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You tell us: What are the best horse movies of all time?

Horse Movies


One of our most popular articles of all time here on HorseIllustrated.com is our 2006 list of the 30 Best Horse Movies. The continued traffic to that page proves that plenty of people are looking for some horsey cinema to enjoy. The sometimes strongly worded disagreement (and occasional whole-hearted agreement) in the comments section shows that people also have very strong opinions on the topic.

The list was limited to 30, which means the editors who compiled it couldn’t select everyone’s favorite. And now the article is eight years old! Since its publication, the world of equine film has had several notable additions, including War Horse, Secretariat and the documentary Buck.

For this month’s Rider Insider, we’re recruiting your help in updating this list. Are there any classics that we missed? Are there some newer titles that deserve recognition? Even those movies that aren’t exactly Oscar-worthy might still earn a place on the list because of other good qualities. Beautiful cinematography, a few laughs, a compelling plot or—the rare and beautiful Holy Grail of horse movies—accuracy in the depiction of horse behavior or equestrian practices are totally valid reasons for adding a movie to our new and improved list.

So what is your favorite horse movie of all time, and what makes it better than the rest? Click “Submit a Comment” below and let us know your thoughts. Some of the best responses could be included in an upcoming issue of Horse Illustrated!

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  1. My favorite horse movie of all times is Flicka. I love Flicka, Flicka 2, and Flicka 3. I really like that horse movie because it shows how a horse-crazy girl will do anything for her horse — Flicka.

  2. Miracle of the White Stallions. As a history/dressage fan, this movie tells the tale of the rescue of the Lipizzaner stallions in WW2. Plus, at the very end, there’s a thrilling exhibition of the horses in performance at the Spanish Riding School!

  3. My favorite is not on the list but it was a television show called The Adventures of The Black Stallion. It has Mickey Rooney as Henry and Richard Ian Cox as Alec Ramsey, Doc’s Keepin Time as the Black. There were three seasons and was amazing.

  4. Who doesn’t love a good story? Hidalgo is a great movie. But right up in my favorites along side is Buck. Its not always a fairy tale. His comments about not always liking what you see in the mirror are so true.
    I really wish the documentary ‘Wild Horse, Wild Ride’ had made this list. I’ve come across so many people who find the mustangs to be ‘junk horses’ and if more people could see how smart and talented they really are, perhaps their opinions could change. Maybe bring more awareness to their reality.

  5. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron has been a favorite of mine for a while – I enjoy the perspective of the horse, all the more so that it is that of a wild horse.
    However, there is no horse film more special to me than King of the Wind. I read the book when I was a kid and though there are many creative liberties taken with the story of the Godolphin Arabian, I still feel that both the book and the film are a wonderful, enjoyable look into the history. Much of my love for the film itself stems from love and a great soft spot for the book, but I do think it is a must-see for horse lovers be they children or adults.

  6. The Man from Snowy River! Love the coming of age story and the music. One of the first horse movies I remember seeing.

  7. The movie Phar Lap has always been my absolute favorite horse movie, with The Man From Snowy River as a very close second.

  8. How can you choose just one to be your favorite. I love anything with horse in it. Watch all the movies over and over again and I don’t get tried watch them.

  9. Secretariat is definitely one of the best horse movies ever filmed and a must see for all horse lovers! I love everything about it; it’s put together wonderfully and very family friendly. You’ll love how it shows perseverance and dedication to something you are so passionate about pays off in the end and is very rewarding. How could you not want to watch a movie that has such a good story line, comical scenes, great lessons, and is all about horses?

  10. I love all horse movies but I loved Gypsy Colt and Lightning the White Stallion. Phar Lap is another favorite that isn’t on the list above. Flash and the original Flicka series. But my opinion is if it has a horse in it I’ll watch it.

  11. I am blessed to have all these movies in my library. Each one my favorite in its own right. These and others, tv shows and documentaries allow me the vicarious dream of the joy of owning my own horse. The very best portray the special heart and soul horses share with those lucky enough to have one in their lives. I always wanted my own Mr. Ed.

  12. Lightning: The White Stallion is an absolute classic, filmed in 1986. Starring Mickey Rooney, this movie is a phenomenal balance of drama and amusement that’ll have you constantly wondering what’s going to happen next.
    It all centers around a very valuable white stallion, which is stolen. A local girl and her boyfriend track him down, determined to bring him home.

