Rider Insider: Dream Horse

If you could choose one horse to have in your barn, you could do worse than to pick the great dressage stallion Totilas. Photo: Leslie Potter

Of course you love the horse you own now or the schoolie you regularly ride in lessons. But imagine that you could have any horse from the present day or some time in history, real or fictional. Which horse would you want to have in your barn?

The world of television, books and movies offer a lot of possibilities. Would you choose Roy Rogers’ loyal Palomino, Trigger? Or The Black from Walter Farley’s classic novel and the film adaptation of The Black Stallion? Maybe you could borrow Pegasus from the ancient Greek Gods for a while and ride among the clouds.

If competitive riding is your style, you’ve probably got a few equine athletes you wouldn’t mind having in your barn. You could do a few barrel runs with Scamper, attack the nearest show jumping course with Gem Twist, or take a victory pass aboard American Saddlebred five-gaited champion Imperator.

But for some equestrians, the horse that would make a dream barn complete is a little closer to home. Would you wish to have your first pony back? Or the horse at your childhood riding stable that you always coveted, but were never allowed to ride?

Click “Submit a Comment” below and tell us what horse—besides your own—you would want to have if you could have any horse in the world. Some of the responses may be selected for a future issue of Horse Illustrated.

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  1. Buck from Bonanza! He was a great horse but his mouth was permanently gaping. I’d love to take the bit out of his mouth and ask him to halt without pain!

  2. My choice would be Secretariat. He was one of the most famous racing legends of all time. Even though it seemed the odds out numbered him, and even when people didn’t believe in him, He won. He won not only the race but also the people’s hearts, too. Imagine being the one to be up there on his back, racing the wind it’s self! And seeing world flash by like a blur! It would have been awesome and truly an honor, to me. He’s my hero and my inspiration! I would’ve loved to meet him.

  3. The horse I’d love to have in my barn wouldn’t be for me, but for my friend. She’d gotten her Quarter Horse when she was around six, and he was the love of her life. It was so heartbreaking when he had to be put down. If i could have any horse back, it’d be for her. Besides, my dream horses are living at home in my pasture!

  4. I would love to be the proud owner of Sham in “King of the Wind”, a great book by Marguerite Henry! Owning an Arabian like him would be awesome, and I would give anything to be on his back galloping as fast as…The Wind!

  5. I would love to be the proud owner of Sham in “King of the Wind”, a great book by Marguerite Henry! Owning an Arabian like him would be awesome, and I would give anything to be on his back galloping as fast as…The Wind!

  6. I would love to own Roy Roger’s beautiful horse, Trigger. The palomino stallion knew over 50 tricks and wowed millions with his performances, whether on the silver screen or during live appearances. If this would not be possible, I’d go for Dale’s buckskin horse, Buttermilk.

  7. If I could have any horse I would never turn down the chance to get Danny! Danny is a horse at my farm, he is a bay quarterhorse with such a big loving heart, he may not be a super athletic jumper or a super fast horse, but me and have created a bond, and every time I go to the farmers happily smiles for me!!!

  8. If I could have any horse I would never turn down the chance to get Danny! Danny is a horse at. Danny is a horse at my farm, he is a bay, guarterhorse with such a big loving heart! He may ot be an athletic jumper or a super fast horse, but me and him have created a bond, and every time I go to the farm he happily smiles for me!!!

  9. Walter Farley’s The Black has always been one of my favorites. And Secretariat is even more awesome. But I think I would choose Harry Deleyer’s Snowman (winner of the Madison Square Garden horse show, 1958) because he was lovable, did his job as a lesson horse and as a fabulous competiter – a down home easy to get along with horse.

  10. I have to say My Little Laila of Hamra was by far the bestest horsie EVER!! Im pretty sure if put against Tigger, she would have won hands down. And she stopped as soon as I went ass over teakettle every time…

  11. I must say that everyone’s real horse that they would love to own would be Classic Goldrush, that lovely paint that jumps so beautifully in his famous YouTube videos. My favorite fictional horse, however, that I would love to own, would be SunDancer, a talented chestnut gelding featured in the book, SunDancer, by Shelley Peterson. That horse had an attitude and talent to match.

  12. I would love to have owned Snowman. He is my dream horse. Going from a work horse to a grand prix jumper is amazing and owning a beautiful horse like that would be not only an honor, but fun also!

