Rider Insider: Finding a Perfect Match


Horse and Rider
There’s nothing quite like seeing a horse and rider working in perfect harmony. The only thing better is actually being the rider in that equation. When you have perfected the art of interspecies communication with your equine partner, it’s as if you and your horse just click.

Some horse-and-rider teams that come to mind when we think of perfect matches include reining superstars Stacy Westfall and Whizzard’s Baby Doll, show jumping champions Eric Lamaze and Hickstead and revolutionary dressage duo Edward Gal and Totilas. Of course, each of these riders had to put in a lot of time and hard work with their equine partners to reach the level of harmony that they ultimately achieved. That elusive “click” doesn’t come easily.

Have you met your perfect equine match, and if so, how did you know? Was it an instant connection from the beginning, or did you have to work to achieve a breakthrough? If you haven’t experienced this first-hand, have you witnessed another rider reach that level of unity with his or her horse? Click “Submit a Comment” below to share your story. Some of the responses may be selected for a future issue of Horse Illustrated.

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  1. I don’t have a horse of my own yet, but the best advice I’ve always gotten is:
    “Pick the horse that chooses you, the one that touches your heart and reaches for you”.

  2. i’ve got my 2 own horse , and it’s the perfect match . I think we find the good horse when you put time on it . The perfect horse come with work !

  3. When we went to look at my sisters horse for the first time, I was completely opposed to it. He was a short, stocky, haflinger cross. We were taking lessons at an appendix quarter horse barn. We ride hunters and he was being ridden western by a family in our 4-H club. But he had history in hunter training. When we finally went we said we would only go for fun. But he was meant for her. The first time she rode him she knew it. Don’t limit horses by their size, color or breed because the horse that was meat for you could be the stocky haflinger being riden western by a family in you 4-H club. I have not found my perfect match yet, but I know that it is out there somewhere!

  4. It was a long and sometimes difficult journey for me and my 7 year old pony to “connect”. She was skittish and when my friend was taking her to another person’s place on trial. I said “oh wow, I hope she doesn’t want her because I would love her”. My friend said, “oh, I don’t think it’s the right horse for you”. But, a couple weeks later, Sweet Pea came to our place on trial. She was too skittish for the other girl to handle. She was green broke and hardly knew how to stop and turn. She hated being saddled up and I had no love for her, then.
    We took our first trail ride about a month after we got her. Some milestones for us were: Riding bareback in the meadow for the first time”, “bareback on a trail for the first time”, “jumping for the first time”, etc., etc. Gradually, over almost 4 years, Sweet Pea has matured into a sweet, friendly, totally bombproof pony that I trust with my life and love with my whole heart. I would never trade her.
    I don’t think horses and people “click” right away. I think it takes years of work and time to make a lifelong friend and trusted partner.

  5. When i was looking for a new horse for barrel racing i wasn’t having any luck until we went to the neighbors farm. When we were walking by the pasture i noticed a two year old small little chestnut gelding staring at me. I went over to him and felt some sort of instant connection to him. I thought “If he were for sale i would definitely buy him”. When i was talking to the farm’s owner he mentioned that he was looking for a home for the small horse i’d seen. It turned out to be the perfect match, desipite his size and age. I don’t know what i would do without my little horse

  6. I knew from the first time I rode my first pony that he was the one for me. We’ve gone through a lot together and I learned so much!

  7. The first time I sat on him, it was horrendous. I mounted and he walked forward while I was still tightening the girth! The first lesson I had with him was terrible. He kept jumping out of the arena! After that I didn’t want to ride him, but it wasn’t my choice and so for the next few months I rode him. I got so scared, I even almost told my dad to tell my instructor that I didn’t want to ride him. Then one day after a few months, bam!!! I realized I loved this pony!! It just happened and I didn’t even realize it. He has made me a much better rider than when I started riding. Now he sticks his head out the door when hears me coming. After that we have worked in harmony, and I realized I was being harsh on him because he is a lovely pony. Being on your perfect match is a feeling I can’t describe, you’ll have to find out for yourself. Now remember a perfect match comes in all shapes and sizes and temperaments, trust me, I have learned from experience! Oh and one last thing: Oberon, my amazing pony’s name is Oberon!

  8. I went to look at a 6 month old colt that I had found online. It was raining and he was locked in this little stall and he was really dirty and scrawny and I thought ‘no way am I getting this one.’ So the owner took him out and let me lead him around and as we were walking he nudged me with his head and I just knew he was the one for me. :)I basically rescued him but now he’s doing great.

