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Once you’ve spent enough time riding and caring for horses, you start to become pretty competent and handling the daily problems around the barn. You know when a cut is just a scratch and when it requires a call to the vet. You understand how to work through new issues under saddle before they become serious problems. You even know how to handle some of horse life’s quirkier questions, like dealing with mice in the feed room or an escape-artist pony.

However, even the most experienced equestrians will occasionally run up against a situation that stumps them. There’s the mystery lameness that evades all known diagnostic tools. There’s the old reliable horse who starts spooking in a formerly comfortable corner of the arena. Or maybe you just can’t seem to master a seemingly simple concept in the saddle.

Of course you call your vet when there’s a serious health issue involved, but for other questions dealing with riding and horsekeeping, who is the guru you have on speed dial? Do you have a horsey friend who can always see things that you’d otherwise miss? Do your mom’s years of experience around horses come in handy? Or perhaps you’re fortunate enough to have a great trainer in your life who can help to shed light on your equine challenges. Tell us who fills this role in your life by clicking “Submit a Comment” below. Some responses may be selected to be published in a future issue of Horse Illustrated!

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  1. My equestrian guru has to be Mrs. Patty. Mrs. Patty owns the stable that I keep my horse. Although she doesn’t show anymore her equine knowledge has not disappeared. She knows so much about everything having to do with horses. I am training a young horse, and she is the one that I go to whenever I become stumped. I truly admire her.

  2. I usually turn either to my riding instructor, who definitely knows what she is doing, or I go to my big basket full of magazines. There’s usually some answer to all my questions with how many wonderful articles are in all of the magazines I have!

  3. My equestrian guru is a man who has experienced with horses alot in his life. I also get valuable information from a woman who raises goats and horses. Finally, as much as possible, I try to study professional information from Stacy Westfall. Thank God we have these good trainers!

  4. My Guru would have to be 3 different sources. 1 would be from my awesome teachers at my barn, including my Aunt and my “super teacher”. The 2nd source would be one of my favorite professional trainers out there like Clinton Anderson, Monty Roberts, Stacy Westfall, and others. And then the 3rd source would have to be Horse Illustrated!!! I always look in my HI magazines to see if I can find the answer to my problems first. Then if I can’t find it there I go to my awesome trainer and my horsey-loving-Aunt for help!

  5. I always consult my barn owner. He is about 70 years old and I swear her is a horse whisperer. He has this way with horses and I always turn to him if I can’t figure out why my mare is lame. He also can help with other things such as training issues. He can b so much help, and it must also help that he has been around horses almost all his life.
    Thank you so much Ernie!

  6. I am lucky to have several people in my life to turn to when I have horse emergencies my best friend that has a lot more experience than I do, my farrier for the medical and hoof problems and my neighbor that is in his 70’s(?) that has more knowledge than I can ever dream of. For SERIOUS injuries and medical emergencies I call the vet.

  7. I used to go to an older lady who I learned almost everything from, but lately I go to my friends here on horsechannel.com! They are always there for me and I trust their advice. But I usually go to 2 or 3 sources to compare advice. That seems to work best. Sometimes I combine their suggestions for the best results.

  8. I learned a long time ago, that when it comes to horses, everyone has an opinion. For me, if it is a medical issue, the voice I listen to is our VET, if I am having a training issue, I want the advise of a qualified trainer. I don’t want trial and error.

  9. Whenever I need any sort of help with horses I always ask my grandma for her advise and expertise. She is always there for me with ways to help me with my yearling colt, Lucky. Whether I need help training him or simply need advice on how to care for him, my grandma is right by me ready to help me or give me advice on what to do. She has years of experience with horses and I always look forward to hearing what she has to say.

  10. when I need help I pray… and head to the nearest library! I also ask my amazing trainer who never ceases to amaze me with her horse sense!

  11. My horsey guru is my best friend, trainer, and barn manager! She has about 45 years of experience with horses, and there is nobody I would trust more with my horse’s health. She is also the best trainer I’ve ever had. Always fun, positive, and an excellent problem solver for those not so great days with our equine friends. Even with medical mishaps or nutritional needs, she has always amazed me with her impeccable horse sense! She has always been right at my side through thick and thin, and I am eternally grateful for her and the friendship we share!

  12. When I need some advice, I usually ask my barn manager! She is fantastic and can tell you exactly what you need to do! She is also absolutely hilarious… She can make any dire situation humorous. She has years and years of experience and many stories of shows, lessons and the equestrianne lifestyle! She is a rough around the edges kind of person, and can terrify you in the arena, but she is wonderful and talented individual!

  13. I talk to my trainer and my horse’s massage therapist. (Yes, he has one while I do not) She has an amazing eye for horses and can diagnose pretty much anything in seconds. She always has a solution for any issue, whether it’s a problem of not going forward or refusing fences over and over. She has a logical and a reasonable approach for it all, even when I’m in hysterics over my horse’s extreme sensitivity to mosquitoes! She keeps her cool and has saved my butt so many times! We all have our own opinions, but I can count on her to deliver a sane and calm approach towards any problem, big or small!

  14. I will definetly turn to my trainer, Youtube, and , you guessed it, training books when it comes to my three year old. I love him to pieces, but being a foot taller than me, he can be intimidating

  15. The person I turn to is my sister. I’ve been away from horses for so long that most of what I have learned is slowly coming back to me. If I don’t know something I’ll always ask her.

  16. My guru is my daughters’ coach. Even though we now live 8 hours away, she is by far the most well-versed horse person I’ve met. Whether its behavioural issues or medical issues, she likely has a solution. I’m pretty sure she’s a horse whisperer – the real deal.

  17. When I have a question about riding or my horse’s behavior I turn to my best friend. She almost always has an answer to my problem. If it is a medical question I ALWAYS turn to my vet, this way I can ensure my horse’s health and happiness.

  18. Whenever I come across a problem at the barn that seems almost impossible to fix, I turn to my trainer. She always seems to have the solution to problems that would stump even the most experienced of equestrians. I am lucky to be at the barn i am at now because I don’t know what I would do without her.

  19. My Dad is the one who helps me, he has never had a horse but, he watches me ride and when i change how i ride with out realizing it he tells me, and when I’m gone he takes my horse for walks and tells me if he thinks something is wrong.

  20. My dad and my older sister are my equine helpers. My dad helps me with my grooming, fencing, sheltering, and stuff like that. My sister helps me with my riding.


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