Rider Insider: Stuff Non-Equestrians Say


Horse Dad
“Why are you blindfolding your horse?” your friend asks as you adjust your horse’s fly mask.

“Oh my gosh, are that horse’s legs broken?” your boyfriend wonders, staring at a horse in standing wraps.

“Why are you dressed like a sparkly cowboy?” your co-worker asks, pointing to the show photo you have proudly displayed on your desk.

As horse lovers, we accept that we can seem a little strange to the outside world, but when outsiders step into our world, they can be downright hilarious.

Have you ever been asked a strange question by a spectator at the county fair, or heard a completely off-the-wall factoid about horses from a relative who hardly knows the front end of a horse from the back?

It can be a challenge to smile and politely correct someone’s misguided understanding of our horsey world, but you’re among friends here. Tell us about the funniest or weirdest question or comment you’ve heard from someone who is not equine inclined. Click “Submit a Comment” below and share your story. Some of the responses may be selected for a future issue of Horse Illustrated.

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  1. When we were looking into getting a horse trailer, I told my dad what my “ideal” horse trailer would be. He then asked,” Would you like to ask your horse his opinion of an ideal horse trailer before we commit?”

  2. I’ve had a few funny non-horsey friend experiences…
    I was talking to my non-equestrian friend about my horse, and I was complaining that she was lame. My friend’s face just fell, and she said, “Well, that’s not a very nice thing to say about your horse!”
    I was talking to a horsey friend and a non horse friend. I mentioned that the new horse I am riding is very green. You could see how confused my non horsey friend was just by looking at her; after a few seconds, she said “Wait a second…is she really green?!”

  3. One incident that happened to me just recently was, I asked one of my friends if they wanted to see my new mustang (horse) and they agreed to. But, when we got there and I said, “There she is!” they looked around bewildered and then exclaimed, “Wait…where’s the car?”

  4. One time, I was telling my cousin about my horse. He was only 4, so he was still pretty green. Then she asked me, “Did you seriously paint your horse green??” I laughed so hard I almost cried! She was really confused until I explained what “green” meant. That is the funniest/weirdest thing I’ve ever been asked.

  5. The weirdest thing I have heard anyone say was during my speech in school on how to groom a horse. They were watching clips I put together and they said “She just stands there”. I said “yes, why”. Oh well I thought horses were wild and they didn’t like to be touched. So I had to explain the difference between a wild and trained horse.

  6. My very helpful family helped me fix up our goat pen to hold a horse as well. My little brother thought that this was quite unnecessary and now he really seems to believe that a horse will search a new pen for a crystal chandelier. If there is none, the horse will simply turn up its nose and prance haughtily back into the trailer. I haven’t yet gotten my horse, and while I look at horse ads, (“Ooh! Ooh! Come look at this one!”)He will say, “but why do you want a horse? They’re so picky!”

  7. A while ago my sister and I were studying for a tack identification contest. I showed a picture of a bit and she has to say what it’s called. She correctly identified it as a Tom Thumb bit. One of my little brothers was walking by and asked why Tom puts his thumb in a horse’s mouth.

  8. The funniest thing that I have ever had someone say to me about my horse was a phrase that went something like this,” What are those things on her legs; are they moles or something?” Glancing down at my mare’s chestnuts,I could not help laughing, and explained to my non-equine friend what they really were. The funny thing is that all horses have them!

  9. “You have a horse? You MUST be really rich!”
    “Well, then your parents must be really rich then!”
    I hear that more than I can stand sometimes.

    MY HORSE?!

  11. The funniest thing I have heard a non-equestrian say was when I was riding my horse with a fly mask on because it was summer and around noon when all the flies were out. And someone said to me “Why does your horse have blinkers on? Is he scared of things?” I was dying laughing and explained to him that the mask was to protect his face from the flies.

  12. One time, I was riding with my non-horsey friend, and I asked her if she would go grab the rest of the tack out of the tack room. She went in the tack room and came out about 10 minutes later. She said, “I couldn’t find a tac, but there was a nail. Do you need that?” She is now more “experienced,” and we laugh about it all the time!

  13. I was playing with my horse at liberty and he galloped to the other side of the pasture with a little buck-fart-kick just for fun. Now this was what I asked him to do. My non-equestrian friend was watching and she started freaking out screaming, “Oh my goodness! He almost killed you!” I had to explain to her how he was 100 feet away from me and how he was doing what I told him to do so I was 100% safe. She has watched a couple times now and finally gets it.