  9. I don’t think anyone else would want my horse Apache I have him so spoiled. I knew I wanted him the moment I saw him as an unbroke 2 yr old so we have learned together. Couldn’t imagine not riding him. Radar is a different story I thought I was rescuing him when it was him saving me some horses are blessed by being able to choice his owner.

  10. Bonding with a horse is something you never really understand untill it happens to you. It’s one of those thing where you believe it’s possible but don’t really know WHAT it is. I have never been one of those people who goes and says “Sure this one will do” when I look at horses. I remember when I got my first pony. I went to a horse dealer and tried 3 or 4 ponies… but the very first one I rode was special and after him none of the others seemed to compare. Now I will admit that he showed no interst in me or life period, but there was just something about him. Needless to say I brought home the 27 years old, 14 hand Morgan/Quarter Horse. After about a year I had witnessed a COMPLETE transformation. Taco (aka: One in a Million), my first pony, started as a disintersted, dull, lethargic thing (he hardly seemed alive) that got me made fun of all the time because nobody understood what I could possibly see in him. Now, his personality is larger than life and EVERYONE LOVES him! He loves to run! He loves treats and most of all, he LOVES me! And I love him! We went from Taco ripping the reins through my hands and refusing to go where I asked to being able to gallop a pole bending course… bareback and bridleless!!! His favorite activity is going up against a wall of unlikely odds and judgemental comments in a competition and… KICKING THEIR TAIL! You can see it in his eyes, he wants to win and intends to do nothing but that… and he always does! This truly One in a Million pony is now 31 going on 3!

  11. I have never found a better example that when something is meant to be nothing can stop it than what I am telling you now. I had just started looking for a new horse as I was too big for old Taco to continue (let alone advance) jumping, when I went to visit the stables my friend managed for the first time. That’s when I saw what looked like a fairytale horse come to life! As he was led past me his chestnut coat gleemed like burnished copper, his white socks flashed in the sunlight and when he turned his blazed face towards me, my heart lept! The next day I asked the trainer to groom, tack, and cool the horses she rode. I saved the big chesnut, whose name is Cruise Control (aka:Cruise), for last. When I looked into his eyes I fell in love. His eyes were glazed over like something he needed was missing, I saw through everything and knew that he wanted love and understanding. I gave it to him. We became close on the ground quickly. While he turned away from others, he whinnyed and trotted to me. Eventually I was allowed to ride him and things were the same there, he went wonderfully for me under saddle! Everything changed when I was told to ride him for a potential buyer (he was for sale but WAY out of my price range). The buyer asked to see his lead changes and the supervisor told her a known fact about Cruise: “He only changes from left to right, not right to left.” She persisted to see him try both swaps though, and with me aboard, he did both perfectly. The buyer liked him and said she hoped to get the money before someone else. Alone, I led Cruise back to the barn and when he nudged me affectionatly I felt tears drop onto my cheeks. I had just ridden my dream horse into someone elses hands. I would never again trace the familiar blaze or hear the nicker I knew so well! And then a miracle happened! Cruise’s owner had seen and heard about our realationship and one day she came to my friend who was their barn manager with tears in her eyes. “I have come to a decision on Cruise she said.” “What are you doing with him.” asked my friend nervously. “I am going to give him to Maren.” relpied Cruise’s owner. Now Cruise and I are closer than ever and I have learned that bonding with a horse is so special that someone doesn’t even have to be a part of it to see it and not want it to end, and it can lead to something truly amazing!

  12. I found a horse that matches me perfectly. We are both lazy on the weekends. We both prefure English riding. We both like food…but i dont like food as much as Shadow does. We work as a team and when we do the wrong move i take the blame.

  13. It just isn’t scientific for me. Myles is a Training Level American Saddlebred Sport Horse. He is playful, loving, sociable, calm and obedient. Now, that could be most any lovely horse, couldn’t it? When I first saw him, he came right over to say “hello”. When I rode him, he felt solid – a “good boy.”. Myles felt just right and still does. It is that “feeling” of “just right.”