  13. I have so say Hidalgo is my favorite horse movie of all time. My Grandmother, Mother, Best Friend and I went to see it for my sixteenth birthday. I had to resist the urge to stand up near the end and holler “Go Hidalgo Go!” Later I couldn’t wait for the movie to come out so I could buy it and add it to my collection. I babysat to save up money so I could purchase the breyer Hidalgo model when it came out.

  14. My favorite horse movie of all time is War Horse. I love that a boy named Albert joins the army to search for his horse Joey that was sold to the army. While Joey is in the war, Joey touches the lives of everyone from soldiers to a little girl. After desperately searching or Joey, Albert is finally reunited with him! This movie shows how a horse can touch the lives of everyone he meets. Most importantly, it teaches that even war cannot seperate the love between a horse and his owner. War horse is a must see for any horse lovers who have not seen it yet!

  15. My favorite horse movie is Dreamer. I think it shows the special bond between horses humans better than any other movie. one horse with a broken leg brought a family back together. Dreamer is a movie that you can watch over and over again and still get the same wonderful feeling each time. I never get bored of it. That is what makes a truly great horse movie.

  16. although there are several of my favorites listed, I choose secretariat because of the acting skills of the cast, the true and inspiring story of one woman’s fight against the accepted norm, and her belief in herself and her horse.

  17. There are many of my favorites listed, but one that reaches to my core is Spirit. The reasoning behind this is because when that movie came out it was during a bad time of my childhood. Being able to watch a horse that defied all odds stacked against him brought back my hopes and dreams. It gave me a renewed sense of wonder; a new way of looking to the future with a positive attitude despite my circumstances. That is why, above all others, Spirit holds a special place in my heart.

  18. It’s very difficult to choose. I loved the Black Stallion, Black Beauty was also very good. I have always loved horses and read every book in the library that was about a horse.

  19. The Horse Whisperer–it’ll speak to anyone about commitment and hope and it really hits home when the person watching has been through a difficult situation wether it is with horses or something else. It was really special watching it with my mom after we went through a very similar event to that portrayed in the movie. A favorite for years to come!

  20. This list is missing the 1965 film “The Rounders” starring Henry Fonda and Glen Ford. It is the funniest cowboy movie where the horse “The Roan” is clearly co-starring. The Roan is every misbehaving horse I have ever known all rolled into one. Truly worth watching.

  21. Out of all the horse movies I’ve watched, I think Secretariat was my favorite, and it should definitely be added to the list! It is full of drama, laughs, and I’ll admit I cried -both happy and sad tears- more than once! This movie has everything!

  22. The Man from Snowy River is by far my favorite horse movie. I watched that movie all the time when I was a kid. I used to pretend that I was there with them when they were rounding up the wild herd. I have suffered from horrible migranes since a very early age, this was the movie I watched anytime I had to stay home sick from school. The memories this movie has given me are the best. I think I may just have to go watch it now!

  23. My very favorite horse movie will always be “The Appaloosa” with Cojo Rojo and Marlon Brando. Rojo won the Patsy Award for the “Best Animal Actor” for this role-he won against Flipper, Elsa the lion, and Vindicator the bull. He was found on the race track and selected due to his fantastic Appaloosa coloring-dark bay with a halo-spotted blanket. He learned to work “at liberty”-even though he was a young stallion working around other horses. I was fortunate to have purchase Rojo soon after the movie-he was the most versatile horse I have ever seen. He had raced, worked cattle, driven, ridden hundreds of miles on the trails, ridden saddle seat, ridden basic dressage and could impress any horse lover! He certainly stole my heart! He set the bar very high-I would love to see his likeness in a Breyer!

  24. Ever since I first saw it a few years ago, International Velvet has been my favorite. I used to want to ride in the Olympics, so I enjoyed watching that part of the movie. If they ever made a movie about equestrian vaulting, though, that one would be my new favorite!

  25. 1. The Black Stallion
    2. The Man From Snowy River
    I love both about the same. The Black Stallion is first because it goes into the relationship between horse and ridder like no other. Man From Snowy River for the kick ass ridding.

  26. Flicka is my favorite because it shows how a young girl and a wild horse can make a connection even though everything is against the odds plus it shows the power of young women and the next generation!

