What KyEHC Volunteers Have to Say


KyEHC Mikhail Proctor“It’s great; I think it’s very satisfying if you like horses, and it’s a good way of learning exactly what goes into taking care of a horse and a farm if you ever intend on having a horse. You can also enjoy the horses without having to buy a farm or spend a lot of money.”
Charlene Brown, volunteer since 2007

“I just love the people here who have their hearts in the right place. I just love coming and spending time with the horses. Come and volunteer. You’ll work with people who will become your good friends.”
Sheridan Puffer, volunteer and adopter of Hershey Kiss

“I like the mission of the center to give a lot of horses a second chance, and that’s something I really wanted to be a part of.” 
Mikhail Proctor, volunteer since May 2008

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  1. My name is Bridgett, I am a student at Midway College and had the great privilage of being KYEHC ‘s first intern. What an amazing experience. I cna not beging to tell you how much I learned even though I have been in the horse industry for over twenty years. Amazing people, and amazing animals that can use all the help and love someone is willing to offer them. If your interested in volunteering please don’t hesitate and keep in mind that the more folks there to help the more love and work can be offered to the centers horses. God bless all of gods creatures.


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