Higher Education for Lotawana

Lotawana is being fostered by two Georgetown College Equine Scholars
Photo Courtesy Georgetown Equine Scholars Program

Former KyEHC Horse of the Week Lotawana is going to college! 

Lotawana is a 4-year-old, off-the-track Thoroughbred that two Georgetown College Equine Scholars, Jeanne Shearer and Ashlyn Andserson-Keelin (both Freshman), will be fostering through the remainder of the semester. Lotawana is a resident of the Kentucky Equine Humane Center, but will be fostered by the Scholars in hopes that he will become more adoptable with consistent work under saddle. Lotawana is a kind, sweet horse, whose lack of vision in one eye is not a hindrance in any way.

Jeanne and Ashlyn will be following the book Beyond the Track chapter-by-chapter to provide Lotawana with a consistent, solid foundation to find his new career.

Ashlyn and Jeanne will keep weekly blogs on their progress with Lotawana, which will be posted both on the Equine Scholars web page and also on the Equine Scholars Program Facebook page. Lota will be arriving on campus next Thursday.

Read on for more information on the Georgetown College Equine Scholars Program >>

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