Resolutions for a Happy, Horsey New Year!

Riding Resolution

2015 is drawing to a close, and a brand new year will soon begin. January 1st is a good time to reassess our goals and dreams for the future, especially when it comes to equestrian life. There is always something new to learn in the horse world!

Will this be the year you jump around a 3’ course or find the courage to ride in your first show? Or, perhaps you hope to buy your dream horse or learn a new dressage skill.

We reached out to horse enthusiasts through Horse Illustrated’s Facebook page and rounded up our readers’ most inspirational 2016 Horsey New Year’s Resolutions. We received many wonderful goals.

Below, we share some of our favorites.

After time away from horses due to injuries, fear, or life circumstances, many readers are hoping to simply get back in the saddle and enjoy riding in 2016.

To overcome my fear and get back in the saddle and on the trails.

— Lori S.

I’m 62 myself and seriously considering getting back on a horse again after a long time not riding.

— DuWayne H.

I resolve to keep trying to learn to ride at the age of 51. It took me 49 years to get my very own horses!

— Sandy V.

Get back on and not be afraid! Too many accidents back to back have really shaken my confidence!

— Kayla M.

My mare is almost 26 years old, I am 57…After an almost 10 year break from riding (due to many circumstances) I am resolving to get her (and myself) back into the saddle and back on the trails…Here’s to Happy Trails in 2016.

— Debbie B.

It’s showtime! Others are looking to take their riding to the next level and learn a new skill with renewed enthusiasm this year.

To get my new horse and me show ready!

— Sarah G.

My September 2016 goal is a single one– to learn to ‘read’ my gelding’s body language. He is 22 years old…he still has so much to teach me and the patience of Job while I learn.

— Nancy B.

To go back the show world. You can’t win if you don’t go!

— Heather K.

To show competitively in the non-pro classes, even though I’m a youth.

— Sidney P.

Switch from English to Western Dressage and compete in a couple local shows with my OTTB.

— Mary F.

Others are looking forward to spending more quality time with their trusty steeds in the new year.

To enjoy the trails more often with my beautiful quarter horse!

— Lori R.

I resolve to be the best rider I can be for my horse.

— Leslie S.

To spend more time on a consistent basis working with the horses, both on the ground and in the saddle.

— Danielle J.

Another common goal? To find that perfect horse, of course.

To find my dream horse.

— Rachel R.

Coming out of chemo in January…66 years old and going to get my first horse. Good incentive to get my life back in order. Makes one think of what makes you truly happy with your life!

— Jan M.

To have a horse again in my life.

— Shannon K.

Julia and Luke
As for my own equestrian-related resolutions, there are many, but I would especially love to ride in my first show this year.

Whatever your equestrian dream is for 2016, we wish you your best year of riding yet!

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Julia Arnold is a writer living in
Minnesota with her husband and two young children. She has always loved
horses and is thrilled to have officially rejoined the horse world as an
adult. She rides whenever she can at Hardwood Creek Farm in Hugo,
Minnesota. You can follow her adventures in riding and parenting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.



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