  14. I was on a trail ride with friends in southern California when a woman approached us upset about horse poop along the trail. She urged us to make certain that our horses pottied before we took them out. She even scolded our horses. It was all we could do to keep from giggling. We just apologized and promised to do better!

  15. Many non-equestrian people I know argue that horseback riding is not a sport because it’s easy. My response is, “Tell me, have you ever trusted your life with something with a mind of its own? An unpredictable animal? Have you fallen 7ft from a 35mph machine? Performed a dance with something that speaks another language? Have you ever had a teammate 10 times your size? Have you ever practiced 5 hours a day, 7 days a week? Have you ever felt like you could die from one little mistake?” I usually pause at the stunned look on their faces, then say, “Still think it’s easy?”

  16. My husband and I were riding in a country park on Labor Day a few years back when we crossed paths with two family with little kids. The parents and kids were quite excited to be able to pet the horses.
    As we were answering there questions one little boy asked us “where do you plug them in!.” It took me a minute to realize that he was so use to plugging in electronic games that he thought that is what you did with horse too. It was sad and funny at the same time.

  17. A friend of mine wanted to get a couple horses and wanted some hands on experience so I let her groom and spend time with my horses.
    It was time to dewormer; I use paste dewormers. She wanted to help – ok that’s fine. She asked which end does the paste dewormer go, in his butt or mouth !!!
    Oh no, thankfully I was there and politely said in his mouth 🙂
    Thank You

  18. The funniest thing I have been asked was “do you have to go do your horse on Christmas Day?”. I replied, no, he gives me one day off a year!

  19. I was talking to a non-horsey lady and she was telling me how she had heard about bay horses being a gentle breed, and she was wondering if chestnuts were generally well behaved. I tried to explain the difference between a color and a breed….

  20. Oh yes!
    #1 “Um, can my daughter ride that little horse?” Refering to my 4 month old filly, I explained that she was actually just a baby.
    #2 “She’s a pretty colt!” Had to explain this one plenty of times!
    #3 (not really a saying) I had explained to several kids ages 6-12 ( grooming one of my quiet horses) the tools and how to use them, one of then kids didn’t listen and was using a mane/tail brush on the body. Too funny!

  21. My Uncle’s girlfriend came up to me when I was brushing my horse and said didn’t just brush him last week. I was keeping him at my uncle’s so I came out about once a week. She didn’t see the point of brushing a horse on a daily routine.

  22. I heard a friend explain to another friend that the chestnuts on a horse’s legs are caused by the horse trying to get flies off its legs. I couldn’t bring myself to correct her. She was real serious.

  23. Two young girls came to watch their friend ride at the stables where I took lessons. Standing by the rail, they started discussing horses’ hooves and how they’re shaped and maintained. One girl said with authority to the other “You know, they trim them at an angle so they can walk straight on side-hills.” OMG!

  24. One of my previous horses needed eye medication for a long period of time due to an eye problem. When I first explained to my mom that my mare needed eye drops, she asked “How will you get her to roll over on her back to put the eye drops in?” …I responded, “Easy, I will do it when she lies down after dinner.” Sometimes its ok not to explain!

  25. Me and two of my friends (one rides, the other doesn’t) were at my neighbors yesterday petting the horses when my non-horsey friend said, “I like this one because he has red hair.” I then calmly said, “Yeah, that’s called a chestnut.” Later after she left, I told my horsey friend about that and she said, “Wow.’

  26. Talking to my non-horsey friend about the one time she rode a horse (she was acting all cocky about it) and she starts to say “it was hard to put my foot in the stirdle…” Haha she meant stirrup and I still won’t let her forget it!

  27. We were looking at a mounted policeman. My friend said it was cruel to ride a horse and that the horse was clearly in pain because its foot was cocked. I explained that the horse was just relaxing, but she didn’t believe me.

  28. My husband’s horse experience is limited to going to the race track. I heard him telling a friend he goes to the track with that my Paso Fino is a prancing pacer!

  29. While getting ready to take a horse back to his stall, a non-horsey person asked if they could “put some carrots in his room”, not knowing what term to apply to the horse’s stall. I just had to smile and say, “of course!”