  27. My favorite horse movie from this list has to be The miracle of the white stallions. It tells the story of how the Lippizan horse were saved by General Patton.

  28. Seabiscuit. This horse belonged to the common man. Gave hope to a nation. Every person connected with Seabiscuit came from humble beginnings, worked hard,had faith and became an icon.

  29. Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. It’s the only movie, that I know of, about diving horses and the women who rode them. Great movie a must see!

  30. The Man From Snowy River is an AWESOME movie. Great horsemanship & wonderful scenes with some exquisite beautiful horses shown. I watch it at least once or twice a year. I love finding a friend who has not seen it yet& gives me a great excuse to watch it again.

  31. Excellent article! My favorite movie would have to be “Hidalgo”, since I own TC Bey Cedar, the black stallion who portrayed the race favorite, Al Hattal, supposedly owned by Omar Sharif. He’s no spring chicken now, but still makes lovely foals!!

  32. I don’t have a single favourite horse movie, I love all the ones you’ve listed in this article. However, I would have to say I like the original “My Friend Flicka” from 1943 better than the newer version.
    Unlike the newer movie “Flicka” it stars a boy and his horse which is how the book was written. I’ve read all the books in the series and while most of us were horse crazy girls willing to do anything for the touch of a horse, it’s nice to see a horse crazy boy represented once in a while.

  33. My favorite is The Black Stallion. The scenes on the beach literally transported me into their world. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the cinematography. The boy and the horse were just magical.

  34. The Black Stallion!! Hands down best horse movie of all time.. Who hasn’t dreamed they are riding a black stallion down a secluded beach- bridleless and saddleless!!! With your arms in the air!! Perfect picture. Instantly inspired me! “The Black” wins my vote! I’ve seen them all and love them all but a lasting impression the Black left on me as a young girl- never forgotten. I’ve been obsessed with black horses since!

  35. Secretariat. The final scene when he round the corner and it goes quiet. Then Oh Happy Days as you see him. Best scene and story ever.

  36. While it’s not a “horse movie” as such, The Wind and the Lion” has memorable horsemanship.I work with Arabians, all strains, and the experience of bonding with a horse so intelligent and responsive is sometimes humbling and a little unsettling. My other horse is a Mustang/ Quarterhorse and seems share the bonding in a more relaxed way.

  37. I love all of the movies above but my favorite would have to be Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron. I went to the theater with my cousin when it came out and we both loved it. When my son was 3 he watched it day and night for about 2 months straight (had to buy extra copies) and even now at 5 he still watches it on occasion because “It’s mommy’s favorite because of the horses”

  38. My favorite horse movie is ‘Into the West’ it’s set in Ireland and my father was Irish and I spent
    many happy visits there while growing up.

  39. I forgot to add this….
    The Horse Whisperer–it’ll speak to anyone about commitment and hope and it really hits home when the person watching has been through a difficult situation wether it is with horses or something else. It was really special watching it with my mom after we went through a very similar event to that portrayed in the movie. My horse went htorugh a very tramamtic experience much like Pilgrim and i, much like Grace, was tramatized and very scared. My mom, similar to Grace’s mom, did everything she could to get me back up on my horse. Shortly after i started riding my horse again, my mom sat me down and made me watch the movie and read teh book. It spoke to me on a deeper level because I knew then how hard it was for family members ot see me in pain. This movie is my favoruite because it was put into words how i felt and how my family must have felt. A favorite for years to come!

  40. I do not see the one I wish I could see again. Snow Fire ,, but as long as there is a horse in the movie love them all. Seen them all

  41. Two of my favorites were not included. “My Friend Flicka” and “Misty of Chincoteague”. “My Friend Flicka” always made me cry, and I wore out my VHS of “Misty of Chincoteague” as a kid.

  42. To me, Hidalgo is among the best horse movies of all time. The relationship between horse and human is beautiful, fun and heartwarming to watch … from the antics between Frank and Hidalgo shown in the beginning to the end with Hidalgo finding his last ounce of strength within himself to finish the race, the depth of their relationship is beautiful. I was just having a conversation about unconditional love, and how humans appear to be incapable of such a thing (excluding parent/children relationships), but how natural it can be for animals. To be reminded of this unconditional love between horse and human, is a story that warms the heart each time it is watched.