  14. After leasing multiple horses, my family decided we should buy our first horse. So we looked for a mellow, been-there-done-that type of horse in their teens that my whole family could ride. After months of searching, nothing was coming up that struck our fancy, until, one day we decided as a family to go look at a yearling we had seen online just for fun. He was cute, with large kind eyes, a shiny copper coat, and a large white blaze on his face. What really made us want him though, was his quirky, in-your-pocket personality. Dac, the small yearling, had won my family’s heart, but he really made a connection with me, even the breeder said she had felt a connection between us when she talked to my mom on the phone later. It just felt right and the whole family agreed. Two years later we still own Dac, and under the supervision of a trainer and our other horsey friends, Dac has blossomed into a beautiful horse that still continues to melt the hearts of everyone he meets.

  15. I knew Nobie had his issues when I first went to see him. He was herd sour, tossed his head all over the place, and only lunged in one direction. But after trying him out and stepping off him, he started following me all around the yard we were in, and just seemed to want to stick close to me. I knew there was something about him. It was an instant connection. 2 years later, we both have lost our bad habits, and now we really do click with each other more than ever. Nobie and I now have a great time togrther on the trails, in the arena, and even at liberty.

  16. After ten years of not riding, walking thru a seller’s barn, a big beautiful black TWH ran to the front of her stall and started nickering at me as if to say look at me!!! And I did!! The seller said, “you don’t want her, she will hurt you” and I said, “I believe I do” In essence she choose me and off we went on a 20 year adventure!!! She was the best a horse that a girl could ever ask for!! That so called problen horse ended up being a one in a liftime horse, friend, and chompanion!!! I showed her all the Love I could and she showed me how deep a bond could become a person and a horse!!! This Christmas right after her 24th birthday, she rolled in the pasture and twisted her gut causing me to loose my best friend!!! I don’t know if I will ever be lucky enough for another horse to choose me and that instant bond to become a lifetime of joy, but I am so glad that I got to expierence it once!!! She tought me so much about love, life, and myself. So few people are lucky enought to bee choosen by a horse. I was lucky enough to be one of them!!! Rest in Peace Frosty’s Dolly G!!!!

  17. My family and I went to look at a pinto named Buddy for my sister. We ended up buying him. My sister and Buddy didn’t get along very well so I started to ride Buddy. Buddy and I clicked right away and he became my horse. Buddy was a social horse who got along with any horse. He loved to go riding, had lots of energy, and loved to run. However, he was gentle and loving. He would do anything I asked him to do. I could ride him bareback bridleless and do crazy stuff on him. Buddy and I went trail riding, camping, and did a couple fun shows together. A few years later we found a tumor between Buddy’s legs. Buddy and I still did all the things we loved to do. Later we ended up putting him to sleep because of the tumors. I don’t think I will ever find a horse that matches up to Buddy. I have been very lucky to share a part of my life with him. Buddy created the best memories for me and I will always treasure them. I miss and will always love my trustworthy kind blue eyed boy.

  18. Easy! He was everything I DIDN’T want. I wanted a hunter jumper that was easy going and dependable. He was lazy, barn sour, old, moody, and wouldn’t jump. Somehow over the course of two years of trips to the chiropractor and Doctor’s office he now jumps amazingly, canters and gallops. Has started working on his flying lead changes and occasionally jumps bareback. 🙂

  19. Find a horse that gives you confidence. A confident rider is going to want to get out and about with their horse and explore new places and events. When a person owns a horse that scares them, that person tends to avoid doing things with their horse. This leads to dissatisfaction in the relationship at the very least and even neglect/abuse of the horse in the worst cases. Look for a horse that you feel safe with above all else.

  20. When I went to the barn, the stalls were overrun with mud and muck. Looking at each horse, I noticed all had a dullness about them, then I came to the last stall. Feeling disappointed, I looked in to see a bay gelding no more than 14’3hh. He looked up at me and blew a sweat hay smell onto my face. I looked into his eyes and I saw a spark. A spark that made me feel giddy and chilled. I brought him to my barn. he was as calm as a horse could be considering he was only 2 1/2. After two weeks of working with him, I knew he was the one for me.

  21. I haven’t experienced a connection like this; but it is my goal to. I can’t imagine how it must feel! I dream about it every night. To have your horse be an extension of your own body! That would be a dream come true!

  22. We were matched before ever laying eyes on each other. I knew the minute we pulled onto the property and never having seen a photo, I stood at the corral,our eyes met and he walked straight to me. Zeus can be out in a pasture with a herd and as I call his name he comes across the field to greet me, no horse treats, just love. It is beyond words the connection we share but everyone who sees us together can’t help but notice. Zeus is a magnificent horse.