  30. We were in the staging area of a parade where my friend and her friesian stallion dress in armor, there was a motorcycle club there watching them and one turns to the other and says, “that there is a Morgan”.

  31. While grooming the Friesian stallion and the black mini horse stallion before a parade a little girl walks up with her parents and points first to the larger horse and then the small one and says, “that’s the mommy and that’s her baby”.

  32. While grooming a stallion at a parade a little girl walks up with her friend and says “that’s a boy”. Her freind asks how she knows and she points to the stallions private parts (that were fully out) and says “look”.

  33. I was at a clinic once at the local fairgrounds and I had an earnet on my mare to keep flies out of her ears. A man drives up next to our trailer and yells out the window ” Is that to keep her ears warm?” I had to explain to him what it really was for. The strangest part was that after I told him he replied ” I need one of those for my wife.”

  34. Once my friend and I were hanging out, talking about our plans for the week. When I started talking about riding, she said, “oh yeah, I know what type of riding you do. British, right?”

  35. Ive heard so many crazy things, but right now I can only think of a couple.
    One time I was in kentucky in a tour van with a bunch of strangers. We went by a farm with multiple horses wearing flymasks, and of course they got all worked up about the blindfolds on the horses.
    Ive once had a friend ask me if I steer my horses with their manes, some people have told me to make a horse “go” you flap your reins wildly.
    And a really great moment was when some man was commenting about my awesome mustang.. he was talking about my clydesdale mare!

  36. I once had a friend who overheard me talking about my “green” horse, she then asks, “your horse is green? I didn’t know horses could be that color!”

  37. My father came to the barn where I work one day and saw the horses in their turnout blankets and asked me why they were wearing bathrobes.

  38. -Once an adult was looking at a POA and saw some white in his eye and said “he looks like he is angry…” (when the horse is calmly looking over the stall door!)
    -One time at a horse show one of the horses was misbehaving, so the rider started reining him into circles so two people were commenting “does that horse have some issues? Why does he keep running into a circle”

  39. Once my dad came to pick me up from working my mare at a friend’s house and my dad asked me, “that is a beautiful mare. How old is he?” We had just got our mare so my dad didn’t know old SHE was.

  40. Once my dad came to pick me up from working my mare at a friend’s house and my dad asked me, “that is a beautiful mare. How old is he?” We had just got our mare so my dad didn’t know old SHE was.

  41. Once my dad came to pick me up from working my mare at a friend’s house and my dad asked me, “that is a beautiful mare. How old is he?” We had just got our mare so my dad didn’t know old SHE was.

  42. My hair stylist in Canton, Ohio, said to me one day,…”you have horses right, well horse people are so stupid” me…really why is that? Stylist, “i took my 14 yr old son to the county fair, as we walked through the barn, I noticed that all the horses had dirty teeth, green and yucky brown, I was so upset and wanted to teach my son to do the right thing, so I found the man in charge and told him I wanted to report them for not brushing their horses teeth!” She said, she couldn’t understand why he was laughing so hard!

  43. Not long after I moved to my current stable, the man who owns the first part of the property (it’s not part of the stable) asked if I’d like to put my mules and donkey in his pen to eat the cactus. I politely replied that it was a little too hot to burn cactus just now (takes off the thorns) and that cows eat cactus not equine; I politely thanked him for asking. The cactus is still there and my crew stay full of thorns.

  44. Some years back my husband and I went to look at a horse that was for sale. He wasn’t what we were looking for. Another man there to look at him told us we could change him from a Quarter Horse to a Tennessee Walking Horse by heavily padding his shoes. After we picked our jaws up off the ground, we politely tried to correct his thinking. I don’t think it took.

  45. My cousin, who said in bewilderment when she saw a horse return to the barn with his owner after a ride, “The horse I rode didn’t have strings to hold on to.”

  46. My sisters are non-equestrians, although they will happily accompany me to the barn when they visit. Once, we pulled into the barn driveway, I grabbed my halter and one of my sister said “Oh are you going to catch him with your lasso?”

  47. I admit when I first started volunteering at a local horse rescue, I want home that night and googled what a “gelding” was; the ladies at the stable will never let me live that one down!