  43. There was a Disney movie from the 60″s(?) call The Horse In a Grey Flannel Suit. About a grey and a gitl and the quest for a McClay medal. The best part is when the boy trailers the horse to a show with a MG. Only Disney could do this. I wish I could get a copy of this movie. It was my inspiration.

  44. OMG!! How did MY PAL TRIGGER not make the list? Or SON OF PALEFACE with the famous scene of Bob Hope and Trigger at war for the blankets during the night?

  45. No question in my mind – the best horse movie and still a classic “National Velvet”. The worst horse movie that should never be seen or heard from again – “International Velvet”. Missing from the list – “Sylvester”.

  46. I agree with Andrea with the “Cowgirls and Angels” (did you know they made a second one?) and “Second Chances”

  47. A fine step!! it’s new-er but under the radar because it’a about Paso Finos (gaited horses). I have not yet watched it myself, but I plan on doing so!!

  48. Spirit! This movie is my childhood! There is no question about it! When I was little it was all that I wanted to watch!

  49. Secretariat! The beginning scene and dialog are inspirational! It’s a perfect depiction to about as close as you can come to the feeling that is the Nobleness of a horse!
    More than three thousand years ago a man named Job complained to God about all his troubles and the Bible tells us that God answered. Do you give the horse its strength or clothe its neck with a flowing mane? Do you make him leap like a locust, striking terror with his proud snorting? He paused fiercely, rejoicing in his strength and charges into the fray. He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing, He does not shy away from the sword. The quiver rattles against his side, along with the flashing spear and lance. In frenzied excitement he eats up the ground. He cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds.
    A story that is the very essence that is the majesty and granduer that is a horse!

  50. How in the world do expect any horse lover to pick just one? There are so many horse movies that I have wore out many are not on this list Second Chances, Virginias Run, Moondance Alexander and just a few I also love the Flicka series.

  51. Spirit! It was the first time my heart beat faster to the tempo of thundering hooves. It was my first experience with anything horsie and I feel madly in love, and contrary to what my Mom believed I never grew out of it and never will.

  52. My all time favorite movie is National Velvet. It’s about every little (and grown up) girl’s dream and all the work and perseverance that is involved in making that dream come true. It’s about sacrifices and trust. You don’t get much better!!

  53. My favorite horse movies are “THE HORSE WHISPERER” and “SEABISCUIT”, both these movies have not only a good horse story, but a good people story too!

  54. The Black Stallion. There’s no competition. The first hour of that movie is breathtaking, spiritual, a dream made real. And Cass Ole had the charisma of twenty movie stars.

  55. “Seabiscuit”, IMHO, is the best horse movie bc it revolves around a horse and is also a Great story about how that horse changed the lives of three hurting people. Many of the other movies on this list are manufactured fantasies. Too many people mistake those stories for reality. THIS movie is a retelling of history.

  56. There are many, but my personal favorite is “Seabiscuit”. It speaks to the strength of the human spirit and how kindness can heal in so many ways. It is a story of loss, redemption, perseverance and triumph through the belief in a little ole’ horse with a heart as big as the sky.

  57. Oh this is too hard to decide but if I have to say one it is Secretariat. I love the scene when he comes around the final turn at the Belmont.

  58. Love all the movies listed, however, the 2 horse related show and books that engaged my horse fever are “FURY”(TV show) and the “BLACK STALLION AND FLAME” books.

  59. Seabiscuit
    Its amazing how jockey and horse bond and don’t
    Give up after their injuries and make a wonderful
    Comeback to win and fulfill their lives

  60. I have to admit, I have not watched very many horse movies. But undoubtedly my favorite would be Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, which is also my favorite animated movie. I love the values of friendship and loyalty and the wonderful characters.
    My favorite horse movie scene would be the first appearance of Shadowfax in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. It’s one of my favorite parts from that movie.

  61. The Black Stallion hands down!! It has its unrealistic moments, but it perfectly captures the emotional bond that can exist between a horse and its person. It’s certainly what we all dream of. The scenes of Alec first riding The Black and the outtakes at the end are not only breathtaking, but pure. The film perfectly captures the strength and sensitivity of the horse all at once. And the cinematography is flawless. It’s the most beautiful movie to view, horse-related or otherwise.