  13. My dream horse is the horse I had as a child which was a reg. appaloosa show horse named Nick. He was my first love and bestfriend whom I told every dream, heart break and story too. When performing in the rink or riding on trails it seamed I allways had someone tell me we rode like a team and I have to say I always felt that way with Nick. If I was sick or having a bad day Nick would never act out in any way when riding him but on my good days we burned the trails together and ran like the wind. Nick taught me a lot about horses and how to be a good ridder. From time to time I see a horse that reminds me of him and our years together…tears sting my eyes every time.

  14. I would love to have Shadowfax from JRR Tolkien’s the Lord of the Rings. Shadowfax is an absolutely beautiful, majestic horse with blinding speed. Riding him would be amazing.

  15. While my ultimate dream horse would probably be Courageous Comet, I have learned to love and be thankful for my own school horse Bobby Jo. Although he isn’t the “perfect” mount I love him with all his quirks and personality!

  16. I would love to have Stacy Westfall’s horse Wizard’s Babydoll. I’ve always wanted to compete in reining and I can’t imagine a better horse to do it on than her.

  17. If I could own any horse, I would love to ride Clinton Anderson’s palomino gelding. Not sure what his name is, but that horse is amazing.

  18. My dream horse could be called both real and fictional. He is Smoky, from the book “Smoky the Cowhorse,” by Will James. The reasons I love him: He was a loyal, well-trained, healthy horse, the kind that Will James said you would have to buy the entire company to get. He followed his owner everywhere and was tame enough for a little girl to ride all over the trails. He was also a spunky, smart, brave pony, the pride of anyone and everyone whose hands he came into.

  19. As a child, I loved to read The Black Stallion books, fantasizing over the wild stallion, putting myself into the books as the owner instead of Alec.
    As an adult, I can’t pinpoint it to any one horse, but rather wish my two were optimally trained to better reach my goals.

  20. My dream would be to own Steffen Peter’s dressage horse, Ravel. I love Ravel because he is so beautiful and amazing in show. I dream of buying him now that he is retired.

  21. I would have to say Mister Ed. Whenever I watch those old episodes, I laugh so hard I start crying! Although he couldn’t REALLY talk, he was incredibly intelligent. That ornery look that he always had in his eye made his character especially realistic to me.

  22. If I could have any horse, I would choose my wonderful Quarter Horse gelding Jack. He’s no longer rideable due to a variety of past lameness issues, but he is priceless to me. He is my best friend, my confidante, my escape from reality, my angel, and my baby. I couldn’t love him more if he were my human child. I wouldn’t want any horse but him.

  23. If I could have any horse in the world. It would be a Friesian stallion ( imported from Holland ) I love Friesians and I’d be a dream to own any but the stallions are breath taking and I’d just be amazing!

  24. If I could have any horse it would have to be Roy Rogers famous (and not to mention awesome!)horse Trigger. I grew up,and still do, watch old westerns which included my idol Roy and his palomino. I honestly think I have Trigger to partially thank for my love of horses. But to be totally honest i’m happy and love the horse I have….but of course Trigger would be a great addition!

  25. I would love to have a Unicorn! But since unicorns don’t exist, I am perfectly content with my lovely Arabian gelding.

  26. A horse is what every young girl dreams about. They want a pony that that will let them run through the lush meadows in the early morning dew and splash through the waves at sundown. The horse would shimmer like a sunbeam and have a flowing mane and tail that looks as soft as silk and as long as a willow tree’s branches. Personally, my dream horse greets me in the morning, lets me climb on his back, brush him for hours, and snuggle up when the air becomes chilled. I thank the Lord for my dream horse.

  27. Me and my family just watched WAR HORSE, and other than asking God for a horse from heaven, I know that if I was to meet a mortal horse I would go visit Albert’s family and ride Joey around their farm. What a brave and majestic animal to meet! Imagine what a life we could have if we could live in our favorite movie!

  28. My dream horse is any horse I can ride. I could never choose one specific dream horse. Give me a horse, I’ll ride it, even if I have to train it.
    Ask me to choose my favorite food, ask me to choose my favorite movie (Flicka), but don’t ask me to choose a horse I’d like better than the rest.

  29. To be honest I don’t have a specific dream horse. I just place my dreams and wishes in God’s hands and trust that he will bring the most perfect and amazing horse into my life! When he does it will be better than I could have imagined!