  48. It was about a week after a show I had just competed in. A man who was at the show had taken some pictures of the show, so me and my grandma were looking at them with some other friends, and they asked us “what’s the matter with there fur?”. They were refering to the winter coats on some of the horses

  49. My favorite comment from non-horse people is, “How can you be sore from riding a horse? That’s not work.” I hear this all the time, and I’d like them to school my dressage horse for an hour and then tell me that.

  50. A few years ago, when I served on a ranch, I led several trail rides. Time and time again both kids and adults would say, “My horse just galloped!”, after it had just trotted a couple strides. It made me laugh everytime.

  51. Once when I was excitedly telling my Dad about my first riding lesson, I remarked that the horse I rode was a Quarter Horse. Suddenly he interrupted, “The horse was only worth a quarter?”

  52. I had recently met a girl who was an ice skater and of course that’s the only sport she knew about. I told her that I ride and do jumpers, after explaining she asked what kind of horse do you ride, I told her that I ride a flea bittin grey warmblood. Her eyes bulged out and she was like “Oh I’m so sorry for you poor horse, it’s horrible that he is flea bittin.:)

  53. Whenever I ask my cousin (who is a pure city girl) to grab the lead rope from the hook in the barn, she asks ” Wait, you mean the leash?”

  54. I was talking to someone about how moody my pony is like all the time and he said ” Well when is he going to stop being a pony?”

  55. There are funny things non-equestrians say, for example, “You use spurs? Isn’t that animal abuse?” but some are just annoying, like my all time favorite, “Horseback riding is NOT a sport.” I know for a fact that almost everyone who rides will say differently. It IS a sport, their just to scared to try it.

  56. One of our family friends breeds Paint Horses,and she has a neighbor who she just calls “Cycle Lady” that comes and asks questions all the time.So she decided to take her to a horse show where she was exhibiting some of her horses for sale…Cycle Lady asked,”What’s that strap that goes under his belly?”…another time,when one of the mares had just foaled and she was cleaning up the placenta and such,Cycle Lady,(who was there at 6 in the morning)kept saying,”Oh,she almost had it!”,and,”Oh,she almost found the milk!”and,”Oh,how precious is that!?”non-stop…for about half-an-hour!You can’t help but laugh and feel how lucky you are when someone without a clue wants to know about horses.

  57. I am a horse person surrounded by non horse people. I walk in the house and say “Mom I got Cisco to lope on his right lead” and my mom just gives me a look that says “good job, I have no idea what that means” It’s always fun though when unhorsified people ask you what you mean when you are talking about horses. Its fun to see what they call things compaired to what they are really called for example:
    lead rope-leash
    halter-face collar
    front cinch- front strap
    back cinch- back strap
    stirrups-foot holders
    haha non-horse people can be so funny sometimes

  58. I am a horse person surrounded by non horse people. I walk in the house and say “Mom I got Cisco to lope on his right lead” and my mom just gives me a look that says “good job, I have no idea what that means” It’s always fun though when unhorsified people ask you what you mean when you are talking about horses. Its fun to see what they call things compaired to what they are really called for example:
    lead rope-leash
    halter-face collar
    front cinch- front strap
    back cinch- back strap
    stirrups-foot holders
    haha non-horse people can be so funny sometimes

  59. A friend of mine was hanging around the barn while I was getting ready to ride and as I started wrapping the horses legs she became flustered and asked ‘You’ve only hand your hands on him for ten minutes and you already broke him? Why are you doing that to his legs? You broke him.” and I explained why legs are wrapped before work and after a moment she smiles and replied “Like leg warmers from the 80’s right?” I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard.

  60. My co-worker came out to work with the horses.I gave her my easy going mare to work in the round pen. she said every time I get her to run she starts walking! So I said next time just give her a little kiss! I look over to check on her & the mare starts walking & my co-worker walks up to the mare & kisses her! I never laughed so hard!

  61. I knew nothing about horses when I met my wife. I asked, “What kind of horses do you have?” She told me that she had 3 quarter-horses. I asked, “If you got one more, could you trade them in for a full horse?” The entire barn staff still laughs at me.

  62. I was talking to one of my non-horsey acquaintences that I had just met. She asked me to tell her about my horse. I began by saying “He is a bay Thoroughbred about 16 hands tall.”
    She just looked at me like I was crazy and asked, “It must be hard to measure that when you only have two hands!”
    Another time, I was telling my twenty-year old brother that one of my horses foundered.
    He responded by asking, “What did your horse find?”