  62. My recommendation for the best horse movie is: The Life and Times of Secretariat,An American Racing Legend. A documentary available at Secretariat.com, Copyright 2008. Playing time of 1.52 hours. Bar code #806225611126.

  63. The best horse movie is The Black Stallion. When I saw this movie in theatre at the end everyone gave it a standing ovation! Next would be Pharlap then Secretariat.

  64. Which to choose?!? They’re all good! My top favorites would have to be(:) Man From Snowy River; Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmaron; Dreamer; Buck.

  65. Spirit:Stallion of the Cimmarron was my inspiration to be a horse person as a child. His strength, heart, and the will to fight back and make a difference in what he believed in gave me the passion to pursue my dreams. Even as a little girl, galloping down my hallway on hands and knees, I learned that I could do anything–be anything. I still watch this movie and I still get tears in my eyes for the beautiful portrayal of beautiful animals.

  66. An excellent choice for a horse movie with life lessons would be The Jack Bull, the stars are John Cusack and John Goodman. Seabiscuit is a winner for a movie about an exceptionally great horse.

  67. Misty of Chincoteague is the best, because, although fictional it is based on a real horse and a real place! Today you can cross over to Chincoteague and Asseteague islands and cross back into time. My second grade librarian read the book to us and for 37 years I wanted to go to Chincoteague, last year I got to go!! And, it was exactly what I had hoped for. The wild ponies, the stallions gathering their mares, the sweet foals, the town depicting an era gone by. All perfectly wonderful!

  68. There are so many wonderful and diverse horse movies out there. I have picked what I think is a wonderful movie following the lives of 3 different horses. A runaway black colt, a mischievous Bay colt and a courageous Chestnut filly. Horses – The Story of Equus lets us follow 3 different foals born at a world famous stud farm. From birth to weaning to sale and ultimately their future. With art, science and drama, Horses – The Story of Equus shows us that we owe so much to the noblest animal of them all. It reminds us why so many of use love horses.

  69. I think one of the best horse movies is Hidalgo. It shows some US history through the eye of a rider and his friend, a mustang named Hidalgo. They enter in a 1000 mile race across the deserts of the Middle East, against the purest Arabians, to win the money to save his homeland and the hundreds of mustangs that live there.

  70. I really enjoyed Secretariat the best. It was very uplifting and well made. So many horse movies are emotionally upsetting and Secretariat was Joyful.

  71. Seabicuit – of all the horse movies I’ve seen – almost all of the ones you have listed – Seabiscuit was more about the horse and the people he brought together. In the end, they all had thier issues but it was the horse and the love of that horse that made everyone’s life a little better. That’s what horses do – they have a magical power that injects a little bit of something into your life to make it better and it’s my hope and prayer that those horses receive it back from thier owners.

  72. War Horse for me was the best horse movie. The human spirit and horse spirit combine to show that even in the face of unspeakable horrors and overwhelming odds, a bond is forged that cannot be broken. Horse and man together.

  73. One of my personal favorites is Moondance Alexander. Being a teen myself and having to work for my lessons, I can relate to her dilemma and I love the bond she creates through tender, loving care with her horse.

  74. The best horse movie of all time has to be The Black Stallion.
    The story of a love between a wild stallion and a boy trapped on a deserted island and how they saved each other from dangers, plus the cinematography and music was more than fabulous! I can say I’ve watched this movie countless times and I only do that with movies that stir my heart and memories! Now I own my own black stallion! Walter Farleys books were read by thousands of horse crazy kids like I was and are still popular today! Truly the best horse movie EVER!

  75. The Man From Snowy River is one of the best horse movies to watch. The rawness of the country and the ruggedness of the horses are inspiring.

  76. My favorite all time horse movie would be a toss up between Anna Sewells “Black Beauty” or the HBO movie that was based on the life of the unneeded cavalry horses called “In Pursuit Of Honor”. Both of these movies had a big impact on how I respect and care for the horses I see and care for today.

  77. I absolutely LOVE both “Flicka” and “Black Beauty” Both movies show the true nature of horses and all of their wonderful love.

  78. I agree Fhar Lap should be on the list……….yes a sad one, but very good, kinda like the Seabiscut genre. I think it was made by Disney. Man from Snowey River (Austrialian?) was another good one………………..
    So many horses….not enough time!