  23. My horse Lucy and I were meant for each other. She’s with me through thick and thin and she would do anything for me. When I past the barn or the pasture she’s always the first to meet me. I’ve only had her for a month ,but it seems like we’ve known each other our whole lives. We are like PB&J we go together. I don’t know what I would do without her, I guess I would go crazy! When you find the perfect match you’ll know it, it’s a unexplained feeling that overwhelms you.

  24. My thoroughbred Molly and I are the perfect match because we are both food motivated, mildly lazy, a bit skittish, and occasionally stubborn. But at the end of the day, we are both determined to keep the other safe and bring happiness and joy to the other’s life.

  25. A lifelong horse lover, I only began learning to ride at age 60 (now 65), and the horse I ride is a Rocky Mt horse. With a lot of work on my part, we have bonded – she responds to my arrival, and she seems to sense what I’m ready for during the lesson, I love her smooth gait – and she occasionally gets bossy just to remind me that she’s a horse! I’m learning a lot with her and from her!

  26. My horse picked me. Sonnys First Clue, better known as Comet, was an absolute wreck when I was introduced to him. He’d been phjysically and mentally abused as a show horse, and was also lame from arthritis and “navicular syndrome” due mostly to mismanagement. I was a student at a rural lesson barn at the time, and assigned to him after his brief stint in the lesson program exposed him as unpredictably nervous, and a bucker, for everyone except me. To this day, I have no clue why he decided to like me. His refusal to cooperate led his owner to sell him to me out of a desire to rid herself of the cost of caring for a horse that couldn’t earn his keep. Now, after more than three years of steady training, exercise, and proper barefoot hoofcare, he is leased out to three young girls ready to take the next step in their journey, and is a star of my new barn’s lesson program. The trust that he decided to give to me has blossomed into a truly remarkable relationship. The horse that once cowered when someone entered his stall now follows me around like a puppy dog, no halter or rope is needed to keep him at my side. The people that said I was wasting my money buying a “crazy, lame, and unrideable” horse are shocked to hear that I’ve decided to, after switching him from western pleasure to dressage, teach him to jump at the wonderful age of 17. He’s taken to it like a fish to water. I realize that the clock is ticking until the day that our battle against his lameness will finally be lost, but when that day comes I’ll still have an amazing friend by my side.

  27. Lola is my buddy, ever since I have ridden her, I feel we have clicked. I feel confident on her and I know she wouldn’t ever try to hurt me, even when she spoked at some other horses in the field. My trainer thinks we are a great match, and I totally agree with her!

  28. When my sister outgrew her pony, she gave her to me. I did not think that she and I would click: she was fat, lazy, and stubborn and I had never cared for a horse before in my life! I thought I would just be wasting my time with her, but I chose to work with her anyway. Then one day when I was passing by her pasture, I heard a long neigh and looked back to see my mare staring after me. I couldn’t help but to run back and throw my arms around her stout neck! To this day we have not “clicked” yet, but we are still trying to!

  29. My horse is my everything. I’ve had him for five years. When I got him, his previous owners had lost interest in him and had just dumped him at a boarding barn where he was rarely handled for 5 years. I loved him from the moment he was given to me, but he didn’t feel quite the same. He would never let me halter him and he spooked a lot. I didn’t give up on him, and now he loves me just as much as I love him. He walks, trots, and canters with me on the ground at liberty, he runs to the gate when I whistle and he follows me everywhere without a halter. We are also starting to ride liberty and bridle-less, although we are both still novice at it! We both seem to speak to each other and we communicate clearly, most of the time. We understand each other and we seem to always move as one. I’m so indescribably happy that he’s my horse and I love him with all my heart.

  30. I knew that my horse was right for me the first moment I saw him. It was literally “love at first sight” I had been watching an ad of a horse on craigslist for months and his price just went lower and lower. When I finally pursuaded my parents to let me look at him I was overjoyed. When we pulled up to the previous owners house I saw Cisco and I knew right then even before I got a hold of the lead rope that he was the horse that I wanted and that It didnt matter than he wasn’t broke and that he bucked when saddled. Im glad that I got him. now almost 3 years later he had done just about everything everything from rodeo and trail riding up to parades and kiddie rides. He is the best thing that happend to me since my house burned down in 2009. No matter what happens he will always be my best friend and of course I will choose him over everything else

  31. I got my horse Spirit almost seven years ago, when she was twelve and I was eight. I knew she was the best horse for me because she was so sweet and caring. I was really small, and she would hold her head low when I walked her and always watched her feet so she wouldn’t step on me. She does anything I ask of her and there couldn’t be a better horse for me.

