Snow Day!


The Bluegrass has been hit with snow and cold, like much of the Midwest.  Temperatures have even dipped below zero, and we’ve had a few days of flurries recently. After the snowfall, I paid a visit to KyEHC. The horses didn’t seem bothered by the wintry weather.

Geldings in the snow at the KyEHC<< The geldings were munching on hay to keep warm.
Windmill came right over to say hello– as his profile says, he loves attention and was indeed first in line to see what was going on. >>Windmill at the KyEHC
<< Silk, Spurt and another pasturemate seemed to be having a good time in the snow.  All three are Thoroughbreds off the track. Spurt (the bay with the pretty blaze) is full of spunk and showed me that she is the “spokesmare” for the group.
Precious, a Mustang/Appy cross, has a potential adopter lined up and is just waiting for boarding arrangements to be worked at her new home. Congrats, Precious!  Precious gets an A+ on her training report card at KyEHC– she is super smart and a fast learner. >>Precious at the KyEHC
Sugar at the KyEHC
Sugar and Molly, both Tennessee Walking Horse crosses, came over to the fence to greet me.

Despite the chill, work continues on at the rescue center, caring for the horses. Executive Director Lori Neagle was pleased to point out where they plan to put a round pen and footing soon. The equine dentist is also scheduled for a visit later this week.

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