Hershey Kiss

Hershey Kiss was rescued from being put down and was adopted from the KyEHC
Photo: KyEHC

Each horse comes to the KyEHC with a unique story, and Hershey’s story is one of the most unusual. This young Morgan was delivered to the KyEHC by a good Samaritan who happened across the stallion when her truck and trailer broke down.  

“She went to the closest barn she could find to house her horses so she could get her truck and trailer off the road,” says Jennifer Tosch, KyEHC farm manager. “There was a gentleman sitting in front of a stall with a shotgun, and she asked him if he was going hunting. He said, ‘No, I’m going to shoot my horse; he’s a thorn in my side.’ The man had mares and geldings and couldn’t turn the stallion out. He’d have to change the paddock out twice a day and said it was too much trouble. The woman asked if she could take him and went back the next day after she had her truck and trailer fixed, picked him up, took him to Rood and Riddle, got a two-hour Coggins and named him Hershey Kiss on the way over because of his color. She didn’t even want to fill out any paper work or give us a name because she didn’t want credit for anything. She said, ‘I was just trying to help out.'”

Hershey Kiss has since been adopted by Sheridan Puffer, a KyEHC volunteer who fell in love with the Morgan on orientation day. Now gelded, Hershey is enjoying his second chance at life as a pleasure horse.

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