  79. First & Second Choices: The Man from Snowy River movies. The riding is so so good. I only wish I could ride like Jim Craig!
    Third Choice: Hidalgo. Although the story is sensationalized by Hollywood, the connection between Hidalgo and his owner was very heart touching. Just wish they had CGI’d out Hidalgo’s shoes when he was turned loose with the wild horses at the end! Who in their right mind would leave the shoes on??

  80. My first choice by far would be ‘Black Beauty’ because the horse that I have now I had to train when nobody else would! My second would be Moondance Alexander. Because Moondance is shy like me- Except when she is around Checkers!

  81. My picks in order: Secretariat, Sea Biscuit, Dreamer, Black Stallion, Flicka, National Velvet, Miracle White Stallions. I loved Black Beauty but it was so sad as well as War Horse I couldn’t watch either one again.

  82. There are so many great horse movies it would be too difficult to choose just one. As a life-long horse lover, I have read every horse book and seen every horse movie I could find. Many have made me cry – for different reasons. A few that are at the top of my list are Black Beauty, the Black Stallion, The Horse In The Grey Flannel Suit, Misty, and last, but not last in my heart – War Horse.

  83. My all-time favorite is National Velvet, but two others stayed with me for over 50 years and seemingly not on anyone’s list. One is “Smokey” with Fess Parker. The other is “The Red Pony.”

  84. #1 Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. Not only is it a very well done movie depicting a great story with wonderful characters, heart-wrenching drama, and stunning realism…it also has beautiful horses and embodies the spirit, courage, and tenacity of many young girls and horses!
    #2 The Black Stallion – Another well done movie with a compelling story and well developed characters. The scene with Alec and The Black on the beach as they forge a permanent bond is pure art and perhaps the best horse scene ever filmed. Other scenes of the Black capture the grace, beauty, and power of the horse in a raw and realistic way. I watched this movie as a child and only 1 horse movie has topped it, ever (Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken).
    #3 Black Beauty – There are some versions that are not great and some that are better, but the story is what endures and captivates. Although it is romanticized to a large extent, it is still enjoyable and of course it has beautiful horses!
    Too many (most) horse movies are poorly done, not realistic (dangerously so in some cases), with poor acting, ridiculous stories and/or stupid, childish drama, and are only entertaining in that they contain lovely footage of horses. The above three are the exceptions to the rule.

  85. Casey’s Shadow – my favorite of all time! It’s got an amazing horse, family, hope, excitement, dreams, is about everyday folks & has great acting: Walter Mathau!

  86. Secretariat is hands down my favorite. He set track records that have stood for decades! What an incredible horse with a sweet story.

  87. Spirit is my absolute favorite movie of all time. It was the first movie I ever saw in a movie theater, and reminds me have how great a bond between a horse and their owner can be. I just fall in love all over again with it every time I watch it!

  88. This was such an interesting article to read.
    Many of the movies I have seen, but there is a few that I need to watch.
    My best ever movie was: SECRETARIAT. I watched it already a couple of times. Excellent movie!

  89. These movies are all great. While I cannot pick the best horse movie, here are a couple oldies that made a big impact on my life. “The Horsemasters” “Snowfire” (probably before most of you were born) “King of the Wind”. Snowfire because of the beautiful white stallion. And King of the Wind because of the beauty of the Arabian. Is it any wonder that I have owned white Arabians for nearly 40 years.

  90. My favorite movie growing up was, National Velvet. With actors Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney.
    Velvet wins a horse in a village lottery, then sets out to train the steed and run him in the famed Grand National steeplechase race with the help of a ex-jockey. 🙂

  91. Nothing can top The Black Stallion! Cass Ole is drop-dead gorgeous, and the story is so sweet. I love the scene where you see The Black swimming from an underwater camera. This movie started my obsession with Arabian horses.

  92. War Horse is a great horse movie which I like because it shows how one horse, Joey, changed different peoples lives during the First World War; in one scene, an Englishman and an enemy climb out of the trenches to help each other free Joey from barbed wire! It’s just a really great movie to watch!

  93. The Man From Snowy River is my favorite horse movie! I have watched the movie countless times and it never gets old. It has a lot of action and is a joy to watch.