  32. I’ve already found my once-in-a-lifetime horse: a little rescued mare that was once was known as a one-eyed wreck. I went to a foster home to look at some miniatures and was interested in a pinto gelding. He was already adopted when I got there, so I decided to take a look around. A little sorrel mini mare with one eye caught my attention. I spent three hours trying to get close to her, but I had no success. I was about to give up, but I decided to try to get close to her one more time. She walked up to me and I was able to stroke her muzzle for just a second. But in that second I felt the legendary ‘spark’ as I looked into her eye. I immediately knew that there was something special between us. The next day I got Lulu into a stall. I brushed her and told her how beautiful and special she was. I reassured her that I wanted to help her, and that she didn’t have to be afraid. Lulu must have understood because when she saw me the next day she came right up to me, choosing me above the safety and comfort of the other horses in her pasture. That day I knew for certain that we were meant to be together and nearly four years later we have a bond that I have never experienced with another horse, and probaly never will experience again.

  33. My perfect match is the horse I currently own, Kody. He is a 16 year old Palomino Quarter Horse gelding. I have owned him for seven years. I knew he was the perfect horse for me because when I went to try him out, we just clicked. The first time I rode him, I was not as experienced as I am now. He was very patient and forgiving of me when I was trying him out. It’s hard to describe, others who have found their perfect match will understand, but there was just an instant connection between us. He listened to me and took care of me. That’s how I knew he was the perfect horse for me.

  34. My perfect match is my 22-year-old QH gelding Rio Pine Scooter, affectionately known as “Nut.” I got Nut when I was twelve, and he was definitely not perfect at first. He taught me where the holes were in my ability as a rider. It took a few years but he taught me how to brush myself off and get back on, and made me a better rider and trainer. We’ve come a long way together, and now when I’m home from college on the weekends I can go out and get on him without any tack and go for a ride.

  35. My stubborn 17 year old Morgan. There was just something about him. He was big, stubborn, and lazy…. and still is. Millie, my small 12 year old QH, she’s just so sweet………… both of them have taught me so much, and are still teaching me!

  36. My small twelve and a half hand pony Bingo is my perfect match. I got Bingo two years ago, at first me and him didn’t really click and I thought about selling him a lot, after a year me and him just could not be seperated. I now he is small and that I have outgrown him but he will make a perfect little cart pony!!!

  37. I met my perfect match almost 10 years ago when I was around 14 years old. He’s a 12 year old Arabian/Paint cross named Buddy. It was an instant connection from the first time I seen him, and even though I live 12 hours away from where he is and I don’t get to see him very often, whenever I do see him its like we were never apart from each other.

  38. I got my dear horse HannahBelle last year. She is a retired trail horse from a ranch up north. She can be very stuborn and is often lazy, but I know we were ment for eachother! Often she doesn’t like to go by other humans she doesn’t know in the pasture, but always lets me come up to her and give her loving, she falls right asleep when I comb her mane! I love her SO much and I can’t wait for all the exciting adventures to come in Spring for us!

  39. My Polish Arab, Buck, was my birthday present when I turned six. Even though he tested every adult who got on him, and nearly killed his first owner, he took care of me like I was a fragile piece of China from the day we met. He never spooked or bolted, both of which experienced horsemen told me to worry about with a young Arab. Today, almost twelve years later, he and I are inseparable. He now tests me just to see how I handle his antics, but I swear he knows that he’s improving my riding and horsemanship as he does it. I love him and haven’t formed a stronger bond with any of the other horses we’ve had. He will forever be my boy and I look forward to every ride, waiting to see what his next funny spook will be.

  40. I rescued my horse Hannah Belle from a ranch up north, she was quite skinny when I got her. If I hadn’t of adopted her she probably wouldn’t have made it through the winter due to not getting enough food, and freezing, because she is around 20 and they didn’t use blankets for the horses. Hannah is very spunky for her age, and often stubborn, at first it was a challenge, but our bond continues to blossom as the days progress.