  30. My dream horse would be my first horse, Nevaeh. She was absolutely wonderful! Neveah is Heaven spelled backwards and her name fit her great! She was amazing! I had her for one week before she got colic and passed away but i would love to run through a field of wild flowers just once on my baby girl! I never got to say goodbye! I miss her so much! She was a BEAUTIFUL brown and white paint with a flowing creamy mane and tail! She never rolled and always kept her white spots white! She was such an amazing horse and i wish i could have one last ride on her, but i thank god every day fir my wonderful Quarter Horse, Dancer!

  31. My dream horse would be either my Saddlebred Genius<3 OR a fictional horse that i always dream of 😛 she would be a black arabian mare or Cinema. She would be around 15.3ish and we would compete in eventing.

  32. My dream horse would be Secretariat. Ever since I watched the movie I have dreamed of flying on his back.he is an amazing horse!!!

  33. Well, I suppose my dream horse would be my first horse…and since I haven’t found the perfect one yet, I’d have to say that right now my dream horse would be Shadowfax from The Lord of the Rings films. There’s just something timeless and romantic about an elegant Gray horse who’s untamable but will let that one special person ride him, just out of the strength of their bond. Hopefully I can find my own Shadowfax soon.

  34. To be completely honest, I don’t think there’s a single famous horse out there that I consider my dream horse. If I could design my own dream horse, I don’t think I’d be able to do it. I’d get stuck choosing between breeds and coat colors and other trivial stuff like that. (I think I’d like a buckskin Quarab though.) My favorite part about a horse is their personality and I absolutely love a quirky horse. So whatever my dream horse would look like, all it has to do is be quirky and it would be perfect in my eyes.

  35. I am an older rider, coming back to my love of all things equine after raising a family. My childhood horse was the horse of my dreams. She died at 32. Last year, I bought Vegas and it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long, long time. The minute I walk in the barn with those earthy smells and wonderful sounds I feel a sense of peace and comfort. It is my place of Zen. When Vegas hears my voice, his head pops up and his answering nicker warms my heart. No matter what we do together, no matter what we are working on, we are a team and I am his leader. I listen to him and he listens to me. Vegas is patient, kind, and trusting. He is funny and loving. I am so very lucky that I’ve had not one, but two, dream horses in my lifetime. I cannot imagine my life without either of them.

  36. Angel. She was my very first horse and I lost her in a freak accident less than two years after I got her. I know she’s having loads of fun in heaven, but, selfishly, I’d like to have her back again.

  37. My dream horse would probably be Moorland Totolias. I admire him and his old rider Edward so much. I would love to just spend 5 minutes on him.

  38. My dream horse is a friesian that can take me to the top, to the jumping grand prix and the rolex 3 day event. I would want to have raised it from birth, and that would be the best part.

  39. my dream horse would be a lipizaner.They are so beautiful and majestic.My mom and Dad took me to a Lipizaner show once and they stole my heart.

  40. The horse I wish I could own is a Saddlebred named Cami that I rode when I was younger for lessons. She was quite squirrely at the time, and since I was one of the more advanced riders, I always got to ride her during lessons and created a bond with her. I haven’t seen her in a few years now, but I would love to see her again and own her!

  41. My dream horse is a special palomino paint gelding for sale on the internet. Sadly, I don’t have the money or the experience necessary to buy him. And he’s in Florida and I’m in Utah, and it would be really tricky to ship him out here. I’ve never seen him in real life, but I’ve longingly looked at his pictures for almost a year. That chances that I’ll ever own him are minuscule, but he’s still nice to dream about.

  42. My dream horse would be the The Phantom,a silver colored wild Mustang who ran away and became the leader of his own herd, and who was owned by Sam Forster in the Phantom Stallion book series. I think it would be amazing riding like the wind on the Nevada desert or on a secret horse trail.

  43. If I could have any horse I think that I would want a horse trained by the people of Rohan, which is the land if the horse lords in Lord of the Rings. It wouldn’t really matter what the horse looked like, just that they came from Rohan.

  44. My dream horse is a sorrel Mare with one white leg and a touch of white on her nose, she’s stunningly beautiful, and when she runs her flashy red mane flies in the face of her rider, The air parts to let them through, Her shiny red Coat, that overlay her strong muscular frame, glimmers as each ray of sunshine touches it, her hoofs fiercely strike the soft earth as she gallops across the land, her muzzle is softer then velvet, and she’s as gentle as a lamb. she’s my perfect match……and lives in my backyard!

  45. My dream horse would be a red roan gelding with a majestic canter and when I come to greet him he gives me a show and shows the love and affection I have always wanted in a horse. His show name would be I Love You To The Moon and Back. And his nickname would be Caspian. I know it has nothing to do with his show name but I just love that name.


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