  94. I think that I like the old “My Friend Flicka” the best. (The one with Roddy McDowell.) I like this movie because of the relationships. There are such wonderful relationships in this movie between all of the main characters, including Flicka.

  95. I guess from the comments I have been reading most of the commenters are young. I have to say The Horse Whisperer is one of my very favorite movies. I felt so connected to my horses when I saw this movie quite some time ago. The book is a fab read by Nick Evans. I’m a cowgirl all the way so this movie rang home with me since I live in Montana. I’ve watched a lot of Monty Roberts videos and Gawani Pony Boy and one has to feel the bond with ones horse, if not, then you shouldn’t own one.

  96. Other than the Black Stallion with Kelly Reno – the 1961 Misty (based on Misty of Chincoteague) is great – kids are out riding ponies with no fear (or video games)

  97. Have seen all of the movies you have listed in the picture post, I think it would be cool to vote on them, but there are more than 3 REALLY GOOD movies in that list of 30, Of my favorites there are at least 5 top GOOD Horse movies, Hidalgo, Seabiscuit, Black Beauty, The Man from Snowy River,& War Horse, I am a major Secretariat Fan, but unfortunately since the story didn’t follow true History, it is not in my Favorites list, There are too many (Corny) horse movies out there, and I can’t stand that, You know where absolute inexperienced kids go onto to become Champions of some sort, Unrealistic horse stories bother me a lot for some reason… But thanks for hearing me out, !!! I love the horse channel . Com !!!

  98. You forgot Return to Snowy River & Bite the Bullet. My fave from the list are the Snowy River movies. While Bite the Bullet may not be well known, it is about a horse race cross country that was based on actual facts back at the turn of the 20th century, around early 1900’s to mark the beginning of the auto industry & the end of utilizing horses as we once did.

  99. My favorite horse movie is Dreamer. It is a fantastic story about a horse that overcame all odds! Everyone had given up on her, they were ready to end her life, but she moved past her disability and not only ran in the Breeders Cup but won it! It also tells of a young girl’s determination and love. The horse has such power in this movie; she brought a family back together! Best of all, this movie was inspired my a true story! I LOVE this movie and have watched it time and again.

  100. If you don’t have them already, I submit “Ride A Wild Pony” and “Gypsy Colt”, two of my favorites from my childhood.

  101. The best horse movies are The Black Stallion and The Black Stallion Returns. But if you’ve never seen In Pursuit of Honor, you really need to see it at least once. It’s such a great story and the acting is excellent.

  102. There are so many great horse movies out there, like International Velvet, Spirit, and Man From Snowy River, just to name a few. But my favorite horse movie of all time has got to be Hidalgo. It’s a true story of the bond between a man and his horse, and the journey Hidalgo takes Frank (the man) on to discover himself and help him embrace his past. It has a great message, great story line, and great acting. (Note: the ending is a real tearjerker)

  103. There are so many great horse movies out there, like International Velvet, Spirit, and Man From Snowy River, just to name a few. But my favorite horse movie of all time has got to be Hidalgo. It’s a true story of the bond between a man and his horse, and the journey Hidalgo takes Frank (the man) on to discover himself and help him embrace his past. It has a great message, great story line, and great acting. (Note: the ending is a real tearjerker)

  104. I’ll go with an old childhood favorite: “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.” This is the story of Sonora Carver, a young girl who rode the famous “diving horses” in Atlantic City during the 1930s. There’s an amazing scene where Sonora has to keep trying to mount a galloping horse using only a vaulting surcingle. It taught me a lot about the importance of perseverance with horses.

  105. My suggestion for a horse movie is the 1943 movie, My Friend Flicka, with actor, Roddy McDowall. It’s based on the Mary O’Hara book.

  106. There are so many!!! War Horse is my favorite movie of all time so I guess I’m goin with that =P But cool story. My grandparents had a horse about 9 years ago named Judea and his father was Cass Ole the horse who played the Black Stallion. I was amazed to find that out!

  107. My favorite horse movie is definitely Secretariat, but War Horse comes in a close second. I love the stories and the setting in both movies are amazing.

  108. Too horse crazy to pick just one, but since I love Thoroughbreds and racing, I’ll pick Secretariat and Seabiscuit for the most recent ones.

  109. In my opinion, movies do not compare with the true beauty of horses living in real life and not on set. Man o’ War is the coolest horse in history. After just watching a real video of him on You Tube, I have come to the conclusion that this racer is the ultimate!