  41. When i first met my horse,we didn’t like each other at all.I didn’t enjoy his “happy” bucks or stubborn attitude, but the more i rode him, the stronger our bond became. We have a bond that cannot be broken. I am his girl, and he is my boy and that’s the way it will always be.

  42. She was a feisty Paso Fino. I was a feisty Irish lass. When we first met I learned that she was the “nasty” mare in the barn. Being ridden she was…ok…but she had spirit, spirit that needed respected, and guided. That’s when Rosie and I were a match. I learned to respect her spirit, while she learned to trust my guidance under saddle. Then We could achieve things together, in groundwork or under saddle. Corralling that spirit was tight work, especially on trail rides, but she taught me to anticipate her thoughts. With spirits to match we taught each other how to fly…but now she’s flown on to pastures greener and brighter…. leaving me searching for another match.

  43. I like to think my horses chose me. I saw Apache and fell in love he has been with me for 13 years now can’t imagine him anywhere else. He doesn’t like me on another horse and doesn’t like other people on him. Hoping he doesn’t hold it against me when I start riding Radar this summer

  44. My 4 year Quarter Horse Mare, Dixie and I have had our ups and downs but I love here to death. Dixie and I have had our battles but when I first saw her we just connected. We just test each other like best friends do we give each other these looks and we just know what the other is thinking. I may have fallen and bucked off but I wouldnt trade her for anything. She has been and will be a great learning experience. I look forward to many more years with her.

  45. She was an excited ex-jumper, I was a nervous rider gaining confidence from my last horse. It definitely didn’t seem like a good match but she is wicked sweet and we get along really well. She has even given me more confidence!

  46. I met my match in 2011. He is a 7 year old chesnut gelding. He is exactly like me! Quick on his feet and very kind. He loves running just as much as I do!

  47. Like many things in life, there is an uncertainty in choosing a horse. One may have a great first connection, however sometimes that connection slips away. The first time I saw my mare Kola, I was taken away by her beauty. She was incredibly sweet that day and our first ride went great. My father would always tell me that the horse chooses the rider, it is not until trust on both ends is equally established that you become one. The first 6 months after I purchased her, I could tell the bond was not complete and she did not have full trust in me. The magical moment was when I was playing with her main during turnout, when she turned her head and started grooming my back with her tongue. From that moment on we clicked. She is an unforgettable horse and I am so thankful to have her in my life.

  48. i met my match when i was visiting a abused horse farm and i fell head over heals for a cherry bay mare ex racer she is now my little jumping princess

  49. I met my match when I started riding with a new trainer, first time english. My trainer had bought this pony from someone who had bought her from an auction for there little girl, but there six year old could not handle her in the least. My trainer didn’t see this scrawny, furry, black and white, fat, pony but a bad pony and she wanted a challenge when I started riding she was still rough, and I was scared to ride for a while soon we connected and I love her so much, and now the she can jump the moon, she still has sass but it makes her fun to ride.

  50. I met my perfect match “Cookie” 5 years ago this month.I had been riding several different horses at a local barn,when I got a call from my grandma telling me there was a lady who wanted to give me a horse.My grandma was working for an answering service who took calls for a local vet, and she befriended an ederly lady who had several horses and goats.Due to health reasons the lady was unable to ride,and she had a young horse who needed to be worked with.The owner was very fond of her animals and they were treated as pets. When we arrived at her place “Cookie” ran over and looked me over.She was saddle broken but hadn’t been riden in almost 2 years. After getting aquinted for a few minutes, I got on “Cookie” and road her around the pasture. It was true love at first sight! Cookie and I have been envolved in 4-H the last 5 years competing and have become the best of friends.

  51. I met my perfect match Genius 11 years ago as a 4 year old! Genius is an American Saddlebred gelding. We got him when my mom’s friend didn’t need him anymore… Genius was an unruly 4 year old green broke gelding. (who was gelded 2 years prior and still acts like a stallion). at first he wouldn’t listen to a thing that anyone would do with him. he was very sweet on the ground, but didn’t listen at all in the saddle. when we finally met his trainer who is now off in college i have finally taken over with his training. and it is now 2 years that we have been working together and we have been taking giant steps. We have been through so much and i couldn’t be more happy with our bond 🙂

  52. I found my perfect match 2 years ago. My twin sister was dying of cancer and my husband sent me looking for a ” husband horse” as a ploy to occupy my mind. Well I found Scout. A grass belly, fat, pasture paint that needed riding but was sound. He is now slim and running poles, doing equitation and team sorting. My other paint is retired with EPM and Scout and I ride every day.