  63. I used to volunteer at a disabled riding center. I was horse handling for a horse, that lets just say, needed a little motivation from the “magic” stick to trot. One day, my rider points to it and goes, “Whats that?” Not thinking, I go- “Oh, thats a whip.” His eyes got really large and he goes very loudly- “Your gonna whip her with that!?” I hastily stuttered out an anser and turned away. From then on it was a “motivational magic wand”.

  64. One time some friends came to our house and wanted to see my horse, Piper. I went into his field and put a halter on him and led him around to show our friends. The mother then asked, “Is he tame?”

  65. My mother once showed a photo of my horse to a friend of hers, while stating, “He’s a reserve champion.” She continued, “That means if the champion horse can’t fulfill his obligations, my daughter’s horse becomes the champion.” I had to break the news to her that a horse show is not run like a beauty pageant!

  66. Our neighbors’ granddaughter came over one time. While she was talking to us she didn’t realize what she was standing on. She looks down and asks “What is this stuff?” My brother and I laughed as I explained “It’s a pile of horse manure.” She dances around screaming “Eww, Eww!”
    I was surprised she even knew what manure meant.

  67. my mom and i were listening to a song in the car called ‘take a walk’. and i said “Omg this would be a perfect musical freestyle song” (because i do dressage) and my mom says “yea you could do that stepy-prancy thingy” and i just laugh. lol mothers (she was talking about the piaffe if you didn’t get that xP)

  68. I was with my riding instructor and we were driving to a polocrosse match. We had to stop to gas up her truck and these 2 women came up to us and asked worriedly
    “Are these horses going to slaughter?” My team-mates and I were by the trailer checking the horses and showering them with kisses. The worst of it was, is that my instructor replied with a blunt
    “yes” and then turned for us and said.
    Get in the car girls!” We waved to the people but I think that they actually believed her. We laughed the whole rest of the way because we were in her 50,000 dollar truck and the horses were in the four horse ramp trailer. Non horse people can be so funny at times!!

  69. My friend and i were at a horse show and someones grandmother who wasnt around horses came up to my friend and light colored palimino and oh what a pretty blonde pony you have and you know what her horse was 15’2

  70. In the summer my horse wears a fly sheet and a fly mask. Well one of the little girls I was giving a lesson to, asked why my horse was wearing all those clothes. I was laughing to hard to answer.

  71. I work at a trail riding ranch, so naturally I am used to getting some strange questions but this one topped everyone I’ve heard in my experiences there, the question was “I’ve heard that when horses swoosh their tails that means they want to sit down is that true?”

  72. Oh, gosh there’s lots that are hilarious but the best are: 1)”Aww, your poor horse is flea bitten? Don’t they have medicine for that?!?!” 2)”Why do you always blindfold your horse?” (referring to a fly mask) 3)”Don’t you just kick to make it go?” 4)”Your horse isn’t grey, he’s white!” 5)”You use spurs? That’s animal abuse!” Lol there’s so many more but these are all I can think of right now.

  73. i love this magazine about horses, how to take care about them, and it’s really cool to see other story`s also with their horses. i love doing jumps with my horse,

  74. When this happened I’d had my horse a few years already and my mom knew him pretty well, but had never actually led or handled him before, I asked if she’d hold him for me while I grabbed something out of the trailer at a show. She said “I don’t know, the last time I fed him a treat he growled at me! I don’t think he likes me!” She was referring to him snorting at her hand… I explained it to her (through tears of laughter) but she still doesn’t think he likes her.
    I like to play a little game with my non-horse friends the first time they come to the barn… It’s kind of evil… I lunge my horse for a second in the round pen, go up to him and pet him then walk away toward the gate. He follows me around the round pen at whatever speed, so I look behind me then say “oh crap!” And start running like mad with my horse trotting right behind me yelling “oh god! He’s gonna eat me!” … They freak out every time!

  75. I think the best encounter with a non – horsey person I have had had to be a FedEx guy picking up a package. I was working at a breeding farm. He looked at the package and asked what was in there that was worth the $5000 we had t he package insured for. We told him horse semen. I will never forget the look on his face. We had a good laugh once he left

  76. I was talking with my non horsey friend and she was saying how she “wanted one of those black horses with furry feet!” Referring to a fresian and also stated that she wanted it to be a stallion and not a gelding. After I explained to her how unpredictable and dangerous stallions could be, she told me that you “have a better bond with stallions”. Also I’ve said that my horse was lame to my non horsey friend who replied “thats not a very nice thing to say!”