  110. They may have left out the movie, “The Lighthorsemen”. I believe it’s an Aussie movie that came out in 1987. Absolutely incredible ‘horse’ movie.

  111. Seabiscuit is one of my all time faves. And War Horse *must* be on the list. I was crying in the theater so many times and on the edge of my seat at the end. It was amazing.

  112. Me encanta Seebiscuit,por que se ve ls superacion de ambos,jinete y caballo El amor,la unión que lo logra el jinete. llega a conocer muy bien a su caballo. Es una muestra de lealtad y amor.

  113. Seabiscuit is my favorite for several reasons. First, it was one of the first dates I had with my horse-crazy, sweet wife. Second, the Biscuit reminds me of My Field of Dreams a.k.a. Action Jackson, our very own OTTB. Like the Biscuit, Jackson is a little guy with a big heart and a tremendous stride that carried him to several victories. I fell in love with my wife about the same time I fell in love with the Biscuit and all things horse-related. It’s amazing how the little race horse that could continues to work his magic!

  114. There are plenty of wonderful and heartwarming horse movies. But one that I really enjoy is Second Chances. It is about a girl who was in a car accident who badly injured her leg. She and her mother(her father died in the accident) moved to a new neighborhood where there was a very large horse stable. The girl becomes friends with a lame mare and eventually wants to become better so that she can ride. This is a great movie about how you can do anything you put your mind to. And how you can be a true winner.

  115. the princess stallion is a good, cute family movie that people of all ages enjoy. Cowgirls and angels looks to be a good one, I myself have yet to see it but will watch it soon! it is about a little girl who’s dream is to trick ride.

  116. there are also a lot of good horse themed series out there as well. ‘Heartland’ is a wonderful series full of horses, adventure, love and drama. I highly recommend it! And of course it’s almost impossible to be a horse movie lover and not watch at least one episode of ‘my little pony’! 🙂

  117. Oh that is a hard one… I think my favorites are War horse, Spirit,Secretariat, and black beauty. They all have some sort of life inspiring element. After I watch them I feel like I can face a lot.

  118. Got to catch The Horse Whisper again on TV tonight. It was nostalgic watching the young talented Scarlett Johanson and who can go wrong with a recovering Horse Robert Redford, and the beautiful Montana scenery. My favorite.

  119. My all time favorite always will be Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. I remember everyday after kindergarten I would come home and watch it! Whenever the horses showed up, there was a lift in my spirit!

  120. I love the article and have a few titles you may have missed.
    Hannah’s law
    Straight A’s
    dark horse
    cowboy christmas/documentary on rodeo wrestlers
    the winged colt/horse named comet
    after the fall
    storm rider
    of horses and men/not in english
    the jack bull/1999
    the lighthorsemen/1987
    our wild hearts

  121. Wasn’t there a movie about a racehorse gettingvready for the Derby called… I think…Run For the Roses? Loved that movie

  122. The 1997 Disney movie “Flash” starring Lucas Black. It’s one of my favorites. It was directed by Simon Wincer, who also directed several horse movies including Phar Lap, The Cup, and The Young Black Stallion.

  123. Oh my gosh, I must be getting old! My all time favorite is “Smokey the Cowhorse” a Will James story with Fred McMurray – not later one with Fess Parker. It is very very hard to find, I have a copy. About a horse who is trained to be a great cowpony by Fred McMurray and is stolen only to become a champion bucking horse. Fred pursues him and finally gives up after Smokey is injured. Smokey ends up being a junk wagon horse who Fred McMurray sees in the Cheyenne Frontier days parade and recognizes him and buys him and finally takes him home. The other favorite of mine is “Thunderhead, Son of Flicka” with Roddy McDowall. Outstanding movies!

  124. So many great horse movies but the Hallmark movie ‘The long shot’ from 2006 is definitely missing. An amazing an very touching story!

  125. Wow mssed my two favorites, i wanted a horse of my own after seeing the best ever movie Gypsy Colt 1954. Starring Donna Corcoran. My dreamhorse Gypsy. Just imagine your beautiful horse galloping through town to pick you up after school every day
    Smoky 1946 with Fred McMurray. The best version of Will James classic. These beautifully filmed color movies are available


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