  53. I knew Autumn was my perfect match when i first saw her. She and i both had a lock of hair braided. I of course a horse crazy little girl had a horse charm at the end of mine but that’s when i knew she was perfect for me. And yes she was that life changing, best friend that you only get once. For 27 amazing years she showed me how wonderful life was on her back and the deep and unforgettable bond that a little girl has only
    with her horse!

  54. My friend bought Frost, despite my recommendation that she not. He was actually advertised as “the horse from hell” and she was a novice rider. He lived up to his name for her but I was envious. The day we were riding and he flipped his hackamore until he had control so he could further make her riding experience horrible, I fell in love. Not long after she offered him to me and despite being horse poor, I found a way to buy him. He was my best friend, co-worker and adventure seeking companion for 18 years. He did every thing I ever asked of him, with attitude of course! I had to put him down 4 years ago but I still wear the necklace I had made from his mane and miss him daily.

  55. When a member from my church first tolled me, “Hey, I got you a horse”. I was soo exited! And was longihng to see him/her. Well to my surprise, me being a 14 year old and never having a horse, I was expecting a nice 5-6 year old mare/gelding with experience. But no, he bought me 2 year old half broke, 14 hh bay filly. Training her has been very hard,since it required lots of patience (something I dont have much of) but worth it. Her previous owners weren’t so nice, but now she is as sweet as her name describes. Honey. We are the best of pals now and its amazing! 🙂 She is my Best Friend!

  56. When I first got Duchess I new she was the one. Then she got colic. I was terrified it took 3 days and 2 nights to nurse her back to health. We grew a unforgettable bond and now she trusts anyone.

  57. I think I have met my perfect match but the worst part about it is that I no longer have access to this horse and it breaks my heart. But it was an instant connection from the beginning for that horse. I also had an instant connection with another horse but he’s not really my perfect match. I love him all the same though. (My perfect match was a handsome chestnut Quarter Horse gelding, by the way.)

  58. I am an older rider, coming back to my love of all things equine after raising a family. My childhood horse was the horse of my dreams. She died at 32. Last year, I bought Vegas and it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long, long time. The minute I walk in the barn with those earthy smells and wonderful sounds I feel a sense of peace and comfort. It is my place of Zen. When Vegas hears my voice, his head pops up and his answering nicker warms my heart. No matter what we do together, no matter what we are working on, we are a team and I am his leader. I listen to him and he listens to me. Vegas is patient, kind, and trusting. He is funny and loving. I am so very lucky that I’ve had not one, but two, dream horses in my lifetime. I cannot imagine my life without him.

  59. I have met and have rode my perfect matching horse many times. The only trouble is that it is my best friend that owns him. She lets me ride Prince quite a bit, and she sees the rare connection of harmony we have when we jump the fences. As soon as he is up for sale in the near future, he will be mine so I can finally own my very own dream horse.

  60. I have met my perfect match. I love him dearly. The guy who owns him doesn’t want to sell him sadly. But my dad is trying to work something out so that I can keep him. I just got a 20 in barrels! YAY! Now work on getting to 18 and 19s ;D

  61. When I started riding, I had noticed this little bay gelding a lot during my lessons, because of the way he played with his bottom lip. I remember looking at him and thinking,”he’s going to be special”. Eventually my trainer put me on him for a lesson, and after that I never got off. Roo at the time was a 17 year old TB ex-lease horse gone school horse. He taught me so much, in and out of the saddle. Now since I’ve gone off to college, I don’t see him much and now own my own mare. But that bond is still there with him whenever I go visit him, he’s the one horse I feel completely safe and confident on. I don’t know how I know it, but it’s just something that hits you one day. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

  62. We got to his barn and the lady who owned him told me which pasture he was in and what he looked like. So I went out there and I’m looking around for a horse that fits her discription when all of a sudden I feel something shove me in the back. I look behind me and there is the horse. I hopped on and he waited for me to give him the cue. I didn’t even have to go around the arena for a lap before I knew he was the one.

  63. I have met my equine match! My horse and I have been together for 4 years now, but have not always been in perfect sync. We used to fight all the time during our rides, but, thanks to a lot of hard work, have come a long way and even won a hunter hack class last summer!


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