Open House & Adoption Day

Horse Adoption Day at the KyEHCBeautiful spring weather brought plenty of visitors out the the Kentucky Equine Humane Center for the monthly open house and adoption day.
Donations by the local Girl Scouts were made to help out the horsesA local Girl Scout troop stopped by with a donation of tasty treats and some needed horse care items.
Numerous volunteers helped bring horses up to show to potential adoptersVolunteers—many from nearby Midway College—brought horses up from the fields and helped show them off for potential adopters. Executive director Lori and barn manager Karen were on hand to help match horses and adopters and fill in details about the horses’ background and training. Visitors were able to watch the horses move in the round pen.

Once a horse has its adoption papers filled out by someone, they are saddled up by potential ownersThis cute buckskin mare might find a home with a riding school! Once potential adopters narrowed down their choices, they filled out adoption forms and made an appointment to see the horses go under saddle.


Let’s hope it’s a perfect match!

Find out more about horses available for adoption at the KyEHC website.

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