  77. I brought a guy I had recently started dating along with me to the barn for a quick pit-stop to check on my horse. Well, when I pulled the hoof pick out of my grooming bag his face quickly turned to a look of confused horror as he shouted out, “What are you going to do to the horse with that?!” If he wasn’t so new at the time, I would’ve convinced him I was a miniature pickaxe murder.

  78. One time I was grooming my lesson horse and getting ready for my lesson. I man had just brought his daughter in for her first riding lesson. They stopped to watch me and the dad asked what kind of horse is that. I said it was an Arabian gelding. He asked what a gelding was. Without thinking, I said a castrated male horse. His response was, AHHHHH!

  79. When I was talking about my Appendix and how he was not behaving and my non-horsey friend said “I thought you already got that removed???”

  80. One day when I was ridding a friend said to me: ” Your not any work are you? I mean your horse does all the work right?” I just sighed for a response.

  81. I work at a trail barn in the summers and my favourite thing ever that one of the customers said was “how do these horses get their exercise?” right after I answered questions about how long the trail was (roughly 4 miles) and how many times a day they walked the trail (4-8). I think walking 16-32 miles a day, up and down hills constitutes as exercise…

  82. After I had finished teaching a group of children one day I asked one of my helpers if she was going to be a riding instructor when she left school .Her reply : ” oh no I’m not allowed ” .why’s that ? I asked her . ” Daddy said I’ve got a brain so I must use it ” she said !!!

  83. I was talking about showjumping to one of my friend’s dads a year or two ago, and the moment I brought up wanting to do showjumping he replied “You’d have to get a pretty tall horse, those horses are all taller than 20 hands!”
    Please do not speak to me about horses again.

  84. My cousin from Alabama came up on vacation and we had her riding double on our senior gelding, she was on the phone with her boyfriend, the horse took two steps forward and she grabs the girl in front of her and yells to her boyfriend, “They’ve got me on a horse and it’s running!!” we wee laughing so hard!

  85. My friends asked me what I wanted for Christmas and i said a horse they said something else so I said a pony and they said that is the same thing!!!!!!

  86. Last night I was reading one of those blogs that is very much like this one and people were talking about how hard riding is since we work with 1200 lb animals, and someone who doesn’t know horses said, “You keep talking about how much the horse weighs, like you have to lift it or something. You don’t.”
    I’ve been riding for eight years and took a lot of offense to some of the other things she posted about how easy riding is, are WE the ones Doing the jumps, etc, so when I went into school, I was just randomly thinking that NOBODY’D better criticize riding.
    Somebody did. In all of my eight years of riding, this was the most offensive thing that’s ever happened to me in my horse career.
    In my school, you spend an hour and a half with your homeroom every morning and forty-five minutes with them at the end of the day, and our teacher is cool and let us use our vocabulary words in a rap and present it for a grade. I promise I’m going somewhere with this. She put us all in groups of four; I was with a jock, a cheerleader, and my friend who rides dressage (I ride jumper). So my one friend and I and the cheerleader were all trying to come up with a rap that we could all relate to. When we finally accepted that that was impossible, we agreed to write a rap about horseback riding. We worked on it for two whole days, then the jock, who was originally gonna do the rapping, tells us at the last second that he doesn’t wanna rap about horseback riding because it “isn’t a sport.” And so my friend and I launched into a rant about how riding IS hard and how it IS a sport, and he just keeps on saying that it isn’t. After a few minutes of this, the teacher, who isn’t a horse person, says that it is in fact a sport because it’s in the Olympics, but that my friend and I were making way too big a deal out of it because apparently it isn’t an insult to us personally (just to our hearts and souls) and that he’s entitled to an opinion. It’s NOT an OPINION! It’s FACT! Either something is a sport or it isn’t, there’s no in between, and horseback riding is DEFINITELY a sport. My friend and I tried to explain to her that it’s not just a hobby which is being criticized, it’s a lifestyle, but as soon as I said that, she said, as if she has a clue, “No. It’s not.” What she doesn’t understand is that when we ride we develop this unexplainable connection and relationship with the horse that you just don’t understand until you develop it with a